How to Draw Cartoon Animals : How to Draw Dinosaurs

How to Draw Cartoon Animals : How to Draw Dinosaurs

Hi, we’re cartooning today and we’ll be drawing
a whole vast array of animals, mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, what have you. Now we’re going
to concentrate on a certain breed of animal that lived a long long long time ago. And
say I were to draw a long neck and a little body. I don’t know, what is that? Can you
tell me? Well I am going to draw, as you see it looks a little bit similar to an elephant.
Some legs. We’ve got a Brontosaurus or a Brachiasaurus or any kind of long neck dinosaur that you
can think of. A very popular dinosaur, which I know, a lot of people its they’re favorite.
He’s got a long mouth, he’s got tons of pointy jagged teeth. He’s got this thing gong on,
which is his head. He’s got little bitty arms, he’s got big powerful legs, and he’s got a
long tail himself. And that is my Tyrannosaurus Rex. Dinosaurs have a lot scalier skin, so
what we would do for fur? We would have these little jagged lines when it comes to mammals.
Dinosaurs have scales. And you can just draw and signify that by doing that. And also I’m
going to draw some little spinies right on the end of that tail. Tyrannosaurus Rex…roar!

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  1. People! Stop saying he sucks! You can clearly see the words "How to draw CARTOON animals". I don't know if you people have brains capable of holding such 5 words, but cartoon doesn't mean it has to be a Da Vinci work of art – it even SHOULDN'T. And if you people think you're better, make a video response to prove your "awesome" drawing skills, instead of just bragging how could you are! Good job, Daniel brissel!!!!!!!

  2. Tf is this buffoonery, in here at 2017. Only found this video bc I was in credit recovery for my art class, smh.

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