GTA San Andreas - Test Drive (V Graphics)

GTA San Andreas – Test Drive (V Graphics)

hey Carl there's two cars on the list they say and they're in the showroom across town let's go get on there always admired your direct approach I'll break okay let's go get those wheels I like this place you know where san fierro man my home will always be the varios and el Corona but this city it has something gentle about it yeah I know what you mean Kendyl seems unlikely to know oh yeah she's really getting her head into this business thing that's good she always been the brains of the family she should get out together we'll make something of herself I think she's aiming to make something out of all of us he yeah she two moms at a family now hey well this truth guy homes I don't think he's wrapped too tight he just sees everything from a different perspective that's all at first I thought he was just another asset casually fruitcake some of the things and say I don't know man and ain't no bullshit hey you're gonna become an Alien Hunter wounds I'll take a rain check on that this is the place they're in the second flush showroom ah great why is nothing ever easy can I help you two gentlemen yeah you can help us by going to help some other motherfucker yeah that sounds like a good idea all right CJ it's time to roll let's follow the leader you better keep up uh you a maniac si yeah reading you loud and clear come on if you can people would either be a viable beat the trim of the hill base of chocolate cake got a must see this film hello hey watch this what a true okay season that's enough fun let's get these cars back to the Gras can we think about getting back before I end up in a car wreck barbecue don't come this way Oh Becca Becca okay [Applause] you [Applause]

35 thoughts on “GTA San Andreas – Test Drive (V Graphics)”

  1. considering that the Sultan is based on the GC8 Impreza should have modded it into that lol not the Legacy…

  2. Man you turned a souless digital mesh of buildings into something tha resembles a late jazz cover album.

  3. This is masterpiece
    The best combination is gta sa and graphics mod its 2019 and i still play it and it looks good, no water on roads or mirror roads

  4. I expected some exaggerated wet and chrome effects like most of the graphic improvement mods, but this is perfect.

  5. It doesn’t matter if the graphics are good or bad .The story and gameplay makes this game stand out the most.

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