Hyperrealistic Cherries | Step-by-step Tutorial video

Hey Guys! Welcome back to another episode
I hope you’re fine and doing well I really had an awesome time drawing these cherries and i encourage you to give this a try because
its super easy to draw and it looks so cool because of the background so i hope you’ll enjoy this video stay tuned and i’ll see you on wednesday so you’ll be needing these four
types of pencil for this cherry drawing A 7B and 5B pencil for darker shades A 3B pencil for base shades and a B pencil for outlines So lets start by adding these darker
outlines with B pencil ALI: Oh Hi there! who are you ? ALI: Hey, Nice to meet you bug
& thanks for the compliment ALI: Sure! ALI: Ummmm, Let me try ! ALI: Sure ! Okay as we are done with this outline,
lets move on to the background process I’ll be using this graphite powder for background I made this graphite powder from an ordinary HB pencil and i’ll soon make a video on that ! If you don’t have graphite powder, you can use an
HB pencil to shade the whole background now i’m gonna use this piece of
cloth to blend the strokes you can also use a tissue paper for this purpose now lets darken these faded outlines now grab your 3B pencl and add some base shades blend the shades with a brush or a blending stump now adding some darker shades using a 5B pencil now grab your 7B pencil and darken the edges adding some shades in waterdrop using a 3B pencil now its time to add some
waterdrops in the middle portion just add some random textures
like this using a 3B pencil Now grab your tombow MONO eraser
or any ithe sharp tip eraser and add some highlghts in the middle of each drop and also on this left portion of the cherry now moving on to the stalk portion
you can use a b pencil to make this stalk ‘m using this mechanical pencil for accuracy moving on to the second one repeat the whole shading process for this cherry now i’m gonna use this whitener
for extra white highlights because according to the reference of this drawing this cherry is somewhat out of focus
and this one is in focus which means, this one will have dull highlights and this one will have extra white highlights so all you need to do is add some random white dot in this whole cherry and then blend some of them to get a perfect shade and the remaining process is same lets add some white dots here to make it look alittle bit similar to the other one and here you go!
i hope you enjoyed this tutorial Don’t forget to share your drawings with me in our facebook group I’ve provided the link in the description

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