How to Draw Easy Cartoons – Nail Polish Tutorial Cute + Stylish Fun2draw Kawaii

How to Draw Easy Cartoons – Nail Polish Tutorial Cute + Stylish Fun2draw Kawaii

hey everyone this is Mei Yu the creator
of fun2draw today is going to be fun to draw a cute nail polish bottle and
she’ll be part of my fun2draw kawaii drawings playlist the link to that is at
the end of this video first I’ll start with the top part of the handle with a really skinny oval
okay will draw two lines down and make the
bottom curved to make it a cylinder yeah and to make the handle of shiny let’s draw
two more lines inside for a big long highlight
now for the bottle I’ll draw two short lines coming out and then i’ll draw the rest it’s going to be kind of like a square
sheet with rounded corners put a cute little
mouth right there it’s pretty low in the face and give her
some big fun2draw eyes I’m starting with a leaf shaped like
that and I’ll do one more curve and if you’re one of the viewers have been
requesting for this please let me know in the comments below she’s looking back at you this big
people and a big highlight ok we’re almost at let’s add some nice and what’s your favorite color of nail
polish let me know in the comments below mine’s pink ok so we have one big
finisher I done let’s get the other side so again leaf shaped like that and then another ok yeah yeah yeah now what would make this cute nail
polish worried what do you think please share your ideas with us in the
comments below I’ll draw my idea coming up in the extra to make the bottle look shiny I’ll just
bad some little shapes on top for the
highlight there we go I’m glad lots of you viewers have
purchased my fun2draw apps and that you draw it from them these apps are the only places where
you’ll see how I would draw and color never-before-seen fun to draw characters
they’re like your very own portable our teacher they make great holiday and birthday
gifts links to download my apps are in the video description below if you want
to find out more about my apps you can see my fun2draw app intro video
that videos link is coming up now

100 thoughts on “How to Draw Easy Cartoons – Nail Polish Tutorial Cute + Stylish Fun2draw Kawaii”

  1. I think your drawings are asome and by the way I'm actuly a little girl my mom changed my computer in to her account.

  2. my favorite color of nail polish is pink,orange,purple,blue and the nail polish would be worried by getting used

  3. وااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااو

  4. Bblluuee😍😍😍👤🧢🦋🐟🐬🐳🐋🥣🎽🚙🚎🏙🌃💎💎💙💙💙💙💙

  5. I remember watching your videos all the time and learning to draw until I went out of state and when I came back my mom threw about 100 of my drawings that i drew learning from you. I used to draw all the time from age 4 to 8 but I’ve stopped since I turned 9. Right now I am 13 going into 8th grade. 😭

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