How To Make Blotter Media Instagram GLOWING Animations!

How To Make Blotter Media Instagram GLOWING Animations!

what's going on guys in today's video I'm gonna be showing you also did this effects made popular on Instagram by a plotted media now I'm going to be using the Finch resolved because I see a lot of people using After Effects but author effects have to pay for DaVinci Resolve is free so you can literally follow along for free in real time let's get started so essentially once you trade your footage into the timeline you right click it click create anytime I've selected clips and then I'll take you to this page here from here what we're gonna need to do next is navigate to the fusion page at the bottom once you click on to here the next steps are fairly simple click control space oh c'mon space if you're on Mac type in backgrounds and here enter from here we're gonna need to do click this background node over here navigate to the right hand side where it says alpha and put this all the way down to zero the next step you need to do find this paint tool which is on this panel here and from here all you need to do select your color via brush I'm gonna pick yellow ish I'm going to the brush controls to affect the size and the more you need to do it started ruin the painting around now essentially but it needs a good frame by frame so you're gonna hit right on your arrow key to go to the next friend it's gonna reset you're gonna have to continue drawing and now this can be pretty time-consuming and a little bit tedious but once you get used to it it's super simple and the effect is super sensational like actually I'm actually really impressed this DaVinci Resolve is absolutely free so you can do this yourself you can make sensational videos and put on Instagram so essentially you can keep drawing rounds and then hit the arrow key for the next keep for in keep adding things if you want even if you want you can change the color of your brush tool so I can change to red I can keep good you can even go back a frame and add on too what you've already done you might notice that his brushstrokes have live effects on them so what you need to do is click onto this paint node here again click control space will come on space bar type in glow ban now you can have a glow effect to affect the controls of the glow on a right hand side here you see glow size and you can see the glow controls over here so again guys is literally this simple you can create as effects you can keep them go ahead you can literally spend the whole day making a really nice animation if you wanted to but yeah guys is the simple way fastest way in fact it's way faster than After Effects if you ask me to create the blotter Media glow effects for the scribbly lines I think is so incredible so sensational and once you've done all of that we need to do is go to the deliver page and click the ug preset and then start the render and we're back hey guys we like this video share subscribe comment like if you need to make more tours like this lemnoc ones below if you found this video useful share it on to your friends and remember you can do this for absolutely free I put the link to the software in the description below peace

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  1. This is AMAZING! As a dancer, I've loved these videos when I see them pop up on Instagram. Thank you so much for this tutorial; definitely going to give it a try soon!

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