How to draw 72 eyes in different styles

How to draw 72 eyes in different styles

100 thoughts on “How to draw 72 eyes in different styles”

  1. Oh my Gosh! I just started learning how to draw and your videos are so funny, unique and inspirational! 😀 Thanks a lot man! Keep on your hard -and fun- work! 😀

  2. Your channel is so refreshing! Having a drawing block for weeks now, watching your videos is a step to a new start!

  3. I've found your channel yet and I've learnt a lot of things from you in seconds, thank you very much!

  4. One of the best 7:39 minutes videos I have watched on YouTube – Will show this to my daughter (cant wait to watch the nodes vid…)

  5. i have been very bad at drawing eyes (other the manga and powerpuff styles) thank you very much i think this helped 

  6. Haha I laugh at every single u draw becahse you can even create different characters using eyes only! I like it! I'm not a cartoon drawer but a Manga or Anime drawer so it's kinda amazing for me!

  7. i came across your channel a few minutes ago…a few minutes into this video and i love it! this is so helpful thank you!

  8. That was very informative. I've always had trouble drawing character's eyes. I just can't seem to find a style that fits the rest of my drawing. Now I'll go try a few of these. Thank you

  9. This helped sooo much. I had to do a project and I couldn't draw eyes as well as I can now. Thank you so much for making this video. I'm gonna check out some other ones and subscribe to you. Thanks again,
    -Random Girl

  10. I actually find drawing eyes on the side more easier cause it takes away the stress of making the other eye symmetrical

  11. Reptile eyes are always beautiful, and they carry so many deep connotations for the story-oriented artist too. Behind those sharp, cold slits is an enigmatic wise-man, a misunderstood hero, a bitter destroyer of worlds, a tortured soul, and an insane tyrant all at once. It is always an intense and provocative pupil, to be taken always seriously or beheld thoughtfully at all times.

  12. You’re adorable, was looking for different styles I could draw on my doll repaints/faceups, found you! So fun to watch and listen ♥️

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