It’s so hot here, I’m burning. Hey guys,
welcome to another episode of Ross Draws And welcome back!
July is always the busiest time of year There’s a bunch of conventions
and I get to meet you guys and put a face on who you guys are. We’re gonna do something super fun today. A bunch of you on my discord and my channel have been
asking for me to do this challenge where I’m gonna consume hot red Chili Peppers
and then I’m gonna draw. And I’m kind of scared because I’ve never done something
like this before. I have no idea how it’s gonna go but we’re going
to try our best, right? Ross Draws! Spicy pepper art challenge. Oh and before I get consumed by all these Chili Peppers. A bunch of you already know my new book, Bloom, is officially out. It’s a collection of my paint sketches. I’m super
proud of it. It’s my first publication. You can check it out at Ross Draws dot com slash bloom. And before the video I didn’t know how I was going to react to
the spice in this, you know. I wanted to paint something really simple and so
here’s the sketch I did for the video. I don’t know which one we’re gonna start
with. Yeah just in case I brought my almond milk. Just in case I need it. Maybe we should try this like a little bit. Real quick. Oh my god, what am I doing?
I regret this. Okay, look at this pepper. That is insane. I’m just gonna eat
it, all right. Oh my god, I’m just gonna eat it. Oh, oh my god. I’m gonna…I’m gonna…
fill in the base I’m going for I’m gonna fill in the base of the hair. You always start with a base. I’m gonna… make sure I have a good base. I’m big on painting with feeling.
So I’m just gonna encapsulate how I feel. I’m gonna take a second. I’ll be right
back. I drank this whole thing. Luckily, I have five more milk cartons. Let’s attack this thing again. Just for the
sake of filming, and me, and I’m going to do a smaller pepper this time. Oh my god. Whoo, like you know we’re so
used to painting comfortably and so when we’re thrown to like the millionth
degree, your primal instincts kick in and you’re just like whatever, I’m just going
to paint. And so originally I have some really nice hair, but I was like whatever.
This is how I’m feeling, this is like Medusa now. It’s gonna be a very unique
expressive piece, we’ll see where it goes. All right guys, round three. Milo. I’m not gonna talk anymore. I’m just gonna paint. I’m gonna paint, okay, I’m gonna paint. All right, screw it, round four. Some water. I’m gonna add some water. To cool it off. I’m going to try to push through it and then we can do some color dodge, okay? So I’m gonna I’m just gonna try to push through it. All right, for color dodge time I’m gonna consume three peppers. Let’s do it. What time is it? It’s color dodge time! Oh man, here we go. Here we… here we go. Milo. It’s your turn. Fire mode. Freeze them. Milo I’ve missed you. You miss me? I miss you buddy. You guys want to see the best picture I’ve
ever taken of Milo. It’s my phone wallpaper. Aw he’s so cute. Look at that. Milo you’re so cute. Hey guys, welcome back, I hope you enjoyed the episode. I had to go cool off for
a second because this is an experience I will never forget. I’ve missed you guys so much. I took a quick hiatus from my channel to do
summer conventions. My book, Bloom, is officially out worldwide. I’m super happy
with how it turned out. Ross Draws dot come slash bloom. And if you want to learn more with bonus content and video demos, with a deeper insight
on how I paint these pieces, please check out my patreon. I’m gonna give away a
book this episode. This video’s question is what is the spiciest thing you’ve ever
eaten. Yeah, tell me about your experience, let me know in the comments
below and we’ll choose a lucky subscriber. We’re almost at 1 million subscribers. Oh
my god. Yeah, next week’s video I’m giving away a Cintiq. Yes, a Wacom Cintiq
in next week’s video so make sure you guys are here for it. Don’t forget to subscribe, and remember, every day is a color dodge day. Milo, did you get any of those chilis? Huh?


  1. We're back!! This is probably the hardest drawing i've ever had to do LOL. Next week we're giving away a Cintiq so stay tuned! 🔥

    🌸 My new Art Book BLOOM is out!

    ps ily

  2. The spiciest thing I ever eaten was chinise noodles. It was so red because of chili bites included. Water doesn't work on such amout of chilis.. Anyway, nice experience /ゴルド エクスピリエンス/

  3. You know, Indonesia got so many spicy things, my parents both are like it ( too much ), BUT I hate it lol. They make me eat a full spoon of Sambal which it made from bunch of Rawit chilies, IM DYING REALLY HARD because my poor stomach can't take it ;-; Also, YOU DESERVE 1 MILLION SUBS ROSS, KEEP FIGHT!

  4. There are times where I honestly believe the quality of my work would improve if I had a tablet that big.
    Dayum that thing is gorgeous 🙁

  5. The spiciest thing I have ever eaten was a preparation called Saoji from the central India region in the state of Maharashtra….You eat it once and enjoy it twice…If you know what I mean😝

  6. The most spicy thing I have ever eaten was a small piece of dried red chili in Chinese restaurant. I was there with my friend and their family. We were all having good time until my friend challenged me to eat one of those peppers for 20 cents. Of course as stupid teen I tried one and it was a mistake. First i was fine but when time went on it just got worse and worse. My friends mom panicked and the waiter panicked and they all were trying to get me drink something. In the end half of my mouth started to swell and tongue lost its taste and i started to get very dizzy and my stomach was also little bit of pain. It was really embarrassing. Luckily my friends mom was nice enough to pack me some of the left over food so I could taste it at home. And yes I got that 20 cents.

  7. My dad made a pumpkin soup once, my whole family likes spice but DANM it was hot even my dad could eat it he put like 10 chills in it!😨😱🥵🤪

  8. One time in egypt I orderen chicken with some kind of curry sauce and apparently they put too much chili in it, but of course, 12 year old me would eat half the plate before complaining about it.

  9. You do realize that Almond milk has nothing in it to react with the capsiacin and reduce the burning, right? Actual milk (the caseins in it) helps reduce the effect.

  10. Spiciest I've eaten is probably when I tasted samyang noodles at a cafe once. It was just a strand of noodle and I was already chugging in my drink along with my friend's to keep myself sane and alive.

  11. The spiciest thing I’ve swallowed was Pride. no just kidding. So when I was in kindergarten, I was amazed how red the chili peppers were on my school’s backyard and I thought they were some kind of fruit so I secretly harvested lots of it to bring it home. I had no idea back then, I just thought they were some kind of berries. I ate it on my way home and swear, I ran like the chili demons were chasing me as i feel my mouth burning after I chewed that raw. I was crying and sobbing when I got home. I couldnt even tell my parents cause I can’t speak right.

  12. My friend brought some habaneros to school a few years back. I kinda ended up vomiting in the classroom trash can 🙂

  13. I really like the Idea of (During filming to Completed) comparison, it shows that you actually refine the artwork even after filming which is more transparent for the viewer!

  14. the spicest thing i have ever eten was at a camp where we made food, and my frined droped ALL of the spice we had…. its was not a good time

  15. The spiciest thing I ever ate was probably a poke-bowl; I think it's specific name is called the Pika Poke Bowl. No wonder why the cashier was like "You sure you dont want to buy water too???"😂

  16. The spiciest thing I ever ate was chanachur with tons of bombay chillis. Congrats on almost getting to a million subs! looking forwards to seeing more of your artwork, also pls pls pls have milo wear a crown sometime, we need to see prince milo!

  17. Great video like always, art gorgoreuse and of course your reaction for chili pepers XD. Keep it up and here is my story of spicy things:

    What was the spiciest thing I ever eated? That is a hard question looking at that I like spicy things a lot and for exaple chili papers are not very strong for me so yeah. Definitly spicy thing I eated was chili salsa Burito, my grandpa papery friets. But THE SPICIEST thing I eated was when we went for a trip to Arizona some small town and there we eated cobra soup with acual snake head as decoration. It was so good yet so spicy that one spoon was enough for me. I eated it all but dang I regreted it. I was so sick after it XD

  18. The spiciest thing I've ever had.. I was in a restaurant, my friend went to the restroom so I was sitting alone for a while.. At the front of me was a plate of vegetables and on top of it was what I thought was something crispy. I ate the whole thing only to realise it was was a super hot spice.. I started tearing up and since we were sitting at the front of the chefs, they were looking at me, the waitress came over and said I looked "overwhelmed" had to explain the situation and she gave me some tea to relief the pain… and my friend missed out on that whole event.

  19. The most spicy thing I ate was chicken soup with too much pepper. It was cloudy, black and … not very tasty xD I do not recommend.

  20. the spiciest thing I ever eaten? Seblak (its indonesian food) and hollyshit it's hot and spicy my mouth, my throat, my stomach instantly burning. But its good 😀

  21. The most spiciest I've eaten is a Samyang 2x Spicy Korean Noodle- which resulted to UTI 😅😢 so I seldom eat spicy foods haha

  22. Spiciest thing ive ever eaten was my aunts Hot African ball pepper soup.It was hot and sweet with a lot of fish and eggs and i didnt notice the hotness untill i took a gulp.Tears were rolling down my eyes and mucus started coming outta my nose for no reason,had to take a lot of cold drinks to cool my mouth down…………and that was only one spoon .

  23. The spiciest food I've had is spicy ice cream here in the Philippines it has 3 glass the first one is not quite spicy the 2nd one is quite spicy and the last one is very spicy you can really feel like there's a magma inside your lungs😂😂

  24. I was in a super market with my mum and I tried a taste tester of a fish finger and it had what I thought was ketchup on it…..turns out it was spicy tomato ketchup…..I was then dragged around the store with my mum begging for water

  25. when I was little I used to eat play dough, I saw wasabi and I thought it was play dough, you can probably guess what happens next

  26. Gosh… the hottest thing I have eaten… Korean spicy pork, my lips went really puffy and my face was completely red and I was sweating all over😹😹

  27. Spiciest thing I've eaten is the samyang spicy noodles… but….I enjoy it howeveeeeeer my body does not hahahah xD

  28. My spiciest experience is when i try ramen when i was 13🌶👧.My cousin dare me to eat ramen noodle and i cried so hard😭😅🌶🥵🔥🌶🌡🛀.I nevr eat ramen ever again.Oh btw love your content and your art style😍💕🎨🖼👨‍🎨🐶

  29. I don't indulge in many spicy things but, once I was eating at a nice Japanese restaurant and ordered some shumai dumplings as an appetizer. They were served with a deceptive yellowish dip and I globed some on and took a bite. Turns out, it was wasabi and it was painful. My face flushed red like a cartoon character and I swear steam came out of my nose.

  30. I eat the spiciest thing in my life is Nasi Lemak, is a Malaysian food, many of Malaysian like it, but somehow i just can't stand its spicy, it make me wanna cry. Man, i just couldn't eat spicy food 🙁

  31. The spiciest thing that i've ever eaten was hot sauce because i never thought that it was just a sauce 😂 i put it on my food then i realized…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

  32. The spiciest thing I've ever eaten would be trying wasabi for the first time and Oh lord, I never bought wasabi ever since. (╥ω╥)

  33. The spiciest thing ive ever eaten was a Carolina reaper and it was the worst experience of my life I felt like I was eating magma and my entire body was engulfed in flames, and every time I breathed it got like 3x worse but it turns out you HAVE TO BREATH TO KEEP ON LIVING AND StUfF so I had to endure that for like an hour before it got a little better

  34. Literally any Korean soup is too spicy for me aha! But I'm a foodie and will continue to hurt myself anyway!

    Also Milo's head on your leg is just, the most precious <3

  35. Good job Ross!! 😀
    Hmm the spiciest food I have ever had? This is kinda hard because I like spicy food and I eat spicy stuff a lot so… Not really sure? Maybe cabbage soup from my brother… (In Czech Republic we make special one with chili and some sausages)… It's really good but my brother always puts so much chilli in it you can't even feel other flavors :DD

  36. When I was five or six, I wanted a pickle. So I helped myself to what I thought was going to be a yummy but small pickle…and screamed when I was met with fire in my mouth instead. I remember I had tears running down my face as I tried to drink something to get the fire to go away – water was of no help. Eventually, I drank from the milk carton and then retreated back to my room – never to tell an adult about what transpired because I wasn't supposed to be sneaking food. It was years later I realized I ate a jalapeno.

  37. One time my mom made a spicy chipotle soup. The recipe called for TWO chipotles but my mom misunderstood and put in two CANS of chipotles. Needless to say eating it was super painful but we kept trying to eat it since it was so delicious haha

  38. I remember this one time when i was over at my grandma's house and she cooked something for us(she really likes cooking spicy food :/) and i was dying from the chilis but i had to finish everything cause she was watching me eat😬😬

  39. The most spiciest thing I ever have eaten was a green pepper in Turkey, Urfa. I normally can eat very spicy food cause I grew up with a lot of spicy food.. but I didn't expect that the green pepper to be that spicy.. my mom ate it like it was candy.. I-.. I don't understand 🙁 😂

  40. I tried this chili pepper that my grandfather had grown in the garden one time and i- can still remember the pain

  41. The hottest thing I've eaten has to be….a jalapeño or something on accident. I hate spicy foods or anything hot so that was an experience for me. 😂😂😢

  42. My father once put some sauce he made on my sandwich… to his and my surprise I didn't even noticed anything nothing was hot lol, he said he put a lot of hot peppers in that sauce but I was somehow immune haha

  43. When I was 10 years old we had a chow day in school. (Chow is a snack we make and eat in Trinidad. 🇹🇹 It consists of a fruit that we chop up and then mix with salt, garlic, black pepper, lime and sometimes pepper). A boy brought Scorpion pepper chow (hottest pepper in the world at the time) and I ate some. Thankfully that day at school we were given free lollis (ice popsicles). I danced around restlessly till I got mine. I will never forget it.

  44. Hot chicken noodle from both china and korea together in a fiery combo. The dumbest and spiciest decision that I've made that I'll probably try again in the future just to burn creativity back into my artist block.

  45. The spiciest thing I ever ate was a tiny little piece of a habanero pepper. I know it seems lame, but that one bit set my mouth on FIRE!!!!

  46. The spiciest thing I ate was this bowl of really spicy ramen. I literally ate one mouthful, then I sat there and just held an ice cube in my mouth for like 10 minutes.

  47. PURE pepper sauce the most spiciest thing I've tasted.
    I don't comment often but this is a good excuse to tell this story (sorry for bad English)
    So me and my family were in a shawarma place and there were suaces in front of us. My uncle grab the "cheese" and put a little bit on his food then when he finnished putting the "cheese" I put a TON all over my shawarma, because I like cheese 😖 as I was putting it my uncle smriks didn't knew why at the time. Then I took a bite and it was sooo spicy I had to drink my whole drink and put a lot of mayo on my food to decrease the spice because the whole food is already covered, I thought it was cheese because it has the same color, my uncle had a good laugh.

  48. I went with my sister to eat a shawarma and she told me to put peper on it, I put too much and it got soo spicy i couldn't even talk for some minutes

  49. Is there anyway you could try to show me how to do digital art on my stylo 4.. Its the only thing i have for digital art. Its a gift and i cant afford a tablet of my own.. Thanks a bunch

  50. I made a naive mistake as a kid in 3/4th grade. I had sushi packed for lunch on a field trip and I ate the entire chunk of wasabi thinking it was avocado 🤦🏻‍♀️. I could feel the heat through my entire face and sinuses. I only had a little water and my juice pack was already consumed for a snack break prior

  51. Lmao I can't eat spicy things so the spiciest thing I've ever eaten is like some medium spicy curry tbh.

    Congrats! You survived! I'm sure you'll be at 1m soon! 💟

  52. First we feast has a sauce called "the last dab". That's probably the slickest I have eaten… have it in our fridge at home… might have to do this challenge… //David

  53. The spiciest thing i've ever eaten was that pepper that my friend gave me and said that it is actually sweet if I chew it enough. I never trusted him again 😀

  54. Ese ají repicante! xD 😂😂😂 y la inspiración de la pintura en tonos rojo 😝😜😝😂😂😂😂 ….a la final,un buen trabajo 👍😃

  55. boi, m spice tolerance is HELLA low, even though i eat a lot of spicy foods cuz i love the feeling. but honestly, everything is really spicy to me, but the spiciest thing i've eaten recently was the mapo tofu… when i forgot to ask for minimum spice.. haha.. lets say i didn't have a food time cuz it was a free dinner at work, and i ate it during my break :')

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