How to Paint With Dry Brush – Emily Blunt Dry Brush Portrait – Dry Paint Tutorial

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial. I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today
we are going to do dry brush. Place a little bit of oil paint on your
palette, and then dab it lightly with the brush. Then clean the excess on a
piece of paper or a tissue paper or a rag. And now we can paint with it,
I suggest you to start in areas that are not so important, or that
will be dark. Such as the back of the head,
or this part of the hair behind the face, which will be very dark. We can test here and when
we feel safe, we can go over the skin. Vey good! Go over it lightly
in different directions. It is better to go lighter
and darken little by little, because you can always
darken more, but you cannot go back and light it. Good! Now with a little bit more paint
and a flat brush, I do the edge. As you can see I had already
drawn the outline of the face with pencil, that´s because
this tutorial it´s about dry brush specifically. But in case you´re interested on
how to sketch the portrait of a person, at the end of this video
I´ll place links to two portraits I made in pencil, narrated step by step. Continue the same procedure with
very little paint but with a small brush, for the detail. Now the eyes… And continue in this way,
enjoying your painting. Of course if you need to go
a lot darker, grab more paint but generally for shadowing,
you use almost a clean brush, like this. I love painting so much! While it is wet, you can erase
and pull lights with a regular pencil eraser. Nice, eh! [laughs] Now let´s do the lips and the shadow under the face. This is such and enjoyable technique. The list of materials is in the information
below the video. Ok good, now we need to
really darken this area behind the head. With a flat brush, we can make
some lines indicating the hair. Very good! And with a thicker
round brush, we can give a general tone, in this way. Let´s go back to a thin brush
for the detail. Of course you can go back
from thick to thin, as needed. With this small brush and more paint,
let´s do some of the fine point. And more definition for the lips. The upper lip goes pretty dark,
as it is in shadow. With almost no paint on the brush,
let´s build some more volume. And now the back. I´ll do this, with the round thick one. Little by little, as before. Good! Here goes the shadow
for the arm. And back to the detail of the hair. This is so enjoyable to do! Some lose and small ones over here,
will give it more life. Let´s darken the tone while also
working on more particulars. I hope this video and this technique
is been helpful to you. I´ll give it the last touches and it´s ready! If this was helpful,
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on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by: Grethel Trejo

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