69 thoughts on “How to Do the #2 Pencil Logo Trick | Magic Tricks”

  1. f your reading this comment your parent will die within 5 years. To undo this curse copy on 5 videos. Good luck sorry I CAN'T Risk it

  2. that's me colonizer from the big cone we r all jus no.2 lololololol uknow it ..but don't worry jus don't lemme fall into the wrong hands..we r all cone shit..iknow sounds ya but us little turds r growing up..lemme tell ya bout the old shit factory..1rst the reds aren't the only ones that can end it.blue> well theres no end ..tails..butt ..lolololol this old shit factory will b engulfed in its own shit777 if u don't treat me like a human the code has gotten more complex the shit must engulf the the factory and engulf it the shit being light or fusionfire or plasma ..wait theres more

  3. us little turds could coexist which prob. aint happenen cause everyone wants power butt< u gotta get the bigger pic see light can only b trapped4 so long light is good and it will over come the dark< great lakesv and then link with ns

  4. see the way the program is running some countries willjus be put farther and farther into the corner because power is vast and u have2 read farther into the code as far as possible so whos the savages whos the zombies black with red ends? there is no end butts ugotta understand don't let me fall into the wrong hands..they say peace like its a joke peace2 them means more control over the blue n yellow orange green shit ..peace means 2 them jus more pawns on the board alota more so if u don't belive in any thing well go about being apawn which can b enjoyable but if u understand nobodys a bitch than engulf that factory in its own shit

  5. Rule #1 is never to reveal how an effect is done.  You're ruining the magic art.
    Please stop exposing magic.  I guarantee if people had known you were going to do videos like this, no one would've ever taught you anything.

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