hi I'm Chris Ryan welcome to the Forest of Arden today's video is all about how you can hit a draw with the driver so this is definitely a shot which a lot of golfers strive for they would often love to be able to stand on the tee and just hit that shot that just starts at the right hand side just moves back landed them in the fairway skips down there because they believe it's gonna give them a little bit more distance and many of the golfers who are watching this will experience shots which go left to right and miss the fairways too often the good news is the theory is very easy the application is a little bit more difficult but we're gonna go through both of these today and give you a few little tips and ideas that you can use next time you play which are hopefully going to help you get a little closer to that shot so the first thing we need to establish we need to establish where we would like the ball to finish now I'm in the 17th hole here at the Arden it's a par-5 it is a slight dogleg round to the left so it's a perfect opportunity to hit that right to that shot so first I'm gonna do it so I'm going to pick where I want that ball to finish which is you know just the left side of that fairway there's a tree down there which I've got my my eye on which I'm looking for that ball to finish so if that's where I want my ball to finish I want it to be on a right-to-left fourth like what actually needs to happen at impact well the first thing that needs to happen is we need to hit the middle of the golf club if you hit off center we can't necessarily control the curve towards the heel will fade towards the toe will move on a right to left so the first thing would be we need to make sure we're getting centered contact if you're not getting centered contact the fearing the things that we go through this video may not manifest themselves in the correct ball flight because the strike will override that so first of all let's get that centered contact if we can assume that we have got a sense of contact what we then need is relative to where we want that ball to finish which is our intended target we want the path of the golf club to be somewhere to the right of that how much depends on how much we looking to curve the ball when my path is to the right of that at impact the clubface or the sweet spot needs to be pointing somewhere between where my path is and where my intended target so you can see just in that area there now we're not gonna be too precise because it will depend on you know the club that you trying to hit obviously we're hitting driver so where that clubface is relative to the path will be different through the bag and that's where on 40 golf is very difficult because one swing unfortunately does not work with all your golf clubs but if we can create an impact where our club passes to the right clubface is closed to that path but it really importantly not it's open to our target so in between the two provided we get that center contact our golf ball will curve right to left that is exactly what we're looking to do so as I said the theory it's pretty easy application a little bit more difficult so let's go through it in that order how do we move the path to the right well the obvious way would be to actually change where we aim our body so let's say I wanted to set up at the middle and I swing and my path is zero it's exactly where I intend that target to go I can't draw the ball from there so the best way for me to get my path to move to the right he's actually just to a my body to the right because if now I now make that same golf swing what feels to me like a normal swing has shifted my path out to the right simply because that's where I've a my body so the first time I'm gonna get you to do is actually align yourself up the right hand side how far the right is really gonna depend on how much you are looking to curve the ball and really a little bit of practice at the Ranger or your own course is gonna help you before you take this into a let's say a competitive round of golf so I would actually pick something up the right-hand side that I'm looking for so I'm going to go there's a tree up there on the right I'm gonna use that as my my target so what I'm going to do is I'm gonna set myself up as if I'm gonna hit at that and when I'm actually going through this process I'm not concerned with where I want the ball to finish I'm trying to get myself as comfortable as I can and set up exactly at that point that I've picked on the right hand side of the fairway from here if I make my normal goal thing my path should be to the right unfortunately this is only as long as you have a fairly neutral path in your normal golf swing we're not going to cover that too much today right we've got our path up the right what we now need to do is get the club face to point to the left of that now there's two ways we can do this for me these two ways of depending on you know the goal for the skill level and a little bit of experimentation okay the first one which would be definitely for the highest skilled golfer and this one maybe takes a bit more practice would be just to start from here and just make a goal Singh being aware that I have to return the golfer a little bit more closed than what it was at the start so I just have to use my skill as the golfer to deliver the golf club it the clubface which is closed to where I feel like I'm swinging now as you can see that might be for the highest skilled golfer it might take a little bit more practice the second method where would be where we actually preset the clubface so I'm going to align myself to my new target of the right hand side that's gonna make sure my path is out to the right but I'm actually going to at set up I'm going to slightly close the club face and then take my normal hold so when I look down now I see the golf club pointing left of where my body is aiming so I've kind of preset what I want happen at impact now the problem with this technique is that because the golf club is slightly closed setter almost through the golf swing the club can feel different because we slightly changed in the alignment of it the weight the balance all those things can feel slightly different and certainly when I play shots on the golf course and try and draw it I feel it almost a little bit uncomfortable doing that so what I would always say to to all the golfers I coach is there's different ways to get in to the end result what you would do whether you would try and you know align the face through skill or whether you try and do it at the start would not be based on what I tell you in this video would be based on evidence that you gather during your practice so following this video if you're looking to take that right to left tee shot with the driver get yourself down the practice here okay so I've done the range and try both of those almost carry a notebook with you and just make some notes of what your results are and base your decisions on the course on evidence that you've gathered during practice it'll be very difficult for me almost impossible for me to tell you which of those he's going to be better suited to you for me all I do is I aim at the right hand side and I just try and deliver the golf club a little bit more closed at impact believing or knowing that's going to make that ball curve to the left you might want to do when you preset the clubface it's really down to you your goal sing your evidence that you gather and how you can do that ultimately all we're trying to do is we're trying to deliver a golf club where the path is somewhere to the right and the clubface is slightly closed of that if you can do that and hit the middle of the golf club you will be able to draw the driver I can guarantee you that drawing the driver is not based on flexibility it's not based on skill it's just based on understanding the impact can do you need an understanding what you have to do in order to achieve them there is not one golf that I've seen who I don't think can draw the golf ball it's just a case of getting out there bit of practice getting cults with the new moves if they're not already established and then hopefully you'll feel more comfortable being on the course right let's go ahead all I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pick my target of the right hand side that's where I'm gonna set my body aim now if I just made a normal golf swing this ball would go straight right to miss the fairway so I'm gonna do what I do on the course we should use my skill to deliver the clubface slightly more left and get that ball moving right to left down this par-5 and that's absolutely perfect nice right-to-left ball flight really helps me get that ball further down this par-5 because of the shape of the hole and I reckon relative to a straight shot that's probably gave me another 10 yards off the tee that's one club less into the green closer to the hole that's definitely gonna give me a much better chance of making a birdie I might even have an eagle putt right hopefully that helps theory understand that understand how you apply it practice at the range go through those two different options see which one works for you get calls will take it the course and hit those nice draws off the tee thank you for watching usual stuff is down below like box like button should say there's a comments box there's also a link to subscribe click on that free notifications each time I upload a video just means you won't miss any of the content thank you again for watching and we shall see you again soon


  1. Yackety yack. Why do these guys think we want to listen to them yack for several minutes before they show us how to do it? This isn't much help!

  2. crystal clear…i've perfected this over the last few every shot…closed at address/strong grip…thanks Chris:)

  3. And IF you close the face of the club you better not have and out to in swing path it's going straight left lol dont ask me how I know🤫

  4. I'm going to try the club pre-set method tomorrow morning. My home course has 4 dog leg left holes that this should help on.

  5. Nice, clear instruction Chris. I’ve always used the “close the club face at address” method, but now you’ve given me another option: to just try to swing “around” a bit more. I am a better player so I think manipulating my swing might feel better; as you say, the shut club face in the backswing could seem unnatural.

  6. 5.44 = not what I want to hear. I am not good enough to decide how to play a draw; I need a coach for that.

  7. Great explanation, look forward to trying this out at the range. The vast majority of people appreciate your efforts. Thanks very much. Best just to ignore the clowns out there who seem to revel in making themselves sound really silly.

  8. Great video. If you do not know why the ball goes in a certain direction, there is no way to improve. Very helpful

  9. A very simple lesson, but it looses attention from the viewer with so much talking.
    Could have been done in 25% of the time

  10. Damm can this guy talk he makes the shit more complicated then it is demonstrate more and talk less talk this much he can't do it

  11. Fantastic lesson. I cant seem stop my body from over rotating on the shot or lower (more around the body) swing path, which has resulted so far in very low trajectory draw/hooks. Can't seem to mentally get my body to do a normal swing, but closing the face feels to be happening.

  12. Hi i can hit the draw using your instruction method,However i dont get it verry high,ive been told to move the ball back a little in my setup,is this correct,as you dont say aneything about the ball,im trying to hit a high draw please help victor.

  13. Whenever I try to hit a draw, I subconsciously square up the face & wind up hitting it dead straight to the right. I've tried a number of ways to get the path from the inside to out but just can't get it. On the other hand I do tend to hit the ball straight most of the time so I guess I'll just have to live with that ☺️

  14. Clear and concise. Thanks Chris! Definitely need this in my life to help play around with calming my side spin down to get that length.

  15. To use your words towards the end of the video "absolutely perfect" – Chris you really do know how to explain the game with no silliness. Thanks!

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