GTX 1070 Vs RTX 2070 for Designers and Video Editing

GTX 1070 Vs RTX 2070 for Designers and Video Editing

so in this video I'll be split testing the gtx 1070 by nvidia with the our TX 2070 by nvidia and this is coming from the perspective of a graphic designer video editor and just creative so if this is what you're looking for this comparison then you're in the right place now there's a ton of comparisons out there for the gtx 1070 versus the 2070 as it relates to gamers and different gaming aspects and so i wanted to put out this video because there is a lot of reviews on these GPUs but not exactly in this perspective so as I said my main skill is graphic design with complementary skills in video editing and video production and so if I miss any details that you need or want as it relates to the comparison of these GPUs please don't hesitate to reach out in the comment section and I would love to answer those questions directly the second thing before we kick off this review is I'm using the Asus Republic of gamer Strix versus the Asus Republic of gamers Strix 2 to do this comparison so each of these machines has the different graphics processing unit with exactly the same specs otherwise to give us a really clean comparison so I'm using laptops to run this review just so you kind of have a heads up on what the computers that we're using to get these stats now if you're interested in these computers as we're going through the video you can either grab them on Amazon with two days shipping and the affiliate link below or you can get a discount code over on computer upgrade Kings use the discount code been three as you see it come on across the screen right now and you can head on over there and get the discount for either of these computers now those are affiliate links so I will get a small commission but at no extra cost to you but that's why these videos keep coming out and keep bringing you the helpful content on this channel all right without further ado let's jump into the gtx 1070 versus the RT x 2070 and right off the bat if you look at these GPUs on Amazon or anywhere online you'll see there's a substantial difference between the gtx 1070 and the RT x 2070 now what's interesting though is if you go and look at these computers on for instance computer upgrade kings or amazon again you can check those links out in the description below you'll find that there's not a substantial difference in the price between the two laptops now you could be thinking okay well if there's not a substantial difference then why not just go for the better GPU well as we go through this review you'll see that there are differences between the GPUs but in fact that maybe you would want to save some money and spend it elsewhere or that GPU would be the buy that you would want to make and so that's the decision we're gonna walk through as we look at each aspect of using this graphics processing unit for either graphic design or video editing and which one works best for your individual situation alright so the first test we're gonna kick off is the 4k project export it out in 4k quality and so this one actually surprised me quite a bit so I have a 10-minute 4k clip in Premiere Pro and it's all been edited it's it's there it's ready to go it's ready to export and when I export that clip in both of these computers to the gtx 1070 and r-tx 2070 they both took exactly 40 minutes now give or take a few seconds on each machine but 40 minutes was the general export time for a 4k clip into full 4k quality ready for YouTube I just use the quick YouTube setting so the winner it's high between the gtx 1070 and the r-tx 2070 alright now for my graphic design friends we're gonna go into Photoshop open up a raw image file boost up the size of it and then save it out as a full quality JPEG now when I boost it up the size of this raw image it was about a 1.6 8 gig file and then I saved it out full quality JPEG now for the gtx 1070 this took 11 seconds and for the r-tx 20 70 this took 12 seconds I don't like just a wind blew right on the export times or whatever but they're very close but for some reason that gtx 1070 just exported it faster so the winner on that one by just a hair is the gtx 1070 alright now back to some video editing specs let's look at the gtx 1070 versus the r-tx 2070 for the 4k export into 1080p so let's say you want to save some time you don't need mass and quality and you're just maybe posting on YouTube so you'll want to film in 4k and then export to 1080p YouTube settings and as I did this both computers came out at 7 minutes export time and to be exact it was like 7 minutes 0 seconds and 38.8 or something like that so basically it's substantially faster to export to 1080p which is obvious for most video editors do know that when you're exporting it in 4k both machines got quite warm out almost a hot and it had a lot of fan speed so the winner once again for the export time to 1080p is a tie alright so the next two tests I want to look at are the two that I really had a feeling that would set apart these two graphics processing units the first one is rendering and if you're a motion designer or a video editor that works a lot with motion graphics within their projects and you know how much this can consume just waiting for your files to render out so if you have a project that has a lot of rendering files it could take 20 30 40 50 90 minutes nine hours it really just depends on how much motion graphics you have in your project so these tests I think are very important to consider if you're in that boat all right so on a non 4k project with 1300 frames the GTX 1070 took about 23 minutes and 45 seconds to render the frames now that same project on the r-tx 2070 the non 4k project with 1300 frames took about 19 minutes and 33 seconds on the r-tx 2070 so it's a substantial 4 minute difference that may not sound like a lot but if you extrapolate that on a much larger scale it is a massive landslide difference consider this that means a 10 minute project that is strictly motion design at 60 frames per second you would be looking at about 36,000 frames to render the r-tx 1070 would take roughly five hundred and forty minutes translating that in about nine hours of rendering time the gtx 1070 will be taking roughly six hundred and forty eight minutes translated into about ten point eight hours of rendering time so we're going to extrapolate the numbers you get almost two hours of savings and I wanted to do the numbers on a semi extreme end to help illustrate that there is some time savings that would come with the r-tx purchase so the winner in this standpoint is the RT X 2070 because you could save a substantial amount of time with rendering if you're doing very large motion design infiltrated projects so to speak alright so the next thing I want to look at is the playback the reason I think this is important is you can playback at higher quality and you don't have to wait as much with lag time so let's look at the two differences we're gonna be looking at the 4k clip again alright so the first test is the RT X 2070 I opened up only Premiere Pro on my computer and started to run it full playback so you know there's a little option underneath the playback video you can do full 1/2 1/4 1/8 so I started at full quality and the playback seemed fairly smooth with no other applications open but I wanted to test it against the other applications as they started to open up and we started to get a little bit more fan speed and as I clicked open say Photoshop I clicked open a web browser it started to get a little bit laggy and give me a little bit of fan speed so then I bumped it down to about half and it seemed a fairly consistent at half so I can run half quality with some other programs open and the playback seemed fine just to give it some tests against running other programs alongside of it all right now comparing that with the gtx 1070 started up the program with the 4k file started to begin to run the playback and I found that it couldn't even get going at half once I bumped it down to 1/4 it started to give me some good playback pretty smooth and remember this is with no applications running so far just Premiere Pro open and at one eight hours able to get very smooth playback so in conclusion featuring these two laptops specifically feature in the gtx 1070 versus the RT x 2070 again links in description below if you want to check out those models personally the RT x 2070 would be the clear choice for a motion designer or high-level video editor it has the rendering x and it has the playback that is essential in order to really get good workflow now if i was a graphic designer the reason i lean towards the first Strix model is because i could save that maybe 100 or so dollars especially with the discount code you can get that discount and save a little bit more and then you can invest in upgrading that computer to say 32 gigs of ram rather than getting that GPU which as a graphic designer really won't help you as much as having that if you're a video editor or a motion designer so it just comes down to the two differences so if I were you I would go the gtx 1070 graphic designer upgrade that ram our video editor I'd go to the our TX 2070 so I really hope this video has been helpful today stay tuned for more videos I'm going to do a full comparison between these two models if you're interested in that you better check that out in the YouTube cards above or the description below but for now I'm Benji Keyser of Benji Kaiser comm I thank you so much for supporting this channel by watching comment below hit the like button if you enjoyed this content double tap the dislike button if you have not and I'll see you here on the next episode you

14 thoughts on “GTX 1070 Vs RTX 2070 for Designers and Video Editing”

  1. thanks man. as a 3d animator this was very helpful. In the gaming workd they say save the money ang get last years model but actual 3d creation it might be worth it to spend a extra 500 bux on the rtx…. maybe

  2. Thanks for the video! This helped me out decide whether or not I should upgrade my graphics card in my workstation for video editing. I got stuck while building my PC with a 1060 due to the crypto-mining demand a year ago, and I didn't want to pay the premium for a 1070 at the time.

    I was looking at the 2070 but I didn't know if there would be a significant enough gain in performance from the 1060 6GB to the 2070. The 1070 comparison was good enough for me since the 1070 is quite a bit better than the 1060.

    Honestly, really the playback comparison with premiere was really what stood out to me the most. I noticed that choppy playback from the 1070, and that was what I deal with when I use my 1060. Even with very little effects, it is very choppy. If I can reduce that just a little, which it appears that it eliminates it completely, that would be worth the investment to upgrade.

  3. Thank you thank you so much this is exactly what the information I was looking for… Much love and support to you man.

  4. Your video was very helpful… thank you.

    I purchased an Alienware 17 R5 with the GTX 1070. I'm not a gamer. I wanted this primarily for video editing and to use as a Plex media server. When editing 4K at 30 fps or 1080 at 120 fps I experience significant video lag at 100% resolution. I was considering exchanging it for the Alienware M17 with an RTX 2070 which is what brought me to your channel. Based on your comparison it looks like that would get me better performance and less lag without having to lower the resolution in Premiere.

    The exchange would cost me an additional $1000.00 (nearly double what I paid for the 17 R5). But it doesn't sound like I will be getting anywhere near double the performance or even the best bang for my buck. Wouldn't I be better served to keep the 17 R5 and invest use the $1K in an Alienware Graphics Amplifier or Thunderbolt 3 EGPU and install an RTX 2070 with room for two more GPUs?

  5. Isn’t render times are more dependent on your CPU and RAM. I think thats why there is not much difference between the 1070 and 2070. As a matter of fact, 2070 has more cuda cores than the 1070

  6. thanks for the video. 2070 is above my budget. so I'm comparing rtx 2060 with gtx 1070 (mostly for 4K video editing). Which one should I buy? these days rtx 2060 is 370euro, gtx 1070 is 290euro. is it woth to spend extra 80 euro for rtx 2060?

  7. Just stumbled over your channel while looking at data analyst videos, awesome content! Love your attitude too bro. Keep it going!!

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