23 thoughts on “How To Insert Image Into Another Image Using Microsoft Word”

  1. I am creating a website where a visitor would click on the state then the next window would open an alphabetical list of cities in that state then the visitor would click on the city and a list of schools would appear for that city. Am I able to create a flow like this using this map? Is there a program out there with a list of cities for each state or would I need to create my own database of cities? Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks…

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  4. Wow man, this is helpful but this is really hard to watch… one letter at a time. I understand that not everyone has a microphone but Jesus, this is from 2017….. No hate on low tech tutorials but couldnt you write out all the steps in a word document and THEN show the full instructions when you are ready? Out of the total 14 minutes, a third is spent watching you typing. Again, very helpful but excruciatingly difficult to watch. This is like watching a 90 year old man take an hour to show you how to change a light bulb. Helpful… but ummmmmm not really.

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