How to set up an art Studio.

How to set up an art Studio.

Hi I am Cinnamon Cooney I am your art sherpa This is one of my Doodles about how to get
your studio kit together It is really overwhelming for new artists And sometimes even experienced artists to
go into Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, your local art supply Store And figure out what you even want to buy This is my advice on different things that
you can get That will work for you, the low down on costs Everything you just need to know real quick
broken down So the first thing I want to talk to you about
is brushes There is a million brushes inside the art
store But heres the deal you gonna need A square, your gonna need a filbert, you need
a round, and you need an angle And mostly if your a new artist your doing
smaller pieces They need to be in the inch and under range Your not likely gonna need some hyper detail
brushes And your not going to need some giant brushes I have some giant brushes but I’m painting
on big canvass’s Little tip, if you go into say a Walmart or
Michael’s There’s Gonna be a package of brushes In a nice little assortment and it will generally
have everything but the filberts And its really everything you need to start Make sure it says acrylic on it You don’t want a water color brush that won’t
work in your acrylic paint And you don’t really want be specialized for
oil cause there actually is some differences in these two mediums Now Ahhhh when your feeling the softness of
a brush I like a medium little flick back And what that generally means is that I don’t
want it to be all soft And squishy doesn’t need to be soft and squishy And I don’t want it to be a stick A stick can be painted with but is a very
advanced technique Not for new little artists The other things is here you see these red
solo cups You can be very GREEN and keep your water
in a glass cup or You can keep water in red solo cup Acrylic paint can be kinda hard on what its
in so Whatever your putting it in its in! There’s fabulous specialized palettes I also
am a fan The polystyrene plate not fantastic for the
environment ! But Fairly good as an art palette A measurement tool Measurement tools are great i’ll be using
them in my lessons I have gotten them free at banks I have acquired them from my kids discarded
school supplies Theres lots of ways to get into these You don’t have to spend a lot of money Theres my little toots talking Chalk! Pencil! Just a regular pencil And some nice chalk I just have Kids chalk
right here And it works for me. Very inexpensive Also to clean my Brushes lots of fancy soaps
out there and they are terrific but its dawn soap Dawn soaps fantastic it does not specifically
have to be this brand Any sort of good dishwashing soap will clean
the paint out of your brushes I like to grab and at this point anymore you
can even get this at Walmart A medium varnish and it will say gloss medium
and Varnish Lots of brands this is Liquitex I LOVE Liquitex
their a fantastic company Paints! So in the entry levels we have things
like Simply Acrylic Simply Acrylic is at Walmart. Now heres the trick to them. They like to
rename things like on the front But you can find out what its actual name
is on the back So if I’m like you need phthalocyanine green Look at the back it will tell you So even if it says dark green up front It will say phthalo green on the back Then the other one is the Masters Touch I found this at Hobby Lobby And it also likes to do a little swatch of
paint sometimes in the back I’v found that And I like that. This its Ultramarine There pretty actually true on What I paint with most commonly in my studio Matisse which you can get at Jerrysartarama And I like to use Structure though they do
have a great flow paint And a lot of products comes in tubes like
this Comes in tubs most of the big paint companies
will have those kinds of options Then theres Liquitex basics so this is a tier
one paint That means its a beginner paint its economical
its accessible Generally everywhere that you would go buy
paint The positives are the economics and the flow The negatives are that sometime the pigments
are not as rich and the binders are not as strong And it can weaken So it can be frustrating for new artists But you know what Painting Parties places
everywhere Are using these tier one paints to a lot of
success And I find that if you just accept their nature They can work out really well for you Also at say Michael’s theres these Artist
Lofts paint which Ive been using I had these neon colors I did some neon projects
for the kids They were super fun And then of course I have the golden Now Golden generally are just a tier three
paint And they have great mediums and great additives
all kinds of products here This is when you sort of like are rolling
in the Liquitex and the Golden Your really doing some stuff now Golden has historically accurate colors this
is really cool A lot of the paints are not like the paints
that you see That you see in the museum that the masters
used But theres a whole line of historic paints
I think thats pretty exciting! I have a little collection of them that I
play with that I just adore And then Canvasses now most of what i’m going
to be doing Are like these 16×20’s or these 8x10s The sizes are relevant to you because if its
an 8×10 its proportional to 16×20 You could guess size would be a 32×40 Oh my god you actually did need math!!! But only for sizing up canvasses All of the canvasses nowadays will be stapled
in the back which we mentioned before Is the fancy term for gallery wrap and all
that means is is that you can paint around the edges if
your not up for framing But you can always still frame if your purchase
standard size canvasses Then framing is economical I have purchased a complete studio kit at
Walmart Including canvas and paper towels and plates
for 25 dollars Um and I’ve spent several hundred at the art
supply store And I have used them both to create pieces This piece here was created with student paints And then a very high grade gloss finish called
string gel So you can even combine those things Don’t forget that you need paper towels Are fantastic there really good maybe not
as green as they could be But there good and of course and the art ninja’s
won’t like you to know this The hairdryer because while probably you’ll
be chasing kids And your painting will be drying on your break If you actually have a moment of free creativity Where somebody is not totally disrupting your
life Your hairdryer will work out for you that
is your basic set up I guess you could also have your artists tape Which is a tape you buy at the art supply
store it doesn’t stick to your canvass It gives you crisp lines when you get into
street scenes and things like that its useful Toothbrush don’t throw it away this is excellent
for snow and sand Thats the whole basic kit If you get into this basic kit your gone be
ready to Do 95% of the projects that certainly we will
be talking about And really anybody else will be talking about So recap there are tier one, tier two, and
tier three Tier one means student grade less pigment
less binder Tier three being everything your chemist can
throw at it And the pony that rode in on it Its fantastic I love tier three but its good
to start painting so start on this These are economical you can get these anywhere
in packs Thats useful thats your kit! This is my doodle i hope that that your week
is full of love joy hope and peace See you at this easel soon! I hear my little back ground noise going and
I’m like aahh

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  1. you are soooooooo awesome you are soooooo funny. love you different style hat. your art lessons are fabulous it helps me a lot. thank you so much for making it sooo easy for me. ok i have a question out there are different types of acrylic paint i dont know what do chose. some are kind of expensive. some are cheaper so can you help me out. you are awesome. ilove the drawing of the sunflower 

  2. I have just retired and started taking up painting with acrylics. Previously I did sketches with ink and pencil, and some watercolour. You are very cheerful and down to earth. I enjoyed your lesson especially the one about painting sunflowers. Shall try it out and see if it works. Thanks.

  3. Quick Question: Is the artists loft acrylic paint good? I am starting to paint in acrylic and I saw a set of artists loft paint at Michaels. I want something pretty affordable, but good in quality. What brands would you recommend for me?

  4. My friend Krystal turned me on to you. I watched part of your Halloween video and loved it. I love your enthusiasm. Just watched the beginner's video and realized there are other acrylic paints out there. Can't wait to get started.

  5. I love love your videos.  I have a question as to what are the most common colors you use?  I am a beginner and I picked up a set of 8 Master Touch from Hobby Lobby with most of the basic colors.  I figured I could mix my paints to get the other colors.  For example I noticed for the Blue you use a Phthalo Blue most often (at least in the few videos I have already watched).  My starter kit came with a Ultra Marine for the blue.  Thanks for sharing

  6. oohh!! that's why my paint wasn't working like yours! I'm TRYING the girl with umbrella painting. I'm kind of ahem, impulsive and all I heard was "Liquitex." I told my husband I gotta have what the Art Sherpa said to get. So he bought most of the colors of the Liquitex, I think you said grade 1, paints. of course, there was no yellow ocher so I have a tube that doesn't match.

    And as for brushes all I bought were a couple of the brushes you recommended.

    Anyway Sunday at around 11ish, (5 o'clock somewhere) made my drink, TRIED to follow along! LOL!

    I've got you playing on my computer so there's a ton of getting up, adjusting my pillows, moving my "easel" and starting and stopping YouTube.

    Whew!! I HAD almost everything painted and then I got to the girl. By this time I was tired of stopping and starting the vid so I'm like fudging the body and skirt, totally missed the correct gray color and well that part SUCKED!! So what did I do? painted right over the body, leaving the umbrella.

    Today is Thursday … and I've not finished :'-( Maybe I'm not cut out for this. I'd watched your tutorial a gazillion times before I started and thought "hey I can do this! She makes it look so easy!" 😉

    I have to say I just LOVE your channel!! I wish I had half of your talent! Heck, I'd settle for 3/4!!

    I've gotta finish this. I was so excited seeing it as it's the most perfect painting for my sister's new counseling practice. (I know what you're thinking, and no, she can't offer me counseling! LOL)!

    My apologies for the lengthiness of my comment. I probably talk to much too!! hahahaha!!

    Any help or guidance of what I can add to that paint so that it applies as smoothly as yours would be so much appreciated!! I was using a ton of water!

    I did take pics of my "easel," set up, and the painting with a floating umbrella, if you'd like to see? Probably not, but just in case?

    Wow!! this comment is REALLY LONG! I don't blame you if your eyes start to glaze over, or you skim over, or do a face in palm. I totally understand!! just think, I have to put up with this every single day! I get tired of me too!

    alright, I'll shut up now, I promise! again, thanks so much for any help! I wish you an awesome day!! 🙂

    P.S. I'm new to your whole shebang and subscribed. I think you're so awesome and happy to have found you!

  7. Love your channel, new subbie here. Learning so much watching you back to back lol and writing stuff down. You make it so simple and non-snooty lol.

  8. Ha! Brilliant video. Heard about you when you were painting along with Lindsay the Frugalcrafter and thought I should check you out. Now I'm a little concerned that non of the comments are concerned about the village the Doctor is about to descend and what is going on in your painting!!!! Great tips. Look forward to wading my way through your videos! 😀

  9. I have a video of my studio it isnt' pretty I wish I had more time for art. Just starting to ge the hang of drawing ect.. and painting but I'm 40 !!

  10. This is more of a 'required supplies' video but entertaining nonetheless. I was looking for videos on organization. You obviously know your stuff and you are adorable! Def. subscribing ;D

  11. This was so helpful! I have a couple of requests…Can you make an in depth video for those who are interested in getting into painting describing things like the difference between acrylic and oil based and things like that. Also can you make a tutorial for that paining you have in the back of the woman holding an umbrella? Otherwise, I love your channel! keep it up!

  12. This is a great video, I'm new to your channel and i'm wondering did you make a video on that starry night painting technique?

  13. Go to everything $ store and look at the 4/$1 plates…. nothing sticks to these things!!… A little scrub brush and you have a brand new palette

  14. Wow, from 2014! I wish I had started then, just think where I would be! Thank you for the tip of looking at the back of the tube for the real name of the paint, that was a tip I didn't know!

  15. Hi Distinguished Artistes, i am setting up an Artist Studio and wish to partner and patronize great artist just so am able to feature real cool, interesting and lovely paintings at my gallery. Please whatsapp me via +4917(two)(two)08137(two) OR send a message to me via Facebook: Faronbi Adedamola. I look forward to getting messages from you guys soon as i hope for a long term business relationship with you. Cheers!

  16. New to your channel, but I was thinking if you could suggest a type of material pallet to mix your acrylic paint on?

  17. Hi, Cinnamon! New fan, here. Up until now the only thing I have used acrylics for are crafts and stuff, but I thought I would share my more "green" alternative to the plates. That is…plastic lids! We tend to go through a lot of sour cream, so I save the lids and use them for mixing paint. They're not really big, but I usually get a few uses from them when I'm painting miniatures. Since it's something I already had, I feel a little less guilty when I toss it.

  18. I've recently been watching some of your videos but without any art supplies to try it myself. I was wondering just what-all I would need to actually follow along with one. Got online this morning and THIS video was right at the top of my YouTube feed! Guess who'll be making a trip to the store later today? Thank you Cinnamon – you rock! (Plus I'm pretty sure the Angel of Serendipity just gave you two thumbs up.) 😉

  19. Hi.. I'm a beginner in painting. I have bought FolkArt and apple barrel brand acrylic paints from wallmart. Are they good enough or should i exchange them with the brand you recommended?

  20. You are the best teacher…. It is so easy to undersatnd the techniques and suggestion you gives during your tutorials. They are very useful too. Thank you so much!

  21. I would like to add that I got a light for Christmas that attaches to my art table and I can adjust it over my canvas. It's awesome and I'm always assured of good, direct lighting.

  22. Hi. I am just learning to paint with acrylics. I am in between beginner and more advanced painters. I love your art lessons. And all your art suggestions. Your helpful ways to save money and still be able to creative beautiful art. Most of all, you make it easy, fun and relaxed. The one thing I have a problem with is over thinking. And I am very critical of my work. Thank you.

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