History of Every K-Pop Scandal with YG Entertainment

History of Every K-Pop Scandal with YG Entertainment

when it comes to YG entertainment I think it's safe to say at this point they are no stranger to controversy founded by young Han Suk in 1996 the yg founder already hailed from a popular yet very controversial group that is so TV and boys that same decade hi there my name is Derrick otherwise known as there to be and I'm here to bring you a historical look at the various scandals that has plagued YG Entertainment over the years this video is strictly to present the stories and allegations that have come out against a company as well as the artists representing the YG Entertainment an effectual manner and in no way meant to defame or slander the company and so without further ado let's get started back in 2007 BIGBANG broke the mold of a standard idol group with their self-produced smash hit that was lies and forewarning a majority of the controversial cases presented to this video are from BIGBANG not mine vendetta here I mean they are YG's biggest group so like I guess the bigger the better and more senior you are the controversy fellows right anyways after a couple of months after the Songz released a group and the song's creator g-dragon were faced with the plagiarism accusations accused of copying off at the Japanese DJ's free tempo sky-high to g-dragon and yg reached out to the original artist to get thoughts and the issue was closed after they felt that there was no plagiarism committed big bangs rappers top was caught up in his first controversy regarding his style choice of wearing what was the Rising Sun flag appearing twice on his jacket in an interview in 2007 after receiving backlash for wearing something representing the Japanese Imperial Army that was deemed a Nazi swastika and Asia yg issued an apology for the lack of awareness regarding the fashion choice and not being aware of the severity of wearing such a controversial flag back from the war back in late 2009 g-dragon was faced with plagiarism accusations again at the release of his iconic Golden Age k-pop song heartbreaker which draws a lot of structural similarities to Flo Rida's very popular song right round that came out earlier that same year when I go to take a dose no hana came on the man decided to go Sony's legal representative issued a warning to YG entertainment about the suppose a plagiarism – which yg later contacted Flo Rida's reps in March of 2010 to appear in a new remix version of the song to ultimately settle the issue in December 2009 g-dragon sold out his first solo concert in Seoul called shine alight during the concert and his performance of the song breathe this dancer ami was chained up vertically on a bed while GD proceeded to quote unquote dry hump the dancer during the performance this particular act caused a significant backlash – the next day as it was a concert meant for all ages and those gestures were deemed inappropriate Korea's Ministry of Health and Welfare called for an investigation against g-dragon and YG Entertainment had g-dragon lost a case for singing restricted songs and performing the said acts he would have been fined and sentenced up to a year in prison yg and g-dragon later issue apology for the incident and was settled out of court at work being cleared of all charges the subsequent concert DVD however was forced to be released to 18 years or older a May 31st 2011 BIGBANG singer Daesung was involved in a car accident after running over a motorcyclist who had crashed into a streetlamp three minutes before the motorcycle has passed away and had a blood-alcohol level of 0.1 86% after a thorough investigation in a jury trial Daesung was acquitted at the victim's death as they could have proved that the victim had already passed away three minutes before or if his death was caused by daesung's negligent driving Daesung Duston took a break from the entertainment industry to reflect on his actions back in the summer of 2011 g-dragon was surrounded in another scandal after testing positive for marijuana when it came back negative through his urine sample a hair test detected a weak positive for marijuana GD explained that he claimed to have smoked what appeared to be a cigarette and a club in Japan it was his first recorded offence and since it was a small amount of the drug an indictment was filed but he was never charged back in September 2012 soon he got himself caught up in his first scandal and his entertainment career deemed the Japanese sex scandal where our Japanese tabloid released partially nude photos assume me in bed with an unidentified woman who had a one-night stand with him in Japan and claimed suni had a habit of choking during sexual intercourse he ejaculated on her stomach and did any wipe it off and rather just threw her a towel in addition he didn't even kiss her once suddenly went on to explain in his 2013 comeback that his fellow members scolded him for his actions and prevented him with big bang activities so he could reflect for a period of time Sooni went on to say he grew up from the scandal and had said it was a time in history that an idol became the center of a scandal like that I think a lot of people started to think I was an adult because of that scandal during sevens military service in June 2013 the singer along with song Xiu a muddy mouth who was also serving were seen out past curfew at 2:30 a.m. and everyday clothes going to two different massage parlors one being famous for prostitution celebrities in the military has always been a hot topic in Korea as they were seen to receive quote-unquote special treatment of receiving leniency with directions after the news broke and were found guilty the two were sentenced to 10 days in military jail and extended serving terms for violating several regulations the incident received tremendous backlash from the public which resulted in the Ministry of Defence to abolish to sell Liberty soldier unit shortly after seven was eventually released from the military on December 28 2014 while his contract with yg expired and was not renewed in February 2015 shortly after when CL premiered a song mental breakdown through a live performance video on YG's YouTube channel some fans expressed outrage at the use of vocal singing verses from the Quran the Korean Muslim Federation issued the following statement Muslims find this song to be a severe insult and are demanding from the agency to take actions to quickly removing it or editing the entire song and apologizing to Muslims in the case that they don't think applied to demand we will take actions with the Muslims around the world who find this to be a serious matter yg has since taken down the video and re-uploaded it with a different version of the song taking out – the portion of the background music in 2014 news outlets caught wind of a past incidents of Park BOMs family sending her prescription drugs from her family and physician from the United States it was revealed from yg statement that BOMs suffered from trauma and depression that was a result of witnessing to death and her young soccer days in the United States when she sought therapy her doctor prescribed her infant amines over the years to cope with the condition however while the drug is in the u.s. it is illegal in South Korea therefore when her package from her family containing two refills of prescription it was held up in customs and banned she was never charged but the press saw the incident as her attempted to smuggle drugs at providing medical records to authorities and such the case was cleared this scandal then resulted in Park Bom to go into hiatus from the entertainment industry until her contract ended with YG back in November 2016 following the disbandment a21 earlier that year she made her first official comeback since the scandal in March 2019 following his military enlistment in early 2017 top later that summer was charged for the use of marijuana the previous October he was suspended from his police duty during his service as he awaited his verdict from the prosecution during this time top was found unconscious in Police barracks after overdosing of prescribed tranquilizers he recovered and pled guilty in court and was sentenced to a jail term of 10 months suspended for two years he is currently finishing on his mandatory military service and is now set to be discharged in June of this year in late 2017 yg rapper and producer Kush was busted in an undercover operation of purchasing and using cocaine and Seoul he claimed that his suffer from depression and admitted to his drug use twice over the span of a month he later left yg On February 19th of 2019 and in March of 2019 a results of his 1st 2017 trial sentence him to two and a half years in prison as well as a small fine and four years probation but 80 hours of drug treatment back in 2017 yg headlined a TV show called mix sign that would go head-to-head with the show the unit with a similar concept like produce 101 however as the show went on the ratings were not as strong as they had hoped when the show was complete and the group was formed YG Entertainment had decided that the group would then be cancelled companies such as happy face entertainment who had members a part of the newly formed group sued yg for damages and costs incurred throughout the course of the show the case result was scheduled for this past February but as of now it has been delayed and that most of you are here waiting for me to discuss this currently most talked-about scandal in the history of kpop while it is still a gone going investigation I'm just gonna go over what was presented in the news brought forward by the police in the past couple of weeks that only relates to YG Entertainment and it's our it all started on January 28th when the staff at the burning Sun nightclub was accused of assault from an incident that occurred back in November and upon reporting it the accuser was also manhandled by the police as shown in the CCTV footage soomi was tied to the event simply because he was a part of the directorship of the club he had initially had denied that he was at the club until photos surfaced that he was there that night just not during the time and assault that occurred hours later Sooni resigned from the director's position at the club and issued an apology during his time to Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency announced the investigation of illegal activities related to the distribution of drugs as well as drugging female clubbers to rape as the story continued to unfold soon Lee was then accused of coordinating a prostitution ring at the club for the its VIP guests through Kakao Talk messages drug accusations and sunís Rockstar party life continued to come out over the course of the next few weeks Sooni throughout it all denied all allegations claiming the messages and stories were fabricated and such as we moved into March YG Entertainment raised eyebrows when the company was seen what appeared to be quote/unquote destroying evidence with two massive dump trucks being filed with shredded documents yg CEO William Hyun Suk responded that this was all a part of a quarterly procedure of a scheduled cleaning the investigation into the phone messages uncovered up to two hundred thousand messages involving prostitution mediating by Sony as well as the sharing of illegal spy cam footage of women being recorded without consent and bathrooms sexual intercourse and the drugging and raping of them while the story could be further elaborated on it is still an ongoing investigation and trial will be set eventually as this case is further prepared Sooni has since retired from the entertainment industry terminated his contract with YG Entertainment this month and postponed his military service to continue to cooperate with police and investigation this particular scandal is unlike anything that has ever happened and goes well beyond kpop expect a story to continue for the years to come compared to other kpop companies in the industry YG Entertainment has been known for its clandestine image when it comes to its artists and its inner culture time and time again the agency has been faced with numerous scandals involving its artists and company how the company deals with the criticisms and controversies will carry a significant weight on the company's future it has a reputation and a business operation back the stock value to maintain as with each challenge they face and while it's still in its beginning stages yg is also currently facing text evasion allegations and a potential lawsuit from its shareholders regarding the sudden loss and stock value due to its most recent scandal time will tell how yg can continue to be one of the Kapus big 3 or if it will become a company that is left part of kpop history in the coming years thank you all so much for watching everyone if you enjoyed this video please be sure to give this a like for me and subscribe for more videos and if you'd like you can also support me on patreon too and follow me on my social media links are in the description I appreciate you for stopping by while you're here please be sure to check out many more of my works and see you next time

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  2. I'm probably going to get hate but I honestly don't really care because this is my opinion.

    Muslims are so overdramatic. So what if she used part of the Quran in her song, it's not offensive. However I will say I'm happy YG indeed up releasing an alternative version with out the verses since that religion is sexist and homophobic when you actually read the Quran.


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    It doesen't Just ruined his career and social presence
    It makes questionable all bigbang members
    And the company It self
    I been wishing Blackpink not to be under Yg since 2017 but It was just about quality and potencial
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