How to Hang Pencil Pleat Curtains – Woodyatt Curtains

How to Hang Pencil Pleat Curtains – Woodyatt Curtains

Hi this is Ashley from Woodyatt Curtains an
today we’re going to do a demonstration video on how to hang some pencil pleat curtains.
I’ve taken these curtains straight out of the packet. We always recommend if you look
on the inside of the curtain tape you can see some ironing instructions, to follow those
clearly and lightly iron any creases straight out before going to the next step. Ok so the
next job is to Knott off one end at the top of the curtain. If you don’t knot of one end
you could potentially pull all of the cords through which will ruin the curtain tape and
you will pretty much have to stitch it back on so its very important that you knot this
of properly. Pull these out, pull them out right from the end. If you hold all three
together and then pull the tape up slightly. Its a little bit easier if you twist the cords
together, an then all you need to do is a simple knot. Do a nice big loop and then pull
the remainder of the cord through. Then once you have knotted it off you can tuck it in
between the tape & curtain. The next step we need to know is what is the finished width
of each individual curtains. This is really straight forward. They are a pair of curtains
so one on each side, so the width you need to pull the curtains up to is from the centre
of the pole we’ve got here to the edge of where the finial is. So basically where the
curtain is going to cover. So for example this one would be 115cm so that’s what we
need to pull the curtains up to. All curtains are double gathered. This one is 229cm so
we’re going to pull up the heading tape on this now so its 115cm so it will then fit
the curtain pole. Right ok so you need to go to the other end, you’ve got the same as
last time. You’ve got your three cords, your top, middle and bottom. Pull out these cords
and start gathering up your curtain tape. You want to try and get the curtain as even
as possible so its not all gathered in one area, probably just spend a minute or so trying
to get it spread out as even as you can and that’s it. Now we have the 3 cords on the
end we need to tidy up. Ok so now the next job is to put a slipknot to tie these ends
off. So top trick its a little bit easier if you twist all three cords together like
this and then one over the other, pulling it through. So just like that you’ve done
a slipknot and then you can push that into the curtain tape. OK so if you have a look
at a close up of the curtain pole you can see here all the different rings. 1 to 15.
So we have to divide those 15 rings by the 69 pockets on our curtain tape to see how
far apart they need to be. When you put the curtain hooks in, you can see the pockets
on the curtain tape here, there’s three different levels that you can put them in depending
on how high you want the curtains. For curtain poles we normally recommend putting them in
the top level. You simply slide the hooks in upside down and then twist them in the
right way round like that. Then simply work across the curtain tape, every 4 or 5. So
that its evenly spread so these 15 hooks are spread all the way across. Ok so now the final
step, find something safe to stand on and then all you need to do is put the hook ins
into the rings on the pole doing them one at a time going along. Ok so that’s this side
done then you simply need to do the same on the other side of the pole and that’s finished. Thank you for watching our video, if you liked it please give us a thumbs up and subscribe
in the link below. Thank you.

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  1. Video and sound quality seem good but at 2:54, the slip-knot is tied several inches beyond the fabric edge (as though for a wider curtain). Why?

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