Hidden images on money

Hidden images on money

you might have seen the other money folding videos the ones that show you how to fold money a certain way to see hidden images well you probably haven't seen these I'm going to show you a few ways that you can fold a $20 bill to make hidden pictures appear first take a standard $20 bill and fold it in half then fold the top side in half again to reveal this the face of a cab pretty amazing huh next unfold the bill and then turn it and fold it just like this voila a picture of a fish I think it's a goldfish but I'm not really sure then simply unfold the bill and refold it like this what do you get a picture of Chuck Norris putting mr. t in a headlock but wait it gets even better then keeping the bill in the same position watch closely and make these three folds once you're done you've got a picture of Jimmy Carter kickin John Stamos in the groin while he's eating a giant dilly bar believe me I know that so many things colliding at once it actually kind of hurts to think about it now again keeping the money in the same position make these three folds to get this George Bush being attacked by a killer hamburger it's funny it really doesn't seem like that strange of a situation for George Bush to be in oh well and finally fold it over once then twice then using some muscle fold it again like this and if you look closely you'll see an image of Gary Busey and Gary Coleman riding a unicorn Pegasus over Mount Rushmore how patriotic well there you have it now the only thing we need to figure out is what the heck is going on at the Treasury Department

26 thoughts on “Hidden images on money”

  1. i did it wrong, i got chuck norris riding a cat while fighting a tiger thats shooting out lasers, and the sun has a face.

  2. When I tried to unfolded it, the twenty dollar bill had changed into a paper airplane! I think I got this trick mixed up with another one.

  3. How did I not find this video until 9 years after it was posted
    I just checked the exact date it was posted and this video is older than my brother

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