I found nudes on my boyfriends phone... we broke up.

I found nudes on my boyfriends phone… we broke up.

what's up you guys it's Kristin hancher back at it again with another youtube video today Oh today I have something planned for you guys I am going to be pranking my boyfriend Austin hair Austin ex hair whatever you want to call him you can follow him up on all the social media I came up with a bunch of different pranks but I think the one I want to do today is putting news in his phone and then confronting him about it both Austin and I have access to our iPhone passwords and stuff we trust each other and I often use his phone from brand deals and stuff like when I need a second phone to show a screenshot or whatever and today I actually do need to film a brand deal where I do need his phone so I thought this would be a perfect way to kind of have his phone and get the nudes on to the phone he's gonna have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about because he didn't put them there but they're apparently on his phone and I apparently found them hopefully all ends well and he doesn't stay mad at me because I love him so much and he does not deserve this but hey here we are right now I have the camera hidden it's highly unlikely that he will see the camera but let's just hope for the best Austin is in the main room eating his post mates right now but I'm about to text him to come in the room and talk to me oh my god I am so nervous oh good um you would tell me if something's like oh right like no bullshit aside like you would tell me yeah okay like on the real yes can I see your phone what oh this is why why because so you know how I'd seed your phone today for like a brandy Ilana to action picture of the screen so I went back to Lake look at like the photo like the screenshot of photo I have to take the Gran deal and Oh DOS – what photos like Wyatt are you serious right now I don't know why you're getting so heated I actually haven't done anything so so what are these really big what are you talking of funny like I don't know what you're talking about these aren't even mine they're really not Kristen they're off Kristen they're really not even my white laughing because it's funny that this is such a lie in mine I don't that's why you're studying your words but honestly what the hell I don't know what you want me to say I they're really not even mine then whose are they I mean no one's I guess but they're not mine then how do they end up on your phone I don't even have snapchat so for me to have snapchat screenshots I don't even have the app you know I don't even have snapshot if you if you came out and told me right now like yeah like I don't know stop if you came out and told me right now that yeah I like I have these at least we can sit down talk about it but the fact that your library now is ridiculous no it is honestly what the book we've been dating for six months if you if you told me please maybe someone in the house did something or like you say I don't know maybe they're like fragile that literally makes no sense do you hear yourself right now that literally makes no okay neither does me having snapchat photos on my phone with me not having snapchat some of these aren't you snapchat Austin and there's multiple girls on here it's not just one what do you mean let me see their own phone okay obviously I've never seen them before so it's off getting mad for one because I don't know like okay I'm sorry but so you did know that's the but I like I'm sorry that this is even here but I swear on it I don't even their recent just he admits to it don't feel at least if you did it like just say yeah he did it well I'm not gonna say that though cuz I know I didn't do it I feel like anyone could just look what photos on a phone like wick look at myself let me get all on my tongue I will you stupid tags well how would I I've got the phone his name through you know how would I look at my text look at someone who texted me I really don't care like I really don't care I don't care about well obviously it looks like you care I don't care what you text messages I do care that you well cuz so that is some time to me and I didn't know you're gonna confront me right now so I didn't delete anything so look at something I just said millions of photos from you that's a traumatic that's okay yeah I don't care I'm a health message from hey message from Blaine ah well then how would I have got the photos Hey no touch oh dear stop I have even done anything even want to be like like stop like I don't understand how you could do this to like me like I've done I've literally done so much for you babe I've done so much for you all this for what for what immediately no you can only I haven't done anything I don't know how to prove it to you I don't care I'm so depth at this bull what do you mean that you're done I'm done I'm done it no I mean you're I'm done I'm talking I'm literally gonna text Jake for what reason because either I don't I don't want to be living with you I don't want to see you against Kristen I haven't done anything oh just literally no no I'm not I don't wanna you're not gonna let me text it no cuz we have to figure this out there's nothing to figure out there is nothing to figure out what do you want me to do just what do you want me to do you oh yeah yeah your your there's freaking news on your photo that just ended up on your phone you didn't put them there they just ended up like a pop yeah that's real convincing you're literally making no sense right now you're just digging yourself in a deeper hole if you admit it just admit it right if you made it fun being nice no I made it right now and if you admit it right now and talk about it if not I don't ever want to see your face again and that's that in either you're getting in this house or I don't give up I don't care get out like what do we get out get the I don't want to see your face ever again get out no we pack your shit no pack your shit and don't forget the camera that's been recording this whole time because I still don't see the camera now I'm not gonna I was like oh really I got okay I had to stop it cuz he was literally like starting to cry and I did you yes I did wouldn't you even have my phone with the brandy oh really yes actually how you feeling questions college ready students to make up for it got him good I mean I feel like I did a good job plus I cried on command which is like wow acting skills come clutch yeah guys thank you so much for watching I'm gonna go do something fun with my boyfriend tonight because I feel bad for pranking him I feel so bad this is my first prank actually ever and it doesn't feel too good like I mean I did prank pretty good but the aftermath I still feel really bad so I think we're gonna go out and watch the Lion King tonight Austin would never do something like that I trust a mantra said and he was hella confused don't forget to Like comment and subscribe let me know if you want to see another prank and what I should do and who I should do it on I love you guys so much and I'll see you guys next time bye

28 thoughts on “I found nudes on my boyfriends phone… we broke up.”

  1. “Look at my texts”
    “I don’t wanna look at your stupid texts”
    “Well then how would I send it ?! E-MAIL?!”


  2. Her acting skills are o point orbit his face seemed so innocent he seems actually sad like actually sad

  3. damn ur so good at acting I literally think this wasn’t clickbait prank and u guys were “actually” gonna breakup for realz I can’t even fucking fake cry 😭.

  4. the best person in the world!! he worried sooo much likee OMGG…. and kristen you are the best actor bishhhh how can you cry without reasons 😂 💜

  5. Yo first and foremost.. claps for kristen for such an amazing acting skill❤… and second.. she literally broke my heart with that caption.. 👀i am happy now cuz its a prank.❤

  6. You guys trust each other but you have the access for each other’s phone ? Smh 😂 great video though

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