How to Clean and Maintain a Paintbrush With Lye Soap

Hi this is Dwayne Siever with Real Milk Paint and today I want to talk to you about brush care. So after you’ve finished using your milk paint with your oval brush these are good quality brushes you want to keep for a long time so you want to take care of them the best way to take care of them is
with lye soap. Lye soap does a great job of cutting the milk paint and conditioning
your brush so in this little kit here you have everything you need to wash, clean, and care for your brush. So first thing you are going to do is of course get some hot
water out and some soap and rinse out your brush. Get the soap in there real nicely. Work that in your brush. We just got done using the brush just a few minutes ago. Make sure it’s all the way out of it. Lye soap is not going to bubble a whole lot while you’re brushing so don’t expect that. That’s not how lye soap works. Squeeze out your excess water. Shake your brush off. Now you can see the fiberson your brush are flaying out a little bit. As your brush is drying you want to keep them pulled in tight. That’s where the rest of your your kiit comes in.
You’re gonna take that cover that came around your lye soap and fold it like that and wrap itaround your brush. Take the string that also came with your lye brush. Wrap that around here and tie. You’re good so this is your brush and
you put it away. Let it sit somewhere where it can air out. That keeps your bristles dry and keeps your bristles tight and condition to your brush. So visit For all your needs and Real Milk Paint. Thank you.

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