38 thoughts on “GTA V NEXT-GEN Graphics 2017 | Project NVRX | Ultra Realistic Graphics MOD”

  1. Does it effect to FPS? I mean that I play this game with 55 FPS at high specs. Will it effect to FPS, if I install this mod?

  2. Too much of gloss and shine! I doubt if calling this mod ultra realistic is appropriate though it is visually very appealing

  3. Looks awesome but…is this mod actually viable and operational and usable for GTA Online, or is it still in a demo or work in progress stage? Thanks in advance 🙂

  4. I think it looks worse than the base game. There is slightly, ever so better textures, but most of it is blur and looks to be high hertz, character reskins.
    Probably because it's in 60 frames per second, and post processing.

  5. Um, why is it just a video of people walking in real life? ( this project is amazing I can't tell the difference 😀 )

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