How to make colored pencil drawings better with markers.

How to make colored pencil drawings better with markers.

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. Today I will show you some useful ways to
combine colored pencils with alcohol based markers. There are several limitations in using either
markers or pencils alone. But when combined together we can achieve
even better result than using them alone. Alcohol based markers has some advantages
over colored pencils, They can be used to cover large areas far easier than colored
pencils, they don’t damage the tooth of the paper and they have better color vibrancy
in general. But they are not lightfast, so they may fade
over time and they don’t blend as perfectly as colored pencils do. So all these features make them a great tool
for making an underpainting. Over which we can use colored pencils for
fine detailing, smoother blending and better lightfastness. So today I am going to demonstrate the use
of alcohol based markers along with colored pencils. I will be drawing a still life subject for
easy understanding. I will show you some techniques that can be
used when combining these two media. I have already made an outline of a pear and
a bunch of grapes. After drawing the outline the first step I
am going to do is to fill in the areas with appropriate colors using markers. At this stage we don’t have to worry about
getting the exact shade, we just have to pick the most similar color from the available
markers. I am mostly using copic sketch markers and
some promarkers. You can use any alcohol based markers, you
don’t need a brush nib to do this underpainting. Because you don’t have to achieve a perfect
blending for the underpainting, we can always use pencils later to correct any mistakes
in blending. As you can see I am starting off with a yellow
color for the pear. And I am using a light orange towards the
bottom. Here I am trying to blend these two colors
but I am not drawing back and forth so as to get a perfect blend. Just a simple blend of the two colors is only
required. I am also using a darker orange to make it
even more saturated. I am not worried about adding highlights at
this moment because we can always use a white pencil to draw highlight later. Since alcohol based markers don’t damage
the tooth of the paper we can use colored pencils over the markers just like using a
colored drawing paper. So we can achieve deeper colors and better
contrast. For the cut surface of the pear I am using
a very light yellow color from promarker. It’s better to use markers to draw light
colors since they look much better. We don’t have to use pencils over that again. After making an under painting for the pears,
I am moving onto the grapes, the grapes are dark bluish purple in color. So I am filling those areas with a light violet
color first. But I will go on top with a darker purple
color later. We don’t need any skill to make this underpainting,
just pick a matching color and just fill in those areas. We are just staining the paper with appropriate
colors so that we can use colored pencils later with ease. Just like I did for the grapes, I am drawing
the leaves with a light and dark green. Notice that I am not worried about making
a perfect blend or details at this stage. I am just coloring the paper. We can add the highlights shadows and some
fine details when we use colored pencils. Now that the leaves are finished, I am using
a darker purple color to draw the darker parts of the grape. I am just filling in the color without any
blending. The pear I am drawing has some dots over the
surface which are not too prominent. So I am using markers to draw them. So when we add colored pencil layers they
will look less prominent and realistic. Now that finishes the underpainting. Now we can use colored pencils on top to further
define the drawing. I am starting off with the pear. I am using red and orange pencils to further
define the shape and color of the pear. I am adding the highlights on the pear at
this stage. Till now the pear was looking very flat. So we can make it shiny by adding a highlight
with white. Since the tooth of the paper is not damaged,
we can easily draw with a white pencils on top of even the darkest color. I am using the white pencil in several layers
to make that highlight. Similarly I am drawing some details on to
top of the pear slices too. So once you have completed the underpainting
with markers you only have to use colored pencils to add fine details and to correct
any blending mistakes. Now I will show you how to use pencils to
mask some hard edges in the underpainting. I am drawing this grape so as to get a smooth
blend between the shadow and highlights, I am using a dark purple pencil to color the
dark areas and then I am tapering the pressure towards the highlight to get a smooth transition. I will show you this grape drawing in real
time to get a better idea. Notice that I am using several blues and purples
for making it more realistic and I am using a white pencil to further enhance the highlight. When using pencil on top of the markers we
will get a beautiful texture too. For this grape it will enhance its realism. If you don’t want that texture to show,
you can always use more layers of colored pencils to smooth that out. So just like this I have completed this bunch
of grapes. Similarly I will draw over the leaves with
some light and dark green pencils and a white pencil for fine details. This is just the way I am using colored pencils
with markers, you can experiment and find your own methods and make even better results. So that’s all for today, thank you so much
for watching and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more art tutorials time
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