How to Add Featured Image Slider?

How to Add Featured Image Slider?

hello everyone today I'll be showing you how to add featured image slider this is image slider is there only in our premium or proteins first we need to log in to our dashboard again then go to appearance customize don't we load all the customize options select click use slider you'll see M LLC to slather on you need to select either Fontes or anti side as per you need let's select one piece this is leather effect where you can select various effects plans and delays to answer named loop if one continuous or moral image Laura if you want to wait for you miss all image to load or not then in the select style tab you will see the demo slider post page category and email a let's select the featured image slider after that it will load like number of slides you can change this to more if you want then you will see the image uploaded section here which is like what the select and then you can either upload image by clicking an upload files select files let's upload this one we can give the cited image title this will work great for effuse Tuesday's then if you want to put the link you can add the link if you want link to open the new window then click on it if you don't want then you can leave it and give a slider title that says slider wall you should put the W so tightly if you don't want to saw the tile you can leave it empty same with the content slider one content it was the same way if you want then you'll need to add in let's upload another image you can either upload or select on the current media library this time let's select for the current media library choose Kimmie's then that's key let's not give anything and check it out save and publish now you can see your site yeah well slider one which has the title content and the link if you click on link you opening new top windows and the celerity see there is no link and text and content because you haven't added that so it is all about featured image sliders thank you

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  1. I don't understand cause you have 5 options on SELECT SLIDER TYPE( demo featured slider – featured post slider – featured post slider – featured page slider – featured category slider – featured image slider), and I have 2 option .

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