65 thoughts on “How to draw/color a realistic colorful eye with colored pencils | Step by Step”

  1. It's very nice it's not coming words it's more than marvelous there is no word for u and this art

  2. i am really waiting for the tutorial of this eye as i want to draw the eye because this eye is really colorful and different from other eyes.Thanks a lot for this video and asusually your drawings are amazing and wonderful.

  3. Can you do a tutorial on how to draw straight and curly hair but with a pencil? I know you did one using color pencils but it would mean a lot if you could do another using black pencils only💕

  4. I am really glad that you take your time while doing the video. Showing each color on the side as you go is very helpful. Thank you so much.

  5. very beautiful drawing …it's easy ..I also draw this pic ..thanks a lot .i am just fan ur drawing and u..thanks a lot …my favourite hobby is drawing and ur job is very cool….

  6. I love it . I was just thinking of such arts . Now, you really read my mind. But I always wised to ask you about where this creativity comes from . I wish I could draw such like you.

  7. Outstanding tutorial, the eye, (which is one of my favorite things to draw, as it's the most colorful part of the body) looks amazing! I sometimes tend to rush my drawings and don't layer enough or as much as I should and the painting suffers for it, more patience is needed as you so eloquently put it.😎👍

  8. Excellent tutorial!! i am learning so much from you. you make it look as possible. sometimes I watch the entire video, just to take notes, and later on the same day I do my own, by pausing the video on and off. I can't find words to express my gratitude . Thank you Emmy!!

  9. You won't believe me but it's actually my eye 🙂 I am very flattered that you decided to draw it, thank you! <3
    Made this eyes make-up back when I was into Sweet Lolita fashion, to match one of my dress (sugary carnival).

  10. the words not capable of describing the internal beauty and she is describing differently by way of drawing it.

  11. Your tutorials are super handy to listen to and I'm always watching what pencil your using next I'm hooked on your techniques, it's helped me a whole lot because I'm always trying to sort out in my mind how and what to do next thanks heaps

  12. I love this tutorial and how you talked through each step and listed the supplies. I love your work and have learned so much.💕

  13. That was amazing to watch. your iris and pupil knit together with the reflection of the light in the eye was so perfect. Thank you for sharing this. It is just beyond realistic. Thank you again.

  14. Echt zo super prachtig hoe je tekent en alles zo duidelijk uitlegt! Ik leer veel van jou! Ik heb een vraag als het mag?!
    Heb je een reden waarom je je referentiemateriaal niet laat zien in je tutorials?
    Ik heb gemerkt dat als ik de referentie foto bij een tutorial zie dat ik daar nog beter van leer nl. Zeker met het opbouwen van de lagen snap ik dan beter waarom er voor bepaalde kleuren wordt gekozen. Mvg Brenda

  15. I’m going to a new school and I’m going to do art. I’m going to show my teacher your videos when we get to the photorealistic unit!

  16. Hey Emmy… I am tired searching "How to make Eyelashes" but i don't find any appropriate videos… So i wanted to ask u would u make a tutorial video on how to make realistic eyelashes

  17. Странно ты как то рисунок начинаешь с одной точки (глаз),не от пятна в общем. Хотя я вижу,что предварительно у тебя контур наброшен. ))

  18. Love this video. Signing up for your Patreon at the beginning of the month. Love the way you add all the color names. Thank you!

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