How To Make A Pencil Treat Box | Back to School & Teacher Gifts | DIY Gift Box

How To Make A Pencil Treat Box | Back to School & Teacher Gifts | DIY Gift Box

hi everyone, today we’re creating these
paper pencil shaped gift boxes. The first thing you’ll need
to do is go to the link in the description where you can print these cards and then
cut them out and then fold them all the fold lines so they look like this. Next
you’ll need some cardstock or construction paper in the color that you
want your pencil to be, so I’m using kind of a yellow orange color for this one
and then I’m just going to trace this bigger box pattern onto the paper. Once you’ve traced around the entire
pattern, you’ll need a tool to score with. I’m using a cricut scoring stylus and
I’m just going through and scoring every one of those fold lines. Don’t forget to
score the folds on the tabs, also. Then I’m repeating this process with the lid
pattern, so just tracing around the whole thing and then scoring all the fold lines. There will soon be an SVG file available for purchase to make these boxes – if
you’re interested, please check the description. So once you’ve traced those
onto the paper go ahead and cut them out Starting with the box first, I’m just going
to go through and carefully fold on all those lines. don’t forget the tabs. So you should be
left with this. Now we’re just going to put it together by putting some glue on
each of the tabs and then pressing it to the side. You can try using whatever
kind of glue you’d like for this, personally, I just like to use hot glue
because it holds fast and strong. And I did forget to fold these lines right
here, so just make sure you don’t forget those when you make yours. Adding more
glue to the tabs, then finally fold that front tab back, put some glue on it and
press it in place so the box should look like this. Now
we’re going to make the lid, it goes together in the same exact way, just put
glue on the tabs. and finally that front tab, so it
should look like this. Now we’re going to decorate our box and
taking some cream colored cardstock and I’m just tracing those wood patterns
onto it. Make sure to score the fold lines. Now, I
made some changes to the patterns after I filmed this video, so you should have
this piece and then one other piece. So you should have two pieces when you’re
done cutting them out. Now we’re going to attach them to the box, so I’m taking the
lid first and this piece right here and then folding on the fold lines. Decide how
you’re going to position it, put some glue on it and then just attach it to
the lid. And you can try using a glue stick for this. So at this point, the lid
should look like this. Now I’m taking the box and I’ll be adding the piece that
goes here. So yours, again, will be one piece and you’ll just have a fold that
you’ll want to put against the tip of the pencil. Like this, there’ll be a fold here. I
just put some glue on the piece press it in place. make sure it’s secure, and it should
look like this. Next I’ll be tracing the eraser patterns. I’m just using some pink
card stock for this. Make sure to score the fold lines, once again. So you should
have these two pieces, and cut those out and fold on the fold lines. This piece
will go here on the lid. Glue all the sides in place, and it should look like
this. Next I’m taking the box and adding the eraser piece here, folding on those
fold lines. And then it just goes back here like this, glue it in place. So it looks like this. Next I’m taking
some silver glitter card stock and I’m tracing the metal pattern onto it. So you
should have this piece, score the fold lines and also two of these pieces. Then
I cut them out, but before I cut it apart I decided I wanted to add some black
lines like a pencil has on the metal part, so I’m just taking a ruler (and you
don’t have to do this, this is optional) but I’m just drawing three black lines
onto it. And then I’m just going to cut those pieces apart. Then I’m folding on the fold lines, and
this piece will go right here on the lid. So just glueing that in place, so the lid
should look like this. Now I’m taking the box and I’m adding one of these pieces
on each side. Then to create the lead of the pencil, I’m just taking some black
acrylic paint and a paint brush and painting on where I want the lead to be. You can obviously use whatever color of
acrylic paint you’d like, but I am using black. So I painted around the entire tip
of the pencil, then carefully put the lid on the box and then just paint the Box
part so it lines up with the lid. Then finally if you have any paper
that’s sticking down you can just leave it or you can choose the trim it off. And here is the finished box. Fill it
with treats or other small gifts, it’s easiest to put the lid on if you start
at the eraser end first. And that is the pencil box. If you want to make a really
easy and cute version you can make a colored pencil – just make the box all one
color and then add the wood colored paper here, and then paint some acrylic paint
on the ends. And that’s it! Thank you so much for watching. If you’d
like to see more of my gift box videos, I put them here on screen and if you’d
like to see future videos from my channel, feel free to subscribe if you
haven’t already. Thank you so much and I hope you have a great day.

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  1. That is very cute. I'm used to using a score board, so I'm going to try and figure out the measurements for that instead of downloading, printing and cutting out a template.

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