Gus Johnson Sketches Fans at VidCon

Gus Johnson Sketches Fans at VidCon

Hey guys, Gus here.
We’re at VidCon today, which is a really big influencer
and video conference. Today, I’m going to be giving
away fan art for free to people, because they deserve it. Hey man, would you
like some free fan art? Free fan art over here. No, I’m good. I get you. Lot of hate
for the arts these days. Would you like
some free art drawn of you? All right Colleen, I’m going to draw you
today here. Alex, could you
turn around for just one second.
Do you love her? I do. She can’t hear you. That’s why I brought her here. I tell her that I don’t. You tell your daughter
that you don’t love her? Yeah, keep her in place. Keep her in place?
Colleen: Yeah. When do you tell her that? I tell my students that too. You verbally abuse
your students as well, is what you’re saying.
Yeah. Well, for sure. I get you. Just wreck
the entire future for everybody, the next generation. Well, you know,
we all can’t be winners. Oh, yeah, I get you. Oh my God. Can I get a look
at your teeth there? Wonderful. Trying to make sure
I have no food in them. Should be good.
How do you draw a hoof? He’s showing them the picture. Go around and see it. How do you draw a hoof? I don’t remember
how to draw a hoof. Is it like the two forks?
You got two forks? All right,
and what was your name, Colleen? Colleen. All right. Clean. All right. I think we got you ready here. You ready? Okay. How does this look? Oh my God! That’s so good. Is that you? That’s perfect.
Great. What is your proudest
achievement as a father? My proudest achievement
is having two great kids. Two great kids?
Paul: Mm-hmm (affirmative). You brought one of them,
good start. I brought one of them. Oh, strong man. Paul, do you work out? A little bit. Paul, how many kids
do you think you could beat up, ages four to eight? I guess 10. You guess 10. That was a quick number
you came up with, Paul. All right. Dad’s calves
could use a little work, if I’m being honest. He looked at my socks. Ian, how is school
going for you? It’s going great. It’s going good.
What’s your GPA right now? It’s like a 3.14 right now. Pi, right on the nose. Okay. You could probably knock
a few points off of there. I think you’re leaning into
education a little too hard. All right.
Ian, Luther Vandross, it’s wonderful
drawing you today. There we go.
How does that look? It looks amazing. I love it. Oh, this is going
to go for you, free of charge. Again, donations are accepted.
Free of charge it is. Tell me about yourself.
Who are you? I’m a mom who needs
a Bloody Mary right now? Yeah, what is the thing that you regret
the most in life? Leah: Having too many kids. Too many kids. Does not have any love
for her children. This will go on tape. She will have to deal with this
in the home. It’s Leah. I’m just kidding. They’re the loves of my life,
but boy. They’re the loves of your life? The damage is done Leah. This was actually
their Christmas present, one of their
Christmas presents. So, you would say
you’re a generous soul, right? Yes.
A generous soul. Well, wonderful, this fits
perfect into your back story. A couple quick sketches here.
Just trying to make sure that I accurately represent
your figure here. All right, Leah. How do we feel about this loving
giving gift children? How do we feel about this? Leah: That’s amazing because
I’m also born on Christmas Eve. You’re born on Christmas … I’m out here
doing God’s work people. You didn’t have
any children ******* anywhere though.
No children *******? That’s okay. I’m just kidding. I can draw a child *******. It’s not yours don’t worry. Okay. Yeah.
We won’t tell anybody if it is. Hey, your words, not mine. Really dangerous woman.
Let’s keep an eye on her. Can we watch her?
Okay. Thank you guys. How do you feel
about your mother? Is she cool? I love my mom. You love your mom? Yes. Do you love her or do you love, love her is the thing? Just love.
Do you love your mother? Yeah. Great. Wonderful.
Little hesitant there. You’re already my
super favorite person today. Oh, wonderful. So, Jeen is clearly
doing whip its, so we’re going to have
to incorporate that. I mean, she’s so small I could
probably just cheat that. What do you do for work? I’m a life healer.
I’m a life coach. A lot of spite
coming from mom. I think that you could use my services a little bit. I could use your services
a little bit? A little bit, just a little bit. Just a little bit.
Not for drawing. All right.
Bit of a clowny turn there. What did you say?
Not for drawing. Not for drawing. No, I didn’t say I was an
artist. All right.
I’ll be sure to remember that. Okay, good.
Uh-oh, he’s got the soundtrack. If you guys
could just throw some royalty free clown music
under this part, that would be really,
really helpful. I heard he’s saying stuff. I can’t hear him. Okay. Well, I think
this might be my most accurate drawing of the day.
What do you think? I know who that is. It’s a little environmental
piece that kind of pops up here. I really like that. You didn’t make
her head big enough. I didn’t
make her head big enough? I don’t know, I kind
of like myself actually. That’s good. Self acceptance is part
of the healing process. I think yours
is the most accurate though. Yeah, I mean …
Gus: What’s her name? Lucy. Lucy? Does she have
any past traumas that I should incorporate into
her character when I’m drawing? Lucy, is there anything
I should know about you before I get started?
No, okay. That’s just fine. I have a college art degree, so this should come out
pretty well. All right.
I saw you working earlier. Yeah. I got good work.
Can I get a quick peek at your eyes there real quick?
Beautiful eyes, Will. That’s a big strong mustache.
That’s what I wish that I had. I’m just so peach fuzzy,
I’m to thin. That’s why I stay
with a mustache and not a beard. Let’s get that on there.
Give you a little nose. Good girl. Nice beautiful puppy eyes. Nice beautiful puppy body. Stay. Okay. This is going
to make the ladies feel welcome. Oh, ****.
Um, here you go Will. Look at you Lucy. That’s you.
That’s you Lucy. Good job. Uncle Bubblegum, would you consider yourself
a strong man? I’m not a weak man. Like big muscles you think? No. Okay. I will not be very generous
with the muscles. Gotcha. Do you have any children? I have three children. Three children, all right. I can just loop them
all together into one. All right. Can I get a little look
at the biceps there for you? Just a little big flex. The biceps? Yeah.
Can you give me a little, “Grr.” I don’t really see … Grr. Yeah.
That was a very confused grr. Come on. You got a man
in a dark alley, and he’s coming at you,
just like that. All right. Sounds good.
Okay. What color are your eyes? Blue. Blue?
Blue. Got you. I’ll do a solid black. Should be good. All right. How does this look? The muscles are
a little bit big for me, but I love it. Well, I just figured you know, you weren’t really
grunting too loud. No. That’s good. That’s great. I figured I probably should- And the hair
situation is right on, spot on. Oh, I can add a little bit
on there if you need. There you go.
That’s perfect. Do you want to take
this home for free? Sure.
Gus: Okay, wonderful. Sure. There is
a suggested donation price, but you clearly seem hell bent
on taking advantage of independent artists,
so it’s fine. Well, thank you. I’ll follow you
on Instagram. Thank you.
I’m not following him
on Instagram.

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    I will say without a moment of hesitation
    There is just one place
    That can light my face.
    Gary, Indiana.

  3. I love Gus!! I laugh so much at his commentary! ❤️❤️ glad your keeping good care of the maple sass factory!

  4. Gus: the fan art is free. They deserve it
    Also Gus: You clearly seem hellbent on taking advantage of independent artists

  5. Wtf is this lame waste of time?!
    Worst skit ever and no quality as an idiot even…. Come on this is the best u got??

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    {When he's ONLY used one solid dark sharpie, throughout the entire video}

    "what color are your eyes?"

    "… Blue!? ..
    .. Gotchyu! I'll do a solid black!"

    (I'm both embarrassed and grateful to admit that I'M JUST NOW DISCOVERING this comedian Gus Johnson {& I'm VERY intruiged as to whether he truly is related to Gary Johnson- as he recently stated- in the video, that ComedyCentral posted today for 'GusWeek'})

  7. Is pausing the video @2:05 seriously 'the BEST' option, to ACTUALLY VIEW/SEE the finished product/illustration/caricature!?

    It really is a shame that they don't focus in on the drawings, once he finished!
    I really wanted to see what he did! :/ Lol

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