Hickey Horror Story

Hickey Horror Story

I was in the bus coming back from the mall with my boyfriend at the time. You know, we were just sitting there, kissing and stuff, Then he started kissing my neck! And I was just like you know what? Why don’t you give me a hickey cause I’ve never gotten one and i’ve always wanted one. And he was like, “oh, okay, sure! But isn’t your mom gonna see it?” I’m from a very strict French-Canadian family, So, um, yeah hickeys are not allowed… So, I hugged him, And this dude starts sucking on my neck Few minutes later, I had the reddest, Purplest hickey i’ve ever seen Few hours go by, we’re still hanging out but then my mom calls me and asks me to go home. So I’m going home and i’m like “oh crap, the hickey!” So I have to run myself to the drug store, Buy myself some cheap makeup because um I didn’t have that much money, And just, try to cover it up. Later that day my friend comes for a sleepover, and I show her the hickey. And she’s like “Oh yes girl i’m so proud of you!” And i’m like, “Yeah I need to get this off, now!” So, there’s a coin trick you can use Where you scrape the skin, and apparently, the hickey comes off. We tried that, it hurt a lot, kind of worked. Fast forward the next day. I’m sitting in the dentist chair And my mom sees this faded, red, mark on my neck And I was so scared I was like “hoo hoo hoo” “What do I do??” and the dentist was just looking at me and was looking at my mom My moms looking at me and the dentist.Oh the tension was real. I look at her and I was like “mom what’s wrong?” She’s like “Oh nothing” In a very sarcastic way, so i’m like oh God She saw my neck! We’re walking out of the car, my mom, she looks at me And I was like “What?” and she was like “You know” and I was like “oh my neck” and she’s like “Yeah!” And I told her I was like “Oh I got burnt” “With a curler, yesterday” and she’s like “hm oh really, how’d you get the curler?” And I’m just like “Oh crap um uh..” “Amy brought it to the mall and um she was gonna do” “Her hair because we got new outfits” and my mom was like “Oh, okay, yeah, sure.” So, I texted my friend Amy of course, And delete the majority of the messages telling her what to say, And she pulls off an amazing job! (Amy if you’re watching this, (I love you so much) I show it to my mom, my mom believes it. My mom has to go to work and I realize Oh. My. God. My dads coming home! So i’m like “What do I do?” “What do I do?” I was freaking out. So I just thought, “You know what, okay.” I got a straightener, I plugged it into the wall, Let it heat up for about 15 minutes, then, pressed that against my neck to give me a burn. It blistered and all that and scabbed and stuff and it hurt. It really hurt. My dad comes through the door “Show me the boil on your neck!” and i’m just like “Oh there it is” and he’s like “Oh jeez thats bad, be more careful!” He yelled at me he was like “If you ever got a hickey,” “Duh duh grounded for life” I was so happy that I pulled that off.

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  1. Ok glad you and your boyfriend are becoming close…….but you couldve talked to your parents about it after their anger burned out they'll be so calm they'll understand ……..lies are very bad just ask quillfire when he lied to springload

  2. Well, once, my sister saw a hickey on my shoulder, and I was like ”DO NOT TELL MOM”
    But it was on my shoulder.

    If you ever get a hickey (don't it's bad) NEVER GET ONE ON YOUR NECK ALWAYS YOUR SHOULDER. (I only say this if you're living with your parents. 😂😂😂)

  3. A mosquito bit me on the face and I scratched it really bad, next day I went to school my friends thought it was a hickey.

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