GTA San Andreas - Wu Zi Mu (V Graphics)

GTA San Andreas – Wu Zi Mu (V Graphics)

man where is this guy hey I've been waiting forever man what the hell you been sorry Holmes I had no idea when the race should be ROG you just happened to show up five minutes at the everybody else when the gasoline rushed through your vein like the burning passion you know when it's time to raise I think you're getting high on that country air man and CJ look you haven't been to one of our meats before where you from Frank a fir Grove Street family lost a toe was head real hacks this isn't a parade pal but you know you gotta be careful woodsy moon but my friends call me we'll see how you do see check call Johnson listen out here we like to race for cash or pink slips races choice get your car started we're about to go good luck Kyle Jones something real strange about the duel begin for CJ show Oh asshole my shit ah man thanks for that [Applause] yeah you drive a style Carl Johnson and I never mind losing to a guy who's willing to push himself right to the edge as for me I'm a man who honors his bet well you've learned pretty fast with the police on your ass listen it's best if we clear the hell out of here as soon as possible because for some reason the local police don't appreciate our noble sport yeah thanks for the advice okay I gotta go but you know what if you ever find yourself in San Fierro give me a call maybe you can do a little business together yeah I might just do that I guess that's our wake-up call nice meeting you

41 thoughts on “GTA San Andreas – Wu Zi Mu (V Graphics)”

  1. Americano o no,sei un coglione. Cioè fammi capire bene. Stai attento a non rompere la macchina? Ma tutt appost?

  2. Before: The east coast makes you drive like an idiot, fool!
    After: You drive with style, carl johnson.

    Same old ryder. Busta straight busta.

  3. Ребят, подскажите пожалуйста а где можно скачать этот мод на графику, для этой игры?

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