Honest Trailers - X-Men: The Animated Series

Honest Trailers – X-Men: The Animated Series

before you witness the ex pocalypse experience the definitive version of the ex man as long as you grew up in the 90s look what you did to the VCR just by touching it x-men the animated series return to the era of super soakers and pizza bagels in a decade where no one gave a crap about the Avengers for the first comic adaptation to combine quips and bright colors with depth and high stakes all wrapped up in a theme song it's been stuck in your head for decades seriously if Professor X was real oh it hears but a Nenana sued up with an x-men team you're pretty damn familiar with by now who are all pretty much the same as their movie counterparts except the spandex is yellower the Rogues are sexier and Jubilee is a main character for some reason because what the x-men really need is a mall red with a power of sparkles stop trying to make Jubilee happen show it's not gonna happen return to the mid-90s on Fox where in between reruns of eight the cat and Power Rangers you'd watch the x-men bring classic storylines to life mission accomplished money okay like the Phoenix saga that was so much better than x3 Days of Future past that's as good as Days of Future past and a Weapon X episode that's so much better than Wolverine Origins you'll almost give them a pass for the half a season five where they moved production to the Philippines to get the other half of the crystal is locks right into Magnus's fortress yeesh don't get any ideas singer prepare for a series that's about so much more than fighting supervillains it's also about fighting prejudice our mutants as racists and bigots of all stripes are defeated by a stereotypical southerner well Andrews out colder a leftover Westbrook stereotypical Cajun there's always more Gators in the pile stereotypical Russian da svidaniya and stereotypical German of cost by line because nothing to be stereotypes like a different more powerful stereotype so gear up for this 90s cartoon that's great despite being very much a product of its time she rendered mutant of course not makin Kathy that might be the second best superhero series ever made and when first place is Batman second place ain't half bad starring Sentinels sucking at their jobs I am still windy storm yelling at nature the Arctic winds awesome Easter eggs his name is cable Wolverine trying to curse all right.you egg-sucking piece of gutter trash he said alien gutter trash cliffhangers Wolverine grunting ah Scott and gene yelling each other's names gene gene and gene graze ex-gays ohms is it weird that this is kind of turning me on x-men better than the movies you know the only thing better than the intro the Japanese intro Sugoi be sure to subscribe for more honest trailers it's not just a phase dad sometimes when I close my eyes I can't see I hope they cast Rob Schneider as cable hold the door hold the door Hodor I like shorts they're comfy and easy to wear

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  1. Check out the book written by the creators of the show!

    Previously on X-men: The Making of an Animated Series

  2. OMFG I missed this one, how the hell did I miss this one, the names were AMAZING, Grunting, Jean and Scott yelling ieach others names LOL

  3. I watched the first 15 episodes and dont think the show is that good its just fine not that good just fine

  4. This and Wolverine & the X-Men are the best animated versions of the X-Men. X-Men Evolution was mediocre. Felt less like X-Men and more like Beverly Hills 90210 with X-Men characters, complete with toned down violence that turned the most badass characters into pussies. Also they put way too much focus on the high school parts than on the mutant prejudice parts. The de-aging to teens made way for crap like Iron Man Armored Adventures and Ultimate Spiderman.

  5. They moved production to the Philippines?? I love my country BUT WHY 😂 we had horrible animation-budget back then

  6. Ms Marvel made an appearence? Dang, i wonder how she was back then.

    It's awesome though how Spiderman made his first appearence in the Xmen cartoon before his TAS was made.

  7. "NO MORE MUTANTS!" Fuck!! I remember the 90's, you didn't dare mention Batman TAS, Power Rangers, Spiderman TAS, Marvel Action Hour(Fantastic Four/Hulk/Iron Man) no it was only X-MEN, glad it's over, X-MEN (cartoons, comics, movies) have always been overrated, for example if you were to suggest Batman could beat Superman people look at you like you were a spider-monkey Neptune, anything you said to validate your side you were told to shut up… Batman has no powers period, yet if it was Wolverine vs Superman… Wolverine wins hands down, you ask how? Superman is more powerful. You were told because it's Wolverine period.

    X-MEN SUCK!!! period.

  8. Wow. This is actually the first time I've heard of the Philippines in an Honest Trailer. So, I guess… Mabuhay?

  9. Please do avengers: Earth's mightiest heroes. It's the next best cartoon from X-Men. Really loved this one. Thanks!

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