Guys Try Drawing Vaginas

Guys Try Drawing Vaginas

– And then you can open it, and there’s vagina stuff there. (laughs) I don’t wanna
talk about it anymore. (light music) – My experience with vaginas has been mostly just sex with them. – So I’m gay, which means my experience with female anatomy comes exclusively from my one year of high school anatomy. – In high school I was
very scared of vaginas. – I think I could get the general shape. – And I don’t know how well I know the intricate vagina stuff. – I don’t really know what
a proper vagina looks like, much less how to draw one. – Isn’t a vagina just like an
inverted penis or something? I’ve never said vagina
so many times in my life. – All right, let’s try and draw this. – What is this! – And draw another shape like this. – Like something up here maybe. – What the fuck? – Something should go here. This feels too blank
for any type of genital. (popping) – I think the vaginal
opening is in the middle. (buzzing) – That is where the penis goes for sex. (bell ringing) – Like this? Nah it’s never, I don’t
think it’s ever that big. If it is that’s cool too. (popping) – Labia majora
(bell ringing) – Labia majora
(bell ringing) – Is that labia majora? That’s the clitoris, right? (buzzing) (popping) – That’s these, these inner lips.
(bell ringing) Is that right, the term? – That’s on the inside.
(bell ringing) That’s the line I drew
near the labia minora. – Oh my fuck. There’s a labia minora? What is this, Hanukkah? (buzzing) (popping) – Then the clitoris is this little man in the canoe up there. (bell ringing) – That’s this one at the top. Right?
(bell ringing) (popping) – Wouldn’t that be the vagina? (buzzing) – I think that’s at the bottom. (buzzing) – We’re just gonna say a
little hole right here. (bell ringing) (popping) – Mom’s pubis.
– Mons. – I don’t know if I wanna talk about my mom’s pubis right now, okay. – Is that right?
(buzzing) (bell ringing) (popping) – Right there.
(bell ringing) – I think the anus is at the bottom. (bell ringing) – That’s the anus.
(bell ringing) I got some stuff. (light music) Whoa, that’s a graphic
picture right there. (laughing) – Yes, I think the holes were misplaced. – Oh my God, there’s two flaps. – The scale’s a little
off, this is a huge vagina. – It’s like you gotta open it up like, like a lettuce. – I feel like people are
gonna say guys have no idea what a vagina actually looks like. – This has definitely changed the way that I look at vaginas now. I’m like, I’m like kind of in awe. – There’s babies, there’s orgasms. Vaginas do a lot, we should respect that. – Uh, good job vagina like, good on you, you look cool. You’re an intricate organ
and it’s impressive. – Vaginas are complicated,
but they’re important. That’s how we are all here, so I guess it makes sense
to learn more about them. – Vagina, vagina, vagina, it’s vagina man. Okay, we’ve gotten past
it, I can say vagina now. It’s out of my system. Vagina. Vagina. Vagina, vagina. (swooping)
(creaking) Vagina.

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  1. Ok Eric is a baby, but that's no excuse! Read up on this stuff, your girlfriend will thank you!!
    Hats off to Rahul for actually paying attention in sex ed! 👏 Straight dudes, you have no excuse now 😂

  2. It's called Vulva, If you are going to make a Video like this please call "it" by its correct name, which is Vulva!

  3. listen to this brainwashed BuzzFeed audience, they got this idea from watching the Netflix series big mouth. The brain surgeons of video production at BuzzFeed have no original ideas. The content is mainly garbage, but hey maybe I'm a privileged racist.

  4. Has basically nudity in it: Doesn’t get age restricted or deleted

    Pewdiepie uploads a YLYL video: gets demonetized and deleted.

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