I became Anorexic for Instagram

I became Anorexic for Instagram

“I am so jealous of you,
everything always looks so good on you.” Is what friends often say to me.
But you know what I’ve been through to get this body? Follow me and I’ll tell you my story. I used to be the girl in school that nobody noticed.
All the boys would just look pass me. I wasn’t even popular in my own group of friends.
I was invisible. I used to feel a little down about that,but it was my goal to get into the best university possible. And when I set my mind to something,
I do everything in my power to achieve it. My priority was to first get into my dream college and then I could worry about my appearance. I asked my parents for their permission to get cosmetic surgery if I was accepted into the university. They agreed and gave me their blessing.
So from that moment on, I focused all my time and energy into studying to pass the entrance exams. Once I was accepted, they were so proud as they knew how much work I had put into getting there. But I was still a long ways away
from achieving my dream. There were two more obstacles I had to overcome. First was my face. So I had surgery to add an extra layer on my eyes, to raise the bridge of my nose, and to make my face into the V-shape. All the things that seem to be what people consider beautiful. When it was done, I looked like a completely different person. But now I’m left with the part that stressed me out that most: losing the weight. Because even though my face was beautiful, if I’m still fat – no one will consider me beautiful. This is the social convention,
you have to be skinny to be beautiful. It didn’t help that most of the boys in the university liked to tease me. Chubby, they’d call me. Piggy, they’d tease. They even joked around about my big arms and big legs. My friends said they were just joking and not to take it seriously but as time went on, I had no more confidence and self-esteem. So I had to be skinny. I watched clips online to teach me how to exercise and used the entire summer break to lose my weight At first, I was so exhausted and everything hurt.
I almost gave up But I kept myself inspired by constantly looking at all the beautiful and fit girls on Instagram If I could look like them, people would notice me,
I could wear anything I want But most importantly, I could finally show the people that teased me about my body that they were wrong. Once university started, I was the center of attention. Girls looked at me with jealousy and so many boys kept asking me for my phone number. Even my clothes were getting smaller.
But it wasn’t enough. When I was nominated as the Queen for the Summer Ball, I started to worry even more that I wouldn’t win I still believed my body wasn’t perfect yet. Exercising wasn’t enough anymore. So I started to control my diet. I ate less and was more picky about what I was eating. And I ended up losing weight even faster than I did from exercising. People were telling me that I was too skinny
but I didn’t believe them. “I’m not skinny, what are they talking about?” Of course I won the Queen of the Summer Ball.
I worked so hard for it. Everyone was congratulating me, but all I could think about was that I had to work harder. That I’m still fat and if I’m not careful,
I could go back to being invisible again. I had to exercise more and control my diet more.
So I started to work out not just in the evening
but also in the morning. I didn’t eat anything that had carbohydrates or fat. For lunch I would only eat fruit or drink a box of milk and for dinner I would just drink a glass of water. I was so obsessed with how I looked. I really believed that if I missed a work out
or ate more than I was supposed to. I would go straight back to being fat again. While I was obsessed with losing my weight, I was just ignoring all these other strange symptoms that were occurring. My period had stopped coming for months.
I was losing so much hair. I was always cold. My skin was started to peel heavily. And I was struggling in every single class to focus. My grades had dropped so far and so fast,
no one could believe it. A lot of people noticed the changed.
I kept hearing that I was too skinny, I wasn’t the same,
I wasn’t as pretty as I used to be. I couldn’t accept it and would just tell them that they didn’t know what they were talking about. I lost a lot of friends that time. I cried almost everyday. I didn’t know what they were talking about, I really couldn’t see what was skinny about me? When I looked in the mirror, I still looked fat!
They must have been just jealous… “Hi honey.” I woke up to see my mother standing next to me. She looked sad and concerned. Then I looked around. Why do I have so many tubes in my arms? What’s happening? The last thing I remembered, I was exercising. I was diagnosed with Anorexia. I couldn’t believe it. But I knew my condition was serious when I could no longer feed myself as I had to be fed through tubes. I was in the hospital for weeks. I had to drop out of school and my mom even had to quit her job to take care of me. But it’s been a year now and I’m fully recovered and finally back in university. I really learned how little value other peoples opinions have. The most important things are the love you have from friends and family but even MORE important than that is the love you should have for yourself. I am me. I am beautiful in my own way and I don’t feel the need to have to follow society and trends about being skinny. Why do I need people who only love me for how I look? It’s been a long journey getting here, I really hope that my story can help to warn people that are about to fall into the same trap.

100 thoughts on “I became Anorexic for Instagram”

  1. Scale: YOUR GETTING FAT 😂😂😂
    Me: Do You Want To Die Today???
    Scale: N- No…
    Me: Then Stop Calling Me Fat Or Ill Smash You With A Hammer

  2. If you’re “too skinny” your ugly

    If your to “ fat or thick” your also ugly


  3. There are several people who just look at how people look

    and admit, even if you look at these videos and still want to be thin

  4. I’m like ish- obese. But, I’m still beautiful!! Everyone is beautiful in their own ways!! =D
    My friends, and my family say I have pretty eyes and lashes! 🙂

  5. One thing I can say. Fake. It is almost impossible to eat no carbs and no fat. Good story and it can inspire people but seriously

  6. Looks don’t matter you’re beautiful just the way you are if those idiots call you fat ugly or other things they’re wrong be happy with yourself!

  7. Did you know 1/3 people are beautiful?
    It’s not me 😉
    It’s not the person that would make fun of you or want to change you
    It’s the amazing soul reading this ;))
    (Oh and yes. Feel free to marry me I already have the paperwork ready;)))

  8. Me:if I get fat over 100 kg,will you love me?
    My boyfriend:I will love you 100 times more

  9. I dont understanding why people is caring they looks so much? Beautiness isnt everything.
    Before making your look beautiful, make your heart/inside look beautiful first. Dont love someone just for they are pretty/beautiful/handsome.
    Love some becuz of his/shes heart is beautiful.

  10. This message is for the people that are reading comments PLEASE READ

    first off all don't judge a book by its cower .
    you are beautiful no matter what
    it doesn't matter if you are Gay-Lesbian-skinny-fat-too skinny you are still the same person and don't listen to what others say do that what makes you happy and never stop. thank you for reading this every like of this comment goes to all good spirits to make you feel comfortable in any way.

  11. Excuse me??? I would love to gain some damn weight on my bones. I seriously don't understand why anyone think being tiny is good.

  12. You inspire me to eat more…thank you for that…if i hadnt watched this, i would be dead…thank you for this amazing story…

  13. 5:13: "but what is more important is the love that you have for yourself"
    Me: sure you'd love your face at that point. You did a bunch of SURGERY, if it was the look you had before, you wouldn't have said that:))

  14. 2010: You’re too fat
    2018: You’re too skinny
    2019: You’re too Normal
    4057: You breathes too much air

    wElL wHaT dO yOu wAnT tHeN

    (I’m skinny with t h i c c legs)

  15. When she said that if she missed a workout or ate a little too much that she would go back to fat again, that is frightening as I say that constantly.

    It feels like if I miss a workout than all the hard work will be gone and your body will go back to being ‘unwanted’ again.

    I know that isn’t true but it’s something that I can’t stop, and because of all my exercise I become incredibly hungry but refuse to eat anything as we barely have healthy food lying around. 🙁

  16. People think that being skinny is amazing, and that you're beautiful and perfect if you are, but the truth is that it's not easy. People always tell me and my mom, "You're so lucky you're skinny!" and "You don't have to diet or exercise!" But it's hard to be skinny. I am genetically very thin and tall, so much so that you can see my bones, and you could wrap your whole hand around my wrist, and still have an inch to spare. It's hard to find clothes that fit, to not get broken bones from there not being enough padding for bones to be protected. The truth is, when you're skinny, you're usually fragile. Just live yourself. We all want what we can't have, but that's just life. We have to embrace that fact to truly grow and understand who we are as a person. Live life, and thank you for reading this comment.

  17. You should love yourself but being healthy is even more important so it is good to diet and exercise but it has a limit ….💕

    have a good day or night to the 1% that are read this!

  19. I’ve watched this video over and over
    and I wished I could become skinny like her but, I came back to this video a few months later and I’ve lost some weight and I realize I don’t have to end up on a hospital bed to be “skinny”

  20. Im 16 and i weigh like 65kg and my mum keeps telling me im skinny when im not… LIKE HAZ MAH MOTHER SEEN THESE BELLY ROLLS!??!?!!?!?

  21. I look anorexic but Im not. I am 12, 36 kg. and i think im fat. My friends are worried about me because i skip out on lunch at school

  22. So your Thai?! Cool! Because I am too! I and I now know that because you write stuff like, มื้อเที่ยง มื้อเย็น

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