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  1. Hola Fran.

    Abrí mi cuenta de Patreon ( patreon.com/robertoacevesdiaz ) hace casi 5 meses y apenas tengo 4 patreons, todos ellos amigos míos que viven en mi misma ciudad.

    ¿Qué recomendaciones me puedes dar para incrementar mi cantidad de patreons y para que esté creciendo de una manera constante?

    ¡¡¡Gracias por tu generosa ayuda!!!

    Por cierto, fue justamente gracias al blog de Patreon que supe de ti y luego de tu canal de YouTube. Tu cuenta de Patreon y tu canal han sido mi inspiración y un modelo a seguir para mí. Me identifico mucho con tu visión y muchas de las cosas que has publicado en tu canal. (¡Incluso hasta he aprendido algunas expresiones chilenas!)

    ¡¡¡Muchas felicidades por tu cumple!!!

    Saludos a ti y a Ed desde Guadalajara, México.
    Con gran admiración.

  2. I love watching you and Ed just potter around the house, lol. Seriously, there is something so pleasurable and comforting about watching you two make coffee, eat together, pick up around the house, work on art, just everything. Gives me all the happy feels. 🙂 <3

  3. Estaba viendo el video y tenía una estación de música LoFi sonando en otra pestaña del navegador. Pensé que era el audio de fondo del video. XD pegaba bastante bien.

  4. Fran, if i could ask you,
    did you purchase your camera tripod from amazon? i'm looking for a cheap tripod where i can put my camera on

  5. Where do you bought the "light table" for tracing the drawings? I love it, and need it, it seems comfortable and useful 🙂

  6. Love the video! Your drawing is so pretty !
    Looking forward for your zine!
    Would you mind to tell how to design a zine?
    I would like to make my own zine too:)

  7. Hi! Do you print your own stickers for your shop, or do you reach out to another company to do that for you? I'm researching to create my own planner stickers, so I would love any info/help! ❤️ Your videos and art are lovely and they encourage me to do my own work!

  8. Fran Meneses Thank you Fran for sharing all the's moments with us. As for a patreon question, do you every feel anxiety/concerns/pressure in delivering different tier rewards to everyone each week? And how do you manage it and find a balance of what you can deliver? This is a big concern I have thats paralyzin me from beginning my patreon. The upkeep and timely manner of art output consistency. I don't want to flopped week and lose patreon/supporters. This kind-of covers youtube consistenty as well. Thank you Fran. You're like my independent artist guru! God bless!!

  9. Fran, ten cuidado con el consumo excesivo de té, ya que inhibe la absorción de hierro y calcio. Un pequeño consejo de una nutri-suscriptora. Amo tus vídeos 😆🌸

  10. Hey Fran! Do you think I can start a patreon even if I'm not an illustrator yet? What tips do you have for beginners? Thank a lot! love U ^^

  11. Patreon question! I've been thinking about taking that on eventually, but have been worried about taking on the extra work for patreons. I'm afraid I'd get overwhelmed trying to keep up with that and my normal work, how do you manage the balance?

    Also! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR!!! Your videos are always so wonderful, can't thank you enough for everything you do 😀

  12. Pleaaaaaaassssseeee I beg you 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😅😅😅😅😅😅👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽😊😊😊😊😌 do a video about your CATS they're adorable

  13. Hola Fran! Me encantan tus videos! Actualmente estoy trabajando full-time para pagar mis estudios de diseño gráfico y lucho por sacar adelante mis ilustraciones con el poco tiempo que me sobra. Amo tu trabajo y escucharte me da ánimos. Gracias!

  14. I always lobe watching your videos. <3 Its so dang inspiring whenever Im stuck and so unsure of myself when it comes to drawing. Thank you for making awesome videos. 🙂

    Happy almost 30th as well :p

  15. Your videos help offset the loneliness I feel sometimes as a foreigner! I'm chilean and I moved to the US, somewhere I never thought I would end up. I have my husband, who makes me incredibly happy every single moment of my day, but watching your videos or listening to your podcast sort of provide with the friends I haven't been able to make here 🙂 thank you!

  16. Hola Fran. Me encantan tus vídeos y tus ilustraciones son geniales. Me preguntaba, qué es Patreons y cómo funciona? Me da mucha curiosidad, Ed y tú siempre le agradecen a ellos al final de sus videos. Intenté investigar por google y me encontré con la página de Patreons, pero no entendí nada. Podrían explicármelo. Gracias. P.D.: Feliz cumpleaños (atrasado)

  17. you really are my inspiration. make a 100 hours video and i'll watch i really really love you and your work because you are so nice and candid i hope you upload some videos soon. take care yourselff :>

  18. Hola Fran!
    Me encantan tus vídeos y sobre todo tus dibujos, ya tengo Personas Favoritas! Me encantó el libro y las ilustraciones. Saludos desde Chile❤

  19. What were the podcasts you were listening to in the background? Also, I love your art and videos and voice and cats and pink hair and silly faces. Keep making all of that, please!

  20. I absolutely loved this low key video with you just working and sharpening your pencils and the beautiful mundane sounds! <3 beautiful

  21. Muchas gracias por este video Fran, eres una gran inspiración para mi, especialmente al ver que el proceso de trabajo como artista independiente es mas sobre trabajo constante y determinación que la magia misma. Eres un gran ejemplo a seguir 💜 Quería preguntarte que tipo de escaner utilizas porque mostró una calidad muy bonita incluso con los tonos suavesitos que elegiste para estos dibujos. Siempre es algo con lo que batallo mucho con mi escaner, especialmente con los tonos suaves que uso para pintar con acuarela. ¡Muchas gracias y saludos!

  22. Hello frannerd, your illustrations are wonderful. I like them very much.
    Would you mind aswering me a question that I ask myself for long time looking at some illustrations of you and some other illustrators like La dolce vita etc. Why are you and other illustrators painting the joints of the girls red or darker pink for example the ellbowes and knees? What is the reason for that , it always reminds me of rheumatic joints. Thank you for an answer and have a nice day!

  23. OMG! Ican't say how I love YOU! and your videos!! ♥ You are wonderfull girl and illustrator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww

  24. Hi Fran! I absolutely adore these types of videos you do; there's something so relaxing about watching somebody draw and colour things, and to see your process.
    I have a question, and I've searched high and low for the answer but couldn't find it so forgive me if you have mentioned it somewhere! I can see you're using an Epson scanner? Which one is it? I'm on the hunt for a new scanner but I'm not really sure where to start. Your one seems to give excellent quality scans, are you happy with it? The one I have is just sooooo old; the colours are never right even when I make adjustments. I thought it was time for an update!
    I also absolutely cannot WAIT to get your friendship book once it's out in English. It looks really fantastic and congratulations to you and Ed for creating something so amazing.

  25. Love your traditional illustrations so much! Please share your experience about drawing and coloring on photoshop or some painting program 🙂 Thank you Fran!

  26. Jajaj. Te puedo preguntar por qué tienes un frasco con agua siempre por los alrededores? No te vi usando acuarelas así que eso descartado jaja

  27. I think this was the inspiration I needed to ditch graphic design and follow my dream of being an illustrator. You make this look so fun and enjoyable. Thank you!

  28. As I started to watch this I was thinking, "should I have another cup of tea?" And then you gave me permission to hahahaha!

  29. Hey Fran. You work so hard! Great job on the planner.

    I have a small question though. Is that the Epson Perfection V 39 you're using? Thanks much!

  30. I really want to go to the HiFest!!!! Maybe I can book another flight to England just for it ;-; !!! It was nice seeing you work on the illustrations for it.

  31. ✨💖 That fran doll in the background is amazing! You need to find a way to mass produce those because they are so cute ! 💖✨

  32. Lo que adoro de ti como artista es el cariño que pones en todo el proceso, no son solo los dibujos… el arte, son los vídeos mostrando el "detrás de cámara" del artista creando y también de la persona que alimenta al artista, tus altos y bajos, entonces al arte no es solo arte, tiene un significado más subjetivo, la gente siente esta empatía, conexión y quiere formar parte de tu mundo. Eres un modelo a seguir para muchos. Como te habrás dado cuenta soy un gran seguidor más! Gracias por compartir tu mundo.

  33. Hi Fran, may I ask you to write what is the name and brand of the nail polish which you have in this video. It's gorgeous! I can't stop look at your nails while you drawing hahaha ;D

  34. I have one week left before I'm a full time freelance artist, so naturally I have many questions about what daily life in the studio will feel like. This video was a calming walk through, and I feel more confident about freelancing it!

  35. Hii:)☺️ what subjects did you do for A levels to be a children's book illustrator? Also do you have to study illustration at uni? I love your art😍 I have no clue what to do as A level subjects

  36. Fran, this is the first time I watch your videos. My husband and I LOVE drawing, we’ve been drawing for years and I never thought about making it into something to sell until about 4 months ago. My issue is all the digital stuff. I’m not tech savvy I don’t know the first thing about making my images vectors or png or whatever it’s called lol I have so many doodles that I would love to sell but I don’t know where to start. What do you recommend? I loved your video!

  37. This is one of my favourite videos where I see Fran just working 🙂 i sometimes put this on while working as well – motivation 💪

  38. No se porque me apareció el titulo en español y despues se cambio a ingles 🙁 pls hace un video en español <3

  39. i am a new subscriber and believe it or not, i love all of your vlogs. been watching it for three days now.

  40. Hi Fran, I fell in love with your videos recently and binge watch them whenever I get the chance! Could you maybe tell me what kind of extention do you have mounted on your tripod? I always have trouble shooting what I draw with my dslr, because I can't get it tilted enough! ( you can see what I am talking about at 0:30 seconds on the left) Thank you!!!!

  41. Hola! Fran, se que esun video viejito viejito, pero tengo preguntas de patreon… por ejemplo, si vivies en latinoamerica como yo, que vivo en Colombia aun no comprendo como es el asunto de obetener el dinero de tus patrocinadores… luego viene el asunto delos videos. son espaciales para patreon, diferentes a los de tu canal de youtube? que tiempo dedicas para enviar las recompensas de tus patrocinadores en patreon?

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