How To Paint A Room : Using Smooth Paint Brush Strokes

How To Paint A Room : Using Smooth Paint Brush Strokes

I’m doing a demonstration for Expert Village,
Painting 101. On the sides to smooth it in. Again smooth, slow strokes so not to splash
the paint. As you an see, we are being brave here today and we are painting without a drop
cloth. We are doing that for two reasons; one the flooring hasn’t been done here. That
will be another section and two, I want to demonstrate if you use smooth slow strokes
you don’t get splashes. There are no splashes on my hands, no splashes on the floor. With
these modern latex paints they are thick enough if you take your time you can get a real clean
neat professional looking job done.

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  1. Problem with that is if you are planning to roll the wall too then the roll patern can be different from the brush. Alternatively you could do the same thing with a smaller brush then use a radiator roller and a bigger one afterwards. Think about it this way: How often have you noticed the brush line between an inside roof and a wall thats been rolled?

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