Heavy Rain but 500% facial animations

Heavy Rain but 500% facial animations

the killer is white aged between 30 and 45 he doesn't act on impulse but plans his crimes in a very meticulous fashion he doesn't have anything personal against the victims that's why he covers it faces with mud to make them anonymous why does he kill them if he doesn't have anything against them for him they're more of an image assemble that's probably why it gives him an oligarchy as gifts to apologize for what he's done to them very interesting and where does all that get us the best way of tracking a predator is to be familiar with his behavior that may be true in novels but there's a child's life at stake here continued Jaden one detail attracted my attention the interval between the time and a victim disappears in the time when the body is found ranges from three to five days but the rainfall is always at six inches give or take 10% what on earth does that mean all the victims are drowned in rainwater the killer kills only in the fall when there is plenty of rain it could be that he puts them in some sort of well or tank that is open to the skies and that fills up a brain water more drains the less time the victim has to live then I studied the geographical distribution of the murders generally a killer commits his first murder near to where he lives so he has a safe place to flee to if any complications arise we won't confident he becomes the further he roams from his base by analysing the locations where the victims disappeared I was able to isolate a zone where the killer might live and what size is this zone for the moment about 10 square mile great must be ten thousand people live in that sort area you get a question on one by one the more clues we get the more we can reduce the zone we can then cross-check it with our list of suspects and identify the killer so what's next there are two suspects whose psychological profile might fit and can be connected to the comfort zone I'd like to question them damn it we're wasting our time with this bullshit the killers out there somewhere we got to get off our asses and find them the killer is no ordinary murderer he is intelligent organized and methodical you won't find him by patrolling the streets tell me agent Jaden did you get your fast experience on the job or did you just fucking read about it in some school book your vast experience hasn't prevented eight victims from being murdered on their soul that's enough you said it took six inches of rainfall before the victim died how much time do we have left the weather forecasts are right less than 72 hours Jason

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  1. 1:27 me every time the MATH teacher call me to step to the blackboard

  2. Amazing how just turning up facial animations can take it from an award winning choice driven thriller game to a half baked gmod video some kid made in his basement

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