How to Draw a Cat – Sketch of a Cat

How to Draw a Cat – Sketch of a Cat

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and
I am very glad to see you again. Today we will sketch a cat. As you saw, we start by doing
the general shape of the head and then the eyes…
our cat will be upside down. The pupils…
and I correct the shape of the eye, which is more like this. We draw the shape of the nose,
mouth and face. Then the general shape of the paws. We detail a little bit better.
I have been using a mechanical pencil with an HB lead. The full list of materials
is in the information bellow the video. We mark some reflections
before shading the eyes. Let´s draw the lower part darker
so as to show the round shape of the eye. We do the shading of the face
with vey short strokes, so as to deliver the texture
of the hair. And we continue in the same way
with the legs, I will only draw well
the front ones. The rest I will leave
with only a line. With this type of shading
you can deliver a very soft texture. We do the last details
to be ready! Please let me know in the comments
what do you think about it. And if you enjoyed it
please give it a LIKE! and subscribe to this channel
…and I will see you on Tuesday.

100 thoughts on “How to Draw a Cat – Sketch of a Cat”

  1. Isn't the eye shadows wrong, when the cat is upside down? the light must come from the top or side. correct me if im wrong 🙂

  2. Översättning wonderfully sweet kitty, you are incredibly talented and inspiring. this video has an unnecessarily fast pace. prefer when you take it easier with a little more guidance.

  3. i know but i don't have a lot of time i'm ethier watching fine art tips or i don't wan't to do drawing then but someday i will become an artist

  4. Had to stop by to watch ur amazing vid, your the best as always love your style! I like to use me led pencils, they are great for details.

  5. How to Draw a Cat 
    Как Нарисовать Кошку Карандашом
    Як Намалювати Кішку Олівцем

  6. Thank you so much for your lovely comments! (Note: I did this drawing and video in a week where I flew from Moscow to Kiev, then went to Kharkov, delivered a lecture in the State University of that city and had many meetings, went back to Kiev to set up future art events and I'm packing to fly to London!) Your comments are very refreshing 🙂

  7. Oh thank you, Leonardo, for your tutorials and help. Without your support I wouldn't have believed in myself. And now I see that my skills really increased!

    and my knowledge of English is very low
    I hope you liked in Russia and Ukraine

  8. Wow! Amazing, would have loved it if the fur had a little more shading to it, thus giving it more texture and depth

  9. hello sir ……ur tutorials are very instructive and easy to understand……..i seen lots of them and improved……..the only thing i want to ask is while i draw light shapes or strokes my hands shake so the lines are also disturbed…..and then i have to constantly keep erasing them …….plz suggest me how to correct this…….thank you

  10. 0:58 Then the "genital shape of the paws." Sorry just had to say it. I LOVE your videos and they have tremendously improved my skills.

  11. Hey i am 12 years old and i have just started my own drawing channel pls chek it out and give some feedback hope to see you on my channel

  12. That is your opinion that gives rather pointless feedback, one only needs to scroll through all the comments to see his videos do help people and I know these videos help me in many ways not just to draw but to appreciate life a little more than I normally would.

  13. @immaorezz Can you spell like a human being or are you some kind of mutant with giant hands its THE not DE go back to grade 1

  14. I had to pause this video around near the end to draw my two cats Evelyn and Akira from memory. They are the best cats I have ever drawn(looks-wise) but still don't look as good as the one in the video XD oh well. Maybe someday….

  15. Im 11 and I love your art work, although i tried to draw this cat i still failed and i paused every second to get the detail, i dont understand how to sketch the fur… This video is too amazing for anyone to redraw! AMAZING!!!

  16. I absolutely love your tutorials! You're an amazing artist and I love how you share your passion with the rest of us. You've actually taught me a lot of useful techniques that I didn't even know existed. I can't wait for Tuesday again!

  17. Rlly nice but it kinda seems unfinished, I mean if the cat Is on a pillow at least show it and if ur showing the other body parts of the cat then why not add more detail? Idk how to do that stuff myself that's why I'm asking xD

  18. Hello, It would be great if you could give me some advice. I love your work but I wondered how could I adapt it so it had ears on show? Thxs

  19. How do I stop from smuging my sketch with my hand when I'm drawing?? The side of my pinky finger gets covered with lead from pencil

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