HTML Website Builder |  Audio Play Button

HTML Website Builder | Audio Play Button

upload an mp3 file to your site get started by clicking add media audio play button drag and drop the button anywhere on your page and resize it to your liking now click on the button followed by settings to add your own music simply click change track next choose one of your already uploaded files or upload another file from your computer here just select the file and click open keep in mind to upload more than one file at a time hold down the ctrl key and click several files now select it in your music and click Choose track you can choose to autoplay or loop your track you can control the volume here and customize it even further by clicking change style you can edit one of our preset styles or click personalize this player next you can change the button skin and edit the colors from here simply click on the color box and choose your desired color the customized color icon will let you change the opacity of the button you can also adjust the corner sizes here as well as the border with and even add a shadow here when you're done be sure to click OK you now have an audio play button add it to your site to learn more about this or any of our other features please visit our Learning Center at

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