How to make creative art? Easy abstract art ideas template painting – DIY stencil painting on canvas

How to make creative art? Easy abstract art ideas template painting – DIY stencil painting on canvas

Do you want know how to make creative art? I will show you easy abstract art ideas and the technique of template painting … … or DIY stencil painting on canvas or paper like I do. Just after this. Hi there, my name is Albert van der Zwart, welcome to Imperfect Paintings … … where it is all about improving your painting skills by looking at art, yourself and the world around you. I had to make a new version of this video because of a copyright violation … … about so called free music I used in the older version, that suddenly had copyright on it. Annoying. I also lost your lovely comment, feel free to add a new one. So, back to the video. Art can bring you a zoomed out image of a complete landscape … … or zoom in one just one flower The Dutch painter Daan van Golden, who lived from 1936-2017, is a master in zooming in and out. For instance these meticulously painted patterns of Japanese handkerchiefs. Or these, called ‘Study H.M.’, based on this detail of the work of Henri Matisse. Looking at the drip paintings of Jackson Pollock, like this one, resulted in this one and others. Daan van Golden Heerenlux, is a series of paintings based on a pattern … … with leaves and berries on a little piece of fabric. When looking at this one, I look for repetitions and find these. But when you look closely, you can learn this isn’t a template painting. It is all painted. For my painting course I came up with this DIY stencil painting on canvas exercise. It will take a few steps and will be a bit of a detour, but … … in the end you can have amazing DIY Daan van Golden like art. You can buy many different stencils but I advise DIY stencil making. When you Do It Yourself, you can create a random form … … which can be more interesting if you want to make creative art. So I make a few, looking for an interesting random shape. I stamp the paint to the paper with my brush. If you would use brush strokes you could easily sweep the paint under the template and make a mess of it. You better use an older brush for this, maybe you have to throw it away afterwards. Take a light color and paint the whole sheet. When dry you can take the template and choose a dark color to create a nice color contrast painting. Maybe you notice that I paint several times before taking new paint. This way the shapes you create range from dark to light … … and it creates an interesting feeling of depth in your painting. I also turn my template a little every time, so the result looks more dynamic and also look more natural. After painting 5 or 10 you probably want to stop … … but continue until your sheet or canvas looks crowded like this. In total I painted this shape 80 times. It took me a little over 10 minutes so I’ll skip to the last few. After publishing my video on YouTube I got additional ideas for it. In this 2nd version I add some of them. Like this idea to make a stencil with two shapes. Will it make it easier? My answer is a resounding ‘NO’. Turning the stencil and controlling the outcome is killing my creativity and flow. Another one is this round shape. In fact this is another version of the two shapes stencil … … this one has even four shapes because there’s no other way to get small circle pieces like this. Together they form a circle, at least if feels like a circle to me. The first painting was on a yellow background, this one is done right on the white paper. This stencil gives the option to vary by painting all four of them or just one or two. The first painting reminded me of random falling leaves in autumn. This one looks like interlocking rings, the Olympics, and is more about connecting. After this tiring template painting you can relax with this fun painting exercise. Choose a different contrasting color and create a line. Start on the outside and follow the forms of the shapes. You can do parts like I do or go around the whole painting. Do it the way you like, but keep to the side of the painting because we need the middle section for the next step. All my examples are always mend to show you alternative ways to get you started. It’s all about, like the title of this video, ‘How to make creative art’. So you may copy exactly what I do, or go your own way. Anyway, have fun and keep painting! One of my subscribers, thanks Morris, suggested showing my paintings in a frame. Normally I put them on the black carpet but this time I will show them in a frame as well. Let me know what you like better. I start looking for an interesting detail. Here more close ups of possible interesting compositions. With an old membership card I apply a layer of white paint. It covers the paper and makes a smoother surface for the next step. Daan van Golden used red paint on a white surface. I use magenta. At the bottom I create a round line, it adds another shape or energy to the painting. I apply multiple layers of magenta because I work with transparent paint. This way I can build up a more solid or almost opaque looking color. The result of our complex detour is a somewhat strange looking abstract painting. It has no relation to anything unless you know the story where it came from. I for sure would never have come up with a composition like this without the detour. Anyway, frame around it and you have your own DIY artwork. Question of the day: Do you like this way of using template painting or DIY stencil painting? Let me know in the comments down below. And again, we use the treasure hunting technique for compositions in this one. And this time I paint with an old membership card and cover the sheet with Prussian blue. I do it in a rough way with thin and thick layers of paint. When dry I again use a card and take Lemon Yellow. The surface isn’t flat so the paint won’t stick everywhere equally. It reminds me of the art of Fabienne Verdier, link up here. The result looks interesting but the next morning I want to do an experiment. For me the blue and the lemon yellow appear cold. I want to add some warmth. So I take a piece of paper and cadmium yellow to see if this will be better. Not enough, so I create a light orange and this looks interesting to me. Because I work with transparent paint I can add a thin layer without changing the painting completely. I also take some red and mix it with the Prussian blue and get a warmer purple version of the color. Let me show you the difference is by putting them next to each other. Here is the artwork made by the participants of my painting course. Enjoy! Using techniques like these to make creative abstract art is fun to do. I also like to make collage art. If you also want to see some easy collage art ideas for adults … … and learn about my favorite American art photographer … … click on the link and I will see you over there in the next video.

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  1. Another great sugestión Albert. I like to use stencil technique, I will try organic siluettes. Loooveee your framed leaves composition!!!

  2. Love your approach to inspiration in this clip; especially making use of the little square frame your hunt for inspiring compositions. I will give it a try. Thanks again!.

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