Hello my friends, welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial, and Happy New Year! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and since
I can imagine that many have as a New Year´s goal to draw better, I decided to dedicate this 1st. tutorial to tips on ¨How to improve your drawings fast¨ I hope these tips are helpful. While I talk to you, I´ll be drawing
and sometimes, showing you some slides, so you don’t need to look
at my face the whole time [laugher]. I´ll be drawing a bald eagle´s head. Ok! We all know that to become
very good at something, we need a lot of practice. However, not all the ways
in which we can practice, are equal there are ways in which we can practice
that can be detrimental and create bad habits. I´ll talk to you about
that in a minute. There are others which most of us know
as regular practice, like drawing drawings [laughter]
for pratice. This brings improvements but it can
be slow, and then there is ¨Focused Practice¨ this is the 3rd. point to improve fast. The reason making drawings to improve
is slow, is because you employ most of your time on things that you don’t necessarily need to practice. To explain you better let me give you an analogy: if you wanted to play basketball better,
and you knew that your main problem, the thing to improve was your ability to shoot
balls, to throw the ball into the basket, then, if you try to improve by playing games, your progress may be a bit slow because 95% the time of the game you are not shooting, most of the time you don’t even have the ball. You would be there for nearly an hour and make 10 or 20 throws, maybe. While if you went to the basketball court
to practice smartly and made one throw after the other, you could probably make
about 200 throws in half an hour, so in half the time you could get so much
more improvement than in a game, that’s smart practice! And once you had your shooting ability resolved, then you would focus on the next task to improve, let’s say on dribbling, (dribbling is when
you bounce the ball rapidly on the ground.) And again, playing games to improve your dribbling
is very slow, because most of the time you don’t have the ball, you would improve
much faster if you dribble that ball down the hallways, around objects,
up and down the stairs [laughter] everywhere, and of course while running. If you focus your energy and time
on your main point of weakness, you can improve very rapidly! So identify your main weakness
in drawing… is it your linework, or when your draw people
is it the noses or the hands… what is it? And then focus on that drawing a lot of them! like a lot of noses, and a lot doesn´t mean
three [laughter], it means probably hundreds. The order of magnitude of the amount
of practice needed, maybe greater than what we usually think of. However, working with extreme focus,
it can be done fairly rapidly. So focus on one thing at a time. The 2nd. point is to ¨Break it down
to smaller pieces¨ nothing is too difficult to draw if
you break it down enough. We already touched into this when
talking about focus, because in order to focus on something, we had to first break it down a bit. But I wanted to take up this separately because if you are having trouble with drawing something and are getting frustrated you can probably solve it by breaking it down in little pieces. Let’s say that you are having trouble
drawing people, that’s very difficult because it has a lot of elements. If you break it down and take-up
a face, it may still be too difficult, if you break it further and draw one eye,
it may be a little bit better but still hard but if you just take, let’s say the lower
line of the upper eyelid I’m sure with some practice you can handle that! and then reverse the action, take more and
more like the whole upper lid. Then the lower
eyelid, then maybe the whole eye. Do this for every feature and then,
put it all together. In this way, you will be able to master anything! And we got the number 1 which is
¨Learn from the best¨ Toward the beginning of the video
I mentioned that there is a wrong way to practice, a detrimental one,
that can bring you bad habits. What I was referring to is that let’s say
that you want to become better and want to practice a lot, you want to improve drawing faces,
but you don’t know how to make the features, so you practice a lot, each time
making the features wrong. What will happen is that this will become
a habit and then afterwards you will always do things wrong and as this is a habit, it will be very hard
to correct. So, the first thing you need to do, even before
practicing is know how to do things correctly so that you can practice correctly
and get it right so, learn from the best! The good news is that today,
with technology, you can learn from the best fairly easily,
one thing that you can do is copy the drawings from the old masters… such as Leonardo, Raphael, Rembrandt
or more recently, Charles Dana Gibson or even from living masters, just don’t
publish your drawings since they are copies and you don’t have the rights, you are making them just to learn, or if you publish something always give credit to the original artist. Studying the drawings of the masters
will teach you a lot on how they handled things and it cost you nothing, but
learning to do things right is so important than my last advice on ¨how to improve
your drawings fast¨ is to invest as much in time in money as you can afford in your tuition. If you can´t spend any money at all, that’s fine, copy from the masters and learn from good YouTube channels,
such as this one [laughter]. If you are on a budget but you can afford
let’s say $8 or $10 dollars a month, there are some great learning sites such as SkillShare where you can take more in depth courses
on how to draw different things. I have taken several courses there,
which have helped me a lot! And some good news, if you use
the link below that I give in the description of the video, and you subscribe with it,
you will get two free months of the Premium membership. That means that you can take all the courses
in the site you want, for free, for two months. Now, if you are very serious about learning professionally and have a budget that is a little bit bigger than to Skillshare… what I recommend is to subscribe to the
New Masters Academy, that it is a website dedicated to professional art training, online and it has some of the best art teachers in the world. I´m personally a subscriber
and I’m taking courses there. If you want to draw people really well,
you have to learn anatomy for artists, and the best resource I know for that is the Proko anatomy course, I have paid for it myself, and I love it! And finally, if the budget is not a problem
and you can move, then go in person and attend a top school such as the continuing education program at the New York Academy of Art. If you take an intensive drawing course there, there is no way you can avoid getting better at drawing fast! [laughter]. So there are definite ways you can improve fast, no matter what your budget is right now. I really hope these tips were helpful
to you. The links for all these resources
are in the description below the video. Please in the comments let me know
what you think, and let me know any other tips you may have that may help the community. And if you enjoyed the video please give it a LIKE! subscribe to Fine Art-Tips if you haven’t done so already… click on the little bell so you get notifications of new videos and I will see you on Tuesday 😉 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

48 thoughts on “HOW TO IMPROVE AT DRAWING, FAST! – 3 Tips”

  1. Excellent tutorial! The amount of detail is truly amazing! The finished eagle looks stunning!!!
    What a talented artist you are !!! 🎨🧡

  2. how can i buy ur mechanic pencil?? where u change the degrees of it??
    is it in faber castell? each faber castell place has it?

  3. Thank you for the tips. Focused practice is really the thing. And sticking to a regular schedule to practice art. Please draw a koala next? Or any other animals native to Australia?

  4. What a great reminder to focus on what you feel your challenge is. I have seen various artists represent form differently. When you are learning do you determine the direction of your drawing strokes?
    Love watching your demos. Happy 2020 to you. I appreciate how you make a difference in this world.

  5. This is SO timely. I'm working to improve my ability to show dimension and depth to my drawings. Thanks Leonardo, for the suggestions and a blessed and wonderful 2020!

  6. This can also be applied to any kind of skill. I'm an intermediate-ish guitarist and this video has helped tons!

    Another tips to improve is to push yourself, try things you arent comfortable doing/drawing/playing etc. By doing this you are broadening what you know and you can apply things you learn from different techniques to what you draw or do.

  7. Hello Mr. Pereznieto! I just love your channel. Thank you for the course links. I'm interested in the skill share and masters academy one. Do you recall how much the membership is after the free trials? I tried finding it and couldn't. Thank you for all you do <3

  8. Thank you for the great video about improving skills fast, and special thanks for reminding of targeted practicing. The eagle looks very beautiful too. 🙂

  9. You are without doubt a great Artist. I started to draw with one of your tutorials where you drawed the lady from the back in a dress. I started to shadow it out and i made an immediate improvement of my skills! Thank you so much!!! You brang back my joy to draw

  10. Thanks very much. I m from Brazil and want to learn portraits. I know, it s not easy, I tried to drawing my sister, but I failed. I have tried hard many times during a month, so I became disappointed. But I won t give up. By the way, I m going to draw right now. Thank you very much for your tips. They are very useful.

  11. This is ridiculous no wonder people don't learn, he's to tight, no gesture, I'm the best teacher in the world and no accent.

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