Huawei P30 Pro Cinematic 4k Footage

Huawei P30 Pro Cinematic 4k Footage

[Applause] all right so here's the deal I'm in Cancun Mexico right now on a top-secret project that all that footage that you just saw was shot using a new smartphone that's going to be announced very soon now I'm not allowed to talk about it quite yet but I will say that it is the best overall smartphone camera system that I've used and I wanted to give you guys a little sneak peek at some of the technology behind it before it's officially announced now first of all this new smartphone has several different camera lenses one of which is an insane optical zoom now I've personally never been a big fan of zooming on phones but this is the first smartphone that I've seen that can actually zoom in and still retain high-quality images when i zoom in you see what normal phone quality would look like then when it switches to the zoom lens you can see the huge difference in quality that occurs now it also has a software that even helps the digital zoom retain more quality so you can zoom in farther than ever before and still have a usable image so pretty crazy zoom technology in this new phone another crazy technology in this new smartphone is the low-light capabilities now there's already some smart phones out there with great low-light capabilities but this is the best I've seen here's a few sample images of shots taken during low-light it almost looks like DSLR quality so I was super impressed and it even has a night mode that allows you to take long exposures not to mention that I took these long exposures handheld thanks to the incredible image stabilization technology needless to say this phone will redefine the way we shoot with smartphones and I'm stoked to reveal what phone I've been using and show some of the other features in my next upcoming video so stay tuned the phone will be announced soon at which time I'll be able to reveal the device and share more about it but until then hang tight and we'll see you soon peace

43 thoughts on “Huawei P30 Pro Cinematic 4k Footage”

  1. I have had 2 of these P30 pro’s and they are fantastic excluding the poor speaker quality and the listen through the screen ear phone. The rest of the phone is beautifully designed and very functional, except doesn’t work well on periscope.

  2. here is not about the performance of the phone, it's a videomaker! just like a good cook(chef), he can cook in the jungle …

  3. пиздежь! видео ночью снимает намного хуже, дохрена артефактов лезет, а фото с зумом 50х сильнее мылит и больше шарпа. Здесь больше половины на проф камеру снято.

  4. Must have used a gimbal and a lot of editing. I'm looking for a raw video of someone walking and holding the phone in their hand, like most people would do.

  5. When you paused the video everything in quick moving will look (plain) blur, because it is a PLAIN video record technology without retain detail.

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