How To Draw Shopkins Kooky Cookie Step By Step Easy

How To Draw Shopkins Kooky Cookie Step By Step Easy

Wow my drawing turned out super cute! I love it. Love it. Love it. Hi friends! It’s me Jazzy Puppet! Today we are going to draw shopkins! Guess which one we’ll draw? Pick me! Pick me! You can even use this brand new Lippy Lips Eraser! We’re going to make Kooky Cookie! Hooray! Let’s get drawing! Say, “Hello” to Princess Pink! She always wears pink gloves. Pink Pink. She’s going to help us draw today! First we’re going to use a bowl to make the circle. Then we’ve got to make the cookie bite. Mmmm! Three little bumps and three little bumps. Then draw a little line to connect the little bumpy parts. So easy! Let’s use the new Lippy Lips eraser to erase the line! Now draw her cute little smile. It’s super cute. Super cute. Super cute. Make one little tooth. Super cute. Now we’re going to draw two ovals for the feet. They look like little eggs. Eww I messed up a little bit. I’m going to use my eraser and make it nicer. I can’t see. I can’t see. Make me some eyes please! She needs some eyes. All you have to do is make two little rainbows. And then after you have the rainbows you give them one little eyelash. So cute! Super cute. Super cute. Super cute. Draw a tiny little C for the nose and two little rainbows for the eyebrows. Draw some little C’s for the hands and some little ovals for the yummy yummy yummy chocolate chips. Chip chip chip chip chip chip! MMmm! No go around your circle and make it wavy like a cookie! Super cute! Super cute! Now it’s time to trace Kooky Cookie with a black marker. Trace trace trace. Hey! You drew me! Cool! Let’s get this cookie colored! Time to color the yellow! Oh there’s lots of yellow! Hehehe I’m cute! Super cute! Super cute! Little pink feet. I love pink! Pink pink pink pink Now let’s color the smile. Hehehe cute. Super cute! Super cute! Chocolaty chips. Color them up! Mmmm Chocolate! We’re going to do some shading. That’s where you color a little bit darker on one side. Now we’re going to do some highlighting That’s where you color a little bit of white on the opposite side. It makes the picture look so cool! Almost 3D! She’s done. Hooray! I love her! Wow my drawing turned out super cute! Super cute! Super cute! If you want to watch more Shopkins videos with Jazzy Puppet click the box up there! I had so much fun! If you want to be my friend and play with me all of the time and draw more shopkins don’t forget to click subscribe! And we can be friends! That would be so awesome! I hope that you have a beautiful day friends! Remember to always be kind! Bye!! Super cute! Super cute! What?? Super cute! Super cute! What the? Super cute! The Cookie is going wild! Hehehehe Super cute! Super cute!

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  5. Great video! Your an amazing artist!!! If you do any more of these in the future? Can u draw the watermelon shopkin from season 1 she's my favorite! Who's your favorite shopkin?

  6. cooking cookies my favorite shocking character you know why because I have a cookie pencil top and put the key is so cute and I love cookies and I've been seen a million times I just seen your cute face and everything I just said that was my favorite shopping character of them all all of them to season 1 to season whatever I don't know if it's season 4 and season 5 he tell me Jackie
    Jazzy Pepent puppet

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