How to use one paper towel | Joe Smith | TEDxConcordiaUPortland

How to use one paper towel | Joe Smith | TEDxConcordiaUPortland

Translator: Denise RQ
Reviewer: Cecilia Rios 571,230,000 pounds of paper towels are used by Americans every year. If we could —
correction, wrong figure. 13 billion used every year. If we could reduce
the usage of paper towels, one paper towel per person per day, 571,230,000 pounds of paper not used. We could do that. Now there are all kinds
of paper towel dispensers. There’s the trifold. People typically take two or three. There’s the one that cuts it — that you have to tear off. People go one, two, three, four tear.
This much, right. There’s the one that cuts itself. People go one, two, three, four. Or there’s the same thing
but recycled paper. You have to get five of those because they’re not
as absorbent of course. (Laughter) The fact is you can do it all
with one towel. The key, two words. This half of the room
your word is ‘shake.’ Let’s hear it, ‘shake.’ (Audience) Shake.
Joe Smith: Louder. (Audience) Shake. Your word is ‘fold.’ (Audience) Fold.
JS: Again. (Audience) Fold.
JS: Really loud. (Audience) Shake.
(Audience) Fold. OK. (Laughter)
Wet hands. Shake. One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve. Why 12? 12 apostles. 12 tribes.
12 zodiac signs. 12 months. The one I like the best
it’s the biggest number with one syllable. (Laughter) Trifold. (Applause) Fold. Dry. (Applause) (Audience) Shake. (Audience) Fold. Cuts itself. Fold. The fold is important
because it allows interstitial suspension. You don’t have to remember
that part but trust me. (Laughter) (Audience) Shake. (Audience) Fold. Cuts itself. The funny thing is I get my hands drier
than people do with three or four because they can’t get in
between the cracks. If you think this isn’t as good. (Audience) Shake. (Audience) Fold. Now, there’s now a real fancy invention. It’s the one where you wave
your hand and it kicks it out. It’s was too big a towel. Let me tell you a secret
if you’re really quick, if you’re really quick
and I can prove this… This is half a towel
from the dispenser in this building. How? As soon as it starts
you just tear it off. It’s smart enough to stop
and you get half a towel. (Laughter) (Audience) Shake. (Audience) Fold. Now let’s all say it together. (Audience) & JS: Shake. (Audience) & JS: Fold. You will for the rest of your life remember those words
every time you pick up a paper towel. And remember: one towel
per person for one year. 571,230,000 pounds of paper. No small thing.
And next year, toilet paper. (Laughter)

100 thoughts on “How to use one paper towel | Joe Smith | TEDxConcordiaUPortland”

  1. Still one of the best things I've heard years later. If it effected others like it did me then I'm sure it helped tons.

  2. If the rest room allows you to push the exit door open with your foot, then I just "shake," and use 0 paper towels.

  3. I feel like my dad is giving me a lecture after seeing me use more than one paper towel and figuring out that the cost in his head is too high.

  4. I loved this. I think back on it every time I use the washroom and I use only one towel. I've sent the link to everyone I know. It's a minor thing, but it really stuck with me. Now when I see girls popping like 8-10 paper towels to dry their hands, I'm like some avenging angel, "NOOOOO! Let me show you THE WAY!"

  5. I thought he was going to make the massive thing in the background out of one paper towel, but no he taught us how to dry our hands. I guess i got clickbaited.😂😂😂

  6. I admire this talk so much, it has been… i dont know, maybe 4 years from the first time that i saw it, and every time that i am in a public space washing my hands, i think about this talk…

  7. Loved it! When I saw the title, I thought, "Oh, cool. I don't know how to do that!" Goes to show how small things can make HUGE impacts.

  8. Brotha trying to use one paper towel but in this video on look like you using more than one stop lying 😂😂😂

  9. I remember watching this and coming away thinking "This was a TED talk?" Now, a couple years later, I have to admit I use his 'technique' every work day, using probably half as many paper towels as I used to. Sometimes the simple things are the biggest ideas.

  10. Has anybody else noticed that he actually used several paper towels in this talk?! Haha, didn't think so. I must be very smart to have noticed this glaring hypocrisy in his reasoning, and will continue my wasteful use of resources in defiance of his foolishness!

  11. This guy had unnecessarily wasted some paper towels while on the stage and everybody applauded while the topic is how to save paper towels

  12. Can’t. Get. Him. Out of my brain..
    Every time I wash my hands in a public restroom 😅
    Never knew 12 was the biggest number with 1 syllable

  13. How many trees were murdered to build that auditorium he's using to talk about the preservation of nature ? He seems okay with that…

  14. Hey politician don't want to listen to his message…need to generate more money by selling more paper lol

  15. why do you guys criticize the guy? 🙂 this is one of the most useful TED talks. I´ve been using his method for years and yes, it irritates me when I see people taking 4 towels regardless of how wet their hands are 🙂 good job, Joe Smith!

  16. If people were really inclined to conserve (before costs forced it) they'd figure this out on their own, like I did. Most people don't care about much beyond speed and greed.

  17. "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here's how to dry your hands. Just wave them around back and forth like this. That's all."

  18. I used this a couple of years ago in my company in a lean training. We collected all used paper towels from 1 week . It was a pile 3×3 meters, 2 meters tall. 400 people watched Joe shake and fold. I was in the audience and watched reactions to my lean teams presentation. I shake and dole until today myself. Don’t remember how much paper towel usage reduced – it did though.

    Two main memories from that for me:
    1. air dryers have the best eco balance
    2. all the guys from machining in the back shaking and folding – their penises (luckily pretend only) 🙂
    So nature shows shake and fold works!

  19. Well there is a man who has never once washed spatter off walls. I can imagine what his kitchen and bath look like! Dear old guy: cloth towels exist!

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