How to draw BTS if you can’t draw for sh*t

How to draw BTS if you can’t draw for sh*t

*Epic intro* Excuse me~~ Hello. Today we are trying to draw BTS. Keyword being trying lol. Enjoy. Let’s start with none other than our golden hyung Hobi, because he is probably the most complicated to draw. J-Hope’s most noticeable feature is his big smile that can make any child stop crying and cure cancer. So I’m of course starting off by drawing his ears because logic. Now we draw the long face, let’s not forget to add a neck and hair to this beautiful masterpiece. As you can tell it’s already looking quite realistic. Now his eyes that of course are closed because he is smiling. Now it’s time for that big smile we all know with his pearl white teeth. Perfect. Now we go on to Jungkook. His signature features are his cute teeth and big eyes. So I’m starting by drawing his teeth of course. And a cute little nose. Then his big eyes. And apparently I can’t draw a circle to save my life. Oh well, third time’s a charm right? Here I’m trying to draw those deep anime looking eyes. Nailed it. Let’s not forget eyebrows and his ears and done. Next up is my reason to live and my sole oxygen supply in this world also known as Jimin. Jimin is easy, you just have to focus on his soft cheeks and you should be fine. I’m gonna start with the face this time. Now we go on to the eyes and I apparently didn’t learn from Jungkook that I can’t draw anime eyes so that’s what we are gonna do. That’s… still pretty shit let’s be real. Now we are gonna make his cute little cheeks because that shit’s important. Lastly we finish off with a mouth. Now that’s pretty damn accurate if you ask me. Now it’s RM’s turn, another easy one. Here we have to look at his eyes, mouth and dimples. For the love of God don’t forget the dimples. Because that’s where BigHit hide all their secrets. First a face. And we can’t leave him naked of course. Now I’m moving on to the mouth and those deep, deep dimples. That I apparently can’t draw either. Lastly the eyes. Eggcellent. (I’ll see myself out) Next in line is our worldwide handsome mister Seokjin himself. Here we really have to focus on the whole face but especially those plump lips and thick eyebrows. We are of course starting off with the lips. And they really have to be plump enough to be a member of the Kardashians okay. On to the eyes. And that’s just terrifying. *ChimChimTrash having a mental breakdown* Well we are just gonna make the eyebrows so big you won’t notice his eyes. Perfect. Now the face and some hair. And I actually forgot Jin’s most important feature. His broad ass shoulders. No, that’s not enough. Perfect, that’s our world wide shoulders as we know him. Next up is V. What we have to focus on here is his box smile and practically closed eyes. Let’s start with the smile. And this is a case of go big or go home. On to his eyes, the rest of the face, and a cute nose. We finish with adding some hair and done. Finally we have Suga, and he is honestly the easiest one to draw. We have to focus on his mouth that’s basically a straight line and closed eyes Because we are gonna draw Suga doing what he loves the most Sleeping Again we start off with the face and this really does not need to be perfect. Now it’s time for the mouth. Great. Finally we draw the eyes and there you go, a perfect replica. There we have it, a true masterpiece. I honestly see no difference. I hope this helped. Though let’s be real it probably didn’t. But you are welcome anyway.

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  1. For those of you who got the Deadpool reference in the thumbnail, I love you ❤️
    Edit: sorry for making J-Hope into a horse, I have realized it's very insensitive, I won't make J-horse jokes in the future because the last thing I want to do is offend anyone. Hobi is a handsome individual that we should appreciate because he is too good for this world and we don't deserve him tbh.
    Edit again: I made another video drawing J-Hope:

  2. Awww jimin looks like a cute potato.
    Jungkook looks like a easter bunny.
    And I don't want to say but suga looks like a poop.
    Sorry if you don't like.if my english is bad you can reply me cause I'm a nepali and an army.

  3. I’m watching this at 2am and trying not to laugh so my parent don’t think there’s a demon in their house

  4. At the end i looked at both the pics closely together and saw no difference ethier xD but 2019 anyone?? Just me,okay ;-;

  5. i hater yoye disdfgustukncg rateee yu darweene not darw forefwnite i wahbst6n fortnite you speiuwgyce of rottee n jwtu8h8urwqiopqe thank u dfujn

  6. Wow this is too beautiful

    When ur bias/baby’s are growing up and u just have to have
    Memories of them before they are an actually adult 😭😭😭😭😪😪😪
    Also I love it 💜💖💜💖💜💖💕💕💕

  7. Haters of BTS: Ew i hate your box smile V. It's disgusting
    Taehyung: Shut up or i will eat you with my big ass mouth

  8. My grandma thought that I'm crazy bcz I start to laughing so hard🤣 hahahhahahhahahahah

  9. "….because that's where BigHit hide all their secrets" no even his dimples are pure don't blame them 😂

  10. I'm sorry but it's not funny especially with j-hope :/
    You should know that this kind of "jokes" is offensive cause he personally said he doesn't like to be called like this so for me it just looks disrespectful
    I'll probably never understand why people are so rude to my precious boy
    Why is it so hard for them to just think about what if they're hurting other's feelings
    This jokes were created by a bunch of stupid haters and bts fans should ignore them not repeat them over and over again cause they are never supposed to be funny

    I know you already changed your opinion and I respect it
    Just wanted to write this as a reminder for others

  11. This is so offenssive. Yeah, you could tell this is a joke, but this shows how much you respecto BTS as people, if they see this, i'm sure they won't take this as a joke

  12. I don't know shoud I be angry or not but for now I won't be angry at you ChimChim becouse I only can draw worse 😅

  13. me while watching the video:I'm literally having a mental breakdown.
    me after looking at my previous drawings:nevermind me.

  14. me while watching the video:I'm literally having a mental breakdown.
    me after looking at my previous drawings:nevermind me
    when you think it couldn't be worse and accidentally see your drawing

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