How long should you keep your phone?

How long should you keep your phone?

how long should you keep your phone I think that's a question that needs answering let's find out in this video coming up and let's go [Applause] so what is up guys Nick here helping you to master your technology and welcome to this video talking about how long should you keep your phone now I want to give a little bit of a few pointers before we get going number one it's pretty obvious that smartphone prices have been on their eyes specifically for high-end devices mid-range phones number two have gotten much better at much lower prices and number three more than ever phone upgrades are seemingly incremental so they don't seem like there's so much over like years past where every year was like the phone was getting so much better and so much better not to fully get the picture of how long you should actually keep a smart phone you need to understand what ages a smart phone first of all I would say the processor is going to age the phone fast as it is the engine that is driving this device and also processor technology is always advancing so they're getting a lot faster where you can keep the phones a lot longer but still this is gonna be the primary thing that will age the device as it does go on next up will be the battery life so battery life is definitely gonna age a phone as in you're not gonna be able to get as much battery life as you did when you first got it thankfully it's pretty easy to get a battery replacement these days although it will cost you sometimes $50 you know maybe $100 depending on where you do go but Apple implemented the battery health feature after the media was all on them about you know the battery issues they were having way back I think it was a couple years ago or a year or so ago and ever since then you can now monitor this on the iPhone specifically and you'll have to download some third-party apps on Android to get a similar feature but still battery life can be a problem that will aid your phone and if you don't care to get it replaced that might be something that makes you desire to get rid of and not keep your phone and lastly design now this is more evident on Android phones as Apple typically doesn't push the design too much they keep it similar for a few years which I kind of like cuz it keeps you feeling like your phone doesn't feel outdated super fast but with Android phones like like the pixel 3 for example doesn't really have design that most of the Android industry is following so you might feel like you have an outdated design if you're using and saying like a pixel 3 for example because of the bezel on the top and the bottom so it's a little more evident on Android devices but at the same time design is something that will aid your phone as well ok so the first one is software major operating issues like when it comes to daily use if your phone starts to get bogged down and it just becomes so slow it's just ridiculous then you probably should start considering an upgrade and not keeping that phone any longer now don't take this as I'm talking about this Huawei phone or the Samsung phone people think every time that I'm coming at the phone I'm holding in my hand when this is not a review of these phones this is a general topic here but if you ever experience software issues is definitely time to move on or system issues that just can't be rectified with update your phone's just bogging down really slow you should probably keep your phone after that so the next one is major battery issues now we talked about this a little bit but what I mean by this well I mean that you're not even making it through a full day with your smart phone number two you've replaced the battery and you still have battery issues on your smart phone well in that case I would say it's time to give it up and no longer keep the phone so when thinking about how long you should keep a phone I would say you might want to let it go if you have broken glass on your phone now hold on there's an easy solution if you have an iPhone you can take it to the Apple store they will replace the glass oftentimes with an older iPhone like the 6s sometimes they might just give you a replacement model if they're too busy no they don't want to deal with it but if you have an Android phone or even if you have an iPhone you might want to consider a third party option to get a little bit of a cheaper price but at the same time sometimes they put on non original parts not only in parts and then you have a worse screen quality than you had when you first cracked it so I know people that will actually once they crack their screen they're ready for a new phone and I don't blame you if you want to get a new phone after a screen does get cracked although there is solutions you have to really be careful about who's fixing your screen to get the right quality job done but sometimes even when the job is done correctly you'll lose features like I know somebody had an iPhone 8 they cry the screen took it to a third party place the fixed screens and they lost true tone and they had worse screen quality so you may no longer want to keep a phone once you have outgrown the size so this is the pixel three this is a pretty petite phone it's pretty small but you know some people bought it a lot of people bought that for that reason but if you end up outgrowing the size you might want a larger phone or maybe a six inch display more of an edge to edge style design and there's many phones out there that do offer such a thing including phones like the galaxy as 10-plus including phones like you know even the iPhone 10s max is a lot larger and the pixel four should be more of an edge to edge kind of phone that's coming out later this year or so so it might be time to upgrade if you've outgrown the screen size in Reverse if you have a larger phone and you want to downsize this also could be a good reason to upgrade and no longer keep that device so how long should you keep your phone when it comes to software well it's pretty simple once your software becomes outdated and the manufacturer is no longer supporting that phone anymore giving you software updates you probably shouldn't keep your phone further than that most Apple users buy iPhones because they get these updates a lot same goes for Android with the pixel users they know they're gonna get guaranteed updates for a very long time once your software is no longer be an update or that phone becomes irrelevant to the company they're not really pushing out many software major releases then you know you might want to consider upgrading no longer keeping that device to ensure that you're getting a phone that's not going to be left behind you definitely want to take a look at the mid to high end devices because most of those are the ones that will be supported the lower end stuff usually is the stuff that gets left behind so how long should you keep a phone when it comes to storage well if you're getting by pretty easily and you're managing your storage and it's not becoming too much of a nuisance I would say keep it as long as two to three years but if every other month you got to go and manage your storage I wouldn't even consider keeping that phone anymore because it just becomes a headache you know when you get more storage on a phone it's just smart phone freedom you just do not care or even think about it anymore and you could just use your phone at will this goes for laptops as well tablets as well any product that uses storage on it if it got low storage it's gonna be on your mind and it's just a headache I don't think it's worth it for most people so really pay attention to the storage you're gonna get on your phone or you won't be keeping it too long how long should you keep a phone in terms of the camera well to the point where you start seeing I don't like the way those photos look and for a lot of people I I feel like a lot of people keep expecting smartphone cameras to be as good as actual cameras and they have not gotten there so oftentimes I'll see people complaining about the smallest little detail like oh that's a little bit too hazy there's a little bit too blurry not realizing that that phone still makes a way better photo than phones of years past and we didn't even talk much about them back then but as smartphone manufacturers market these cameras to be some of the best you can have ever and they don't live up to the hype you might be considering an upgrade sooner than you probably thought so really pay attention to the camera quality when you do buy a smartphone if you do care a lot about taking photos so how long should you keep your smartphone as a phone well this one is quite easy I've had pretty great experience with the phone call quality and reception and latest Samsung's but I haven't been too happy with the reception I've been getting onto these iPhone 10s 10s max I think because of those Intel modems it actually is noticeable and I would put connectivity of your mobile data as well in here so this is something you really want to pay attention to as well it can make or break your experience and the worst thing that none of these phones really offer is when somebody says they cannot hear you on the other end and when that becomes an issue then you probably should start thinking about getting a different phone or how long you should keep it but I would say if you have good phone call quality and reception well there's not really a time limit on how long that phone shall last unless you start getting issues where you get breaking up calls and stuff like that but if it keeps working well there's really no time limit on this section so I have one for you people asked how long should I keep my phone but don't think about are you just tired of using it like I think this is a valid point or you just tired of using an iPhone for example are you just sick and tired of using a samsung phone you'll want to go to a pixel where you want to go to an iPhone this is a valid point I think that really dictates how long someone might keep a smartphone but I would say buy the phone that you really think you're gonna enjoy play with them before you buy them if you aren't able to and if you're not make sure you're really enjoying it in that return window so if you don't you can return it and get something that you know you will actually enjoy so in conclusion what's so awesome about the smartphone market these days is that it's grown to a point that no matter which phone that you want it probably exists it's probably been created from an edge-to-edge phone to a phone with a punch hole display to a phone that has the Apple logo on the back to a phone that has customization a beautiful most beautiful display you can buy on a smart phone to a phone that has some of the best camera quality you're ever gonna find on a smart phone to a phone that has some amazing zooming capabilities in the huawei devices there's just there's an option for pretty much everyone out there but how long you keep a phone and how long you should keep a phone will be predicated on a few simple factors and most of them we mentioned in this video and that is processor longevity battery longevity how much you actually enjoy using that phone and if you can maintain its condition also software updates all of those should allow you to keep a phone I think easily for three years after that your phone will look older it will look a little bit dated and you'll have to decide do you want to go to distance you want to go five you want to go six seven eight years if you really want to push it you should be able to but if you do this make sure you get a high storage capacity that will grow with you throughout the years if you guys found this video helpful entertaining and forming do me a favor click that like button for me question for you when do you upgrade a smart phone or smart phone loving humans I always want to get the latest and greatest it seems like but not everybody's the same so I really want to know your take how long should we keep a phone give us an answer give us your answer below Nick here helping you to master your technology thank you very much for watching be sure to be well and peace

27 thoughts on “How long should you keep your phone?”

  1. How long should you keep your phone? With the advancements in innovation and increases in price, this question is more important than ever, let's discuss it here in this video! Let's gooo!!

  2. I upgrade phones when I have money for a new one, when my old one is damaged/lost. Or when the software no longer works sufficiently

  3. In January I bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 New for 400 € at Media Markt and I'm thrilled. I think it's only a pity that Samsung only 2 years updates for their devices.

  4. Your high-end Phone should last you a few years. Unless you are a photographer or videographer. That feels the latest camera tech is worth the upgrade. In that case you’ll have new phone but the same iOS and/or Android Experience.

  5. I had my first proper phone (Windows) for a year, then my second phone (Android) for a year and a half, now it’s been a year and a half with my iPhone so i was planning for two years lol but I think I’ll hold on to it as long as I can.

  6. I upgraded from a Windows phone (total waste of money) to OnePlus 6 last year. I am gonna use it for another 2 year at least, maybe more. Let's see how it goes.

  7. I think for people who can't afford to buy a new phone every year should upgrade every 3-5 years. Depending on issues that they are experiencing.

  8. My S8 is starting to have some slow and lag issues and pretty flaky Wifi connection so I'm debating whether I should upgrade or not.

  9. I upgrade the standard every 2 years but now I feel that companies all around arent making the phone upgrades worth it anymore. Especially with the high price ranges of a smartphone now. I'm gonna upgrade a final time this year and wait 3-4 years until I see something I like.

  10. I keep my phone until it is broken or becomes unusable. I recently changed to a Nokia 6.1 after I dropped my Moto X pure/style

  11. A phone should last at least 2 years until your phone becomes laggy , unresponsive , unsatisfactory and having bad battery life .
    I had Htc one m8 since 3 years , it working fine when I bought it , but in the last year it became bad in terms of battery life performance , I tried pubg mobile in that phone it was so much laggy , but compared to a cheaper huawei y9 2019 everything is just fine and perfect , it's running pretty smooth and having amazing battery life .

  12. I have an iPhone SE 16gb currently, it was first bought for my sister in 2016 but given to me in 2017. Currently I’m planning on buying the Samsung Galaxy A50 64gb in the next few days! This is because well I’m starting to be more interested by Samsung and it’s features and glory, my iPhone has taken some falls, not too fast with 2-3 minor chips and the screen came loose a little in one corner which allowed for tea tree oil to seep in making more than my half of my screen blueishwhite tones, it has also randomly shut down on me before with glitches and freezing and I hate that I have to clear my storage at least once a month. I think a phone should last at least 3-4 years minimum:))

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