I MADE A MINIATURE ENVELOPE! | Mystery Art Box | ArtSnacks Unboxing | Watermelons

I MADE A MINIATURE ENVELOPE! | Mystery Art Box | ArtSnacks Unboxing | Watermelons

This is an Art Snacks Plus Box. If you don’t know the drill, I don’t know what’s inside, so I’m going to open it up, find out what’s inside, then hopefully make something cool with it. [Box opens] Let’s do it. ♪ So inside the December box, we have our little baggie of art supplies We also have Strathmore mixed-media cards [Gasps] Ooo! Wait, so like it’s ten cards and ten envelopes to decorate Oo, oo, oo, I’m kind of excited. I feel like I mentioned this every Zen Pop unboxing and then edit it out but like my dream was always to make some matching letter stationery with like envelopes and… you know, paper. [Laughs] And I’ve looked into it a few times, but it just – it seemed too expensive to be viable to get it all printed unless I do it myself and I don’t space for that but oh! I can sort of live out my dreams in a small way here and try and decorate these maybe. We have a nice folded card I don’t think there’s ten here, is there ten here? 8, 9, 10. Okay, there is ten. My initial judgment was off. So we have white customizeable envelopes and cards Not quite the stationery I was talking about but they’re still cards which is cute and they’re for mixed-media. Since I guess we’re skipping this bag. [Laughs] Let’s check out the paper. Whoa. Oh, it’s black. The camera loves that. So this is an Art Snacks exclusive Legion paper collaboration with the Sirio Ultra black paper. 15 sheets, 280GSM, eight inch by ten inch. [Paper flapping] [Bag rustling] Take a look at the little goodies. We have the two menus, first the Art Snacks menu and the Art Snacks Plus menu So it looks like the two things in the art snacks plus were the two papers, black pad and then the envelope stationery set which means everything that’s in the regular Art Snacks, will be inside here. Looks like a candy cane. I wonder if it’s orange flavored It’s orange. It’s orange! Not candy cane. Whoa! More like tangerine. If there’s a difference. Alright now let’s find out what the art supplies are. [Paper unwrapping and Rin singing] We got the Art Snacks sticker. This kind of cute sweater pattern, very wintry We have a wink of Luna. I’ve used one of these before. It’s like a metallic brush pen and it adds flecks of metallic to your stamped projects. This one looks like it’s in the color green. Let me just quickly prep this. Remove the ring. Put in the insert. Give it a shake and a squeeze. I guess we’re just drawing in here. [Laughs] So what you do is you squeeze here. The ink moves from the reservoir and into the barrel and eventually, it should come out the brush end. I always have that problem or just comes up the side though So, I don’t know if I do it right, that’s
happened to every single one of these I’ve ever had Maybe I’m just too brutal. Oh wow! From
my angle it’s like a dark green but on camera it’s so shiny Oh! Let me demonstrate. We have a Karin brush marker pro. That’s something else I’ve also used before. Ee. Eee It’s a little bit more transparent. I’ll have to swatch that someplace else. Oh their dye based, okay. So that’s what makes them kind of special. Oh, so we have the Edding 1880 Draw liner in 0.1. Ooh, that’s gonna be fine! Oh you fine! Oh, it cannot write inside a box. There’s some handwriting for you. [Laughs] And finally, we have the brush pen in the color white also by Zig. This will by show up on the black paper real nice. Let’s take a look at it outside of the packaging. Oh, there’s also a ring in this, we got to remove it. Fidelity, what!? Alright. Give it a little shake squeeze. Op, there goes. Hello. Okay. It has
a brush pen so you can get it fine and thicker strokes. Not total full coverage. It’s a little bit like paint. Like an acrylic paint. Supposed to be water-resistant. That’s good. ‘Cause if we’re going to be drawing on envelopes, right? We want it to be water resistant so that if you write the address or something, the elements don’t hinder that in any way. So that would be a bummer. These are a really random like mismatch of art supplies in my opinion. A little strange. I’m not really feeling any inspiration from the color… Scheme here. Well we have black, a green, a canary and white. Part of me kind of just wants to experiment with these in maybe some of the ideas that I had for stationary like fruits or like cats and dogs or something like that, you know,
fun stationary that you want to send your friends So I think I’ll start there and if I’m feeling really encouraged, We’ll try to make something with more of these art supplies. So let me just grab some watercolor. Although this paper doesn’t – Not that. This paper
doesn’t really feel like it can handle watercolor Maybe
it’s more the cards that are supposed to be decorated, but that’s not what I want to do! I wanted to create the envelopes. This is a predicament Well, let me try. We have ten of these right? So. Experimentation
and some trial and error might go a long way. These can also be mixed with water if I remember correctly. So we could probably use that as our yellow. So the first kind of idea that I had. Like I’ve had – I have a lot of ideas but like putting them on a paper is really difficult. [Laughs] But like
one that I always thought of was like a watermelon because a watermelon texture on the outside is so different from the way it looks on the inside So like for an envelope, you have the outside of the watermelon and when you open up the inside of the envelope would be
more textured to look like the inside of a watermelon and then like, the stationery that goes on the inside would look more like the inside of the watermelon, you know. [Laughs] Little things. Like I just love when stationery has a different texture on the inside of the envelope versus the outside. These envelopes are really really thin so I don’t know if it’s gonna work, but we’re gonna try it anyway, that’s what I want to do. Probably the optimal way to do this would be to start
with a flat piece of paper and turn it into an envelope. Eh.. But we’ll start here. I want like a light green coverage with some darker green accents for the watermelon. So this might work for the darker green and they’ll be metallic. So that would be really cute. But I do need another green color for the lighter green. A little bit of the light green as well For this one. Ooh, which one do I want? Ah, this feels more watermelon to me. A little sap green a little light green. I just kind of want to coat the entire thing. Try to get even as possible on this very flimsy paper [Laughs] I have my doubts. It’s all gonna be all over the place, but it’s watercolors so that would clean up just fine. Oh shoot. You know what I didn’t think? I didn’t think to tape this down so that it doesn’t buckle. This paper’s flimsy. It’s so flimsy. Let’s hope that makes a difference. Just trying to do a light coat. Hopefully it’s not too crazy. I should have looked at a watermelon. [Laughs] I’m just sorta like winging it. I’m like – Well, I think I know what a watermelon looks like. Here’s one side of the envelope Where did this come from? I don’t even have a color red Oh shoot. What do I do? What do I do? I wonder if it came from this in some way. Oh, well, our watermelon has texture. It’s so flimsy right now. [Gasps] Fragile. See this is the part that I didn’t think would work which is why I’m starting with it Coz if it doesn’t work, I’m gonna have to change my plan. Yeah, I’m really scared to even touch this. It feels like a rag. When it dries it should be a little crunchy, right? Alright, I guess while that’s drying, we can experiment with some other things. There’s more than orange. Where is that coming from? Make sure you clean your palette folks. Don’t do what I do. There we have our Karin yellow. Poopy water. [Gasps] You know what, this watercolor is not gonna be waterproof is it? Well shoot [Laughs] After I gave that whole speech. Well, it doesn’t look like this papers waterproof either. So I’m not the only one at fault here. This is more like just a concept, an idea. Doesn’t have to be practical yet, you know, we’re pushing the limits. That’s what we do here [Snorts] Okay, I gotta wait for that side to dry now. Alright. While that’s drying, move on to the envelope. So
I kind of picture being a horizontal card for a watermelon Now, what I’m trying to think is, since it’s a card and not just regular letter paper, Should we decorate one side as the outside of the watermelon and one side of the inside of the watermelon? The only problem with that is then if you pull it out of the envelope
if the outside ends up looking like a watermelon and then you open up the card, you’d want the card to look like the
inside of the watermelon on the outside. So when you pull it out the watermelon, right? Uh-huh, So that
would mean I want the whole thing to be kind of pink. [Fingers tapping] And watermelon colored, you know. But then the inside – maybe the insides just like decorated with cute tiny little watermelons or something. [Water bottle squirting] Got two nice watermelon colors right there and then we’ll have to figure out how we’re gonna – This would work a lot better digitally but I’m kind of like going about this as like a proof of concept See what kind of designs look good where. You can do it either way, really. But if like the seeds are kind of in the center there. Okay. Let’s coat this puppy in our pink. Probably
should’ve started on one edge so I don’t get these lines That does look like a watermelon! Oh, that looks delicious. Except for that random line down the center, but thanks physics for that one. I could have taped this down as well. But you know. The old brain doesn’t work the way it used to and those aren’t things that cross my mind. You know before I start painting, I think I got the perfect color though, and that is really, really exciting! Now I kinda
want to design a character based off a watermelon! [Laughs] Heh, dry it like this. See how the envelope is doing. Okay. Not quite dry, but it’s – I probably should have put it under a book. I wonder if markers would have been a better idea Especially if I was actually gonna put it in the mail. Gonna see how this color looks on top of this green. for watermelon stripes. These
are waterproof so I don’t want to get these on my desk. I think I’ll just kinda like squiggle – Ooh! I’m just thinking some organic squigglies. I guess I just – OH! When did that happen? No! No, no! Ctrl z, ctrl z! This was already going so well, wasn’t it? [Snorts] All right stripes are done. I don’t know if it actually looks like a watermelon or not But it gave me some things to think about. I think the squigglies look more like a watermelon than the straight ones. I tried both just to see. So while that’s drying, I thought we could move back to the card. This guy. It ended up looking really patchy, but we need to add in the seeds. I thought we could first try with the yellow and see if they show up. Okay, not really. Let me try using that drawing pen on top of them. I think I want these filled in dark. Just the outline isn’t quite popping enough. So I’m gonna try it with a brown a sharpie. [Marker pen clicks off] ♪ Kinda like it better without the weird yellow outline on it I like that it looks kind of organic and random Watermelon! Now, I kind of like the texture. I feel like it adds to the watermelon vibe. I’m gonna
actually go around the outside edge with the white to give the illusion of that like less flavorful edge. See when
something isn’t turning out exactly the way I want it to, I start experimenting more which usually makes it look worse But I feel like I learned the most in those times. Add a little highlight to some of these seeds. Give it some texture to the watermelon. with some polka dots and some shiny wet bits I’m gonna shove it in here and see what it looks like. ♪ Alright, this didn’t really work it’s sort of there. I think I need a deeper envelope So you see more of the watermelon and then
I obviously wanted it to look like watermelon here, too This paper is just so thin you can see straight through it. I’m a little concerned And then obviously I also want the green stripes Mmm, this was a little bit of a disappointment. I think my favorite part is the watermelon card. Aw, that is kinda cute. Okay, the idea, the idea is good. It’s just it’s not implemented correctly here. Not quite. Still need to iron out some of these kinks Kind of tempted to try markers next, see if the paper can hold that up. Although it just feels like just regular copy paper almost So that chances are slim. ♪ New plan, new plan, new plan. this is like really just taking the box and going where ever I wanted to with it, but I thought if I make a bunch of like mini envelopes I can test my idea instead
of having to cover like an entire huge large envelope, trying to get it right that way. If I
make some small ones with this envelope punch board, which was actually different Shugulup Sketches. So, thank you They’ll be kind of like thumbnails but more like what’s that called when you like make something like. I don’t know. Just gonna cut up one of these cards to the proper size. [Loud crash off screen] ♪ Okay, so you start with this nice square shape. Boo – boo! Get it in here] [Board punching] Alright so now I have a little envelope. I made some small changes to it to kind of fit a design I’m more interested in. [Laughs. I just made the smallest one I could. I admit, a little off… some of my measurements here. It’s good enough for the mock-up. Right? So what I want to try and do with this – heh, here’s some attempts I made but I want to kind of mock this up again, smaller. Hopefully and get a better, you know, result. I’m gonna try and use markers – well. You know what for the inside, I’m definitely gonna use the watercolor because I think that looks perfect I love the texture. I like the watercolor texture. Very cute. So we’ll definitely start there. So the inside is this So I can go ahead and fill that in. I’m actually
using the card paper this time as the envelope. So I’m expecting pretty good results here. You won’t even see most of this but… I kinda just wanna paint it all in. Here’s where it’s getting more important. There’s the inside of our watermelon, I think this is gonna work so much better. Paper it makes a big difference. I should make a little card to go inside of it. I wonder if this would work. My scraps. Kind of like to fold though. It’s a little small. ♪ A little letter but even with this, I’m not
entirely sure what design you would put on the letter. I’d use markers on the other side, but I’m a little nervous they’re gonna show through onto what we already painted. So I guess I’ll just use watercolor again, whatever. I just wanted to be a little darker though. ♪ Okay now that needs to dry. Oh, got I got it on the inside. It’s okay. Gonna try markers on this paper though, see if I can get some similar colors for our watermelon. [Marker noises] Kinda just like finagling it. I don’t know what I’m doin’. [Laughs] Just see what happens. I don’t think that’s quite the right color. Yeah, that’s a little redder. Try something a little more saturated. Redder, redder, redder! Mmm, it’s a little bit redder. Maybe just like a pink, you know. Yeah I like this one, that’s the closest actually Actually! Just like quickly coat it. Color matching
with different art supplies is usually pretty tricky so not expecting a perfect match here. This colors not quite light enough. I could definitely tell when I am adding in the seeds. The contrast isn’t quite there. We have our card. Let’s check on the envelope. Is it drying? Slowly. that’s the outside. This is the inside. Yeah the colors look a little bit off. And by a little I mean a lot. That’ll go in there. These will fold over. No, That’s still wet. Oo. I feel it on my fingers and I need to add and the stripes! I guess I could try and use this again. It’s just I don’t love this art supply. It’s a little tricky. Gonna in the center. Never mind I shouldn’t have used this art supply I don’t like it, I don’t like it! It’s too hard to get even coverage. Oh wait, but this is gonna fold it in, right? Then this is gonna fold down. Should make sure these kind of match. There’s a lot that goes into this. I mean I knew it wasn’t easy, but [Laughs] I’m just learning to leave like little tiny things ♪ Make sure they line up a little. This
is looking a little nicer, I think the thinner stripes lends well Lends a little better to looking like a watermelon. If this head would actually like draw when I asked it to I feel
like it could be a little bit more creative with these lines. But I’m spending
so much time just trying to get the ink to come out that I’m like accidentally drawing straight. Come on! There, made a ton on the side for dip-age. Oh, that works way better. ♪ It’s almost like I should just get some paint. Oh, wow, that works so much better! Why didn’t I just do that at the beginning? Add some extra squiggles in here. That makes a big difference. There you go I think that looks better. There’s some random like spray bits. So I’m going to add some more. Make them look meaningful. Boom [Laughs] Move this out of the way. Clean this up before it dries because I think it’s might be permanent. Ooh, am I late? [Gasps and whispers] I might be too late! I’ll figure some way to get that off. Let that dry Then we can go on the inside and start adding in like the seeds and stuff. Kinda see what I can do with this. ♪ I’d try something
different but the seed’s coming out from the outside, so that would
mean that the core would be coming down the center. So I’m just adding in little white bits here and also some reflections Wow such a realistic looking watermelon. [Laughs] That is still wet. Gosh get on it, man! I didn’t leave a space for writing, so if anyone wants to write on this one, gonna have to use a sticker. Oh man, I like this card. That’s cute. I think that’s my favorite part. Just gonna take some of this. ♪ Even out some of the random scrapness ‘Cause this was a piece of scrap paper. Kinda whiten it out It seems to be picking up… The wink of Luna pen. It did get in some of the edges but luckily mostly on the ones that you’re not gonna see. Mmmeh. Dry, I want to touch you! Please. [Laughs] Oh, hey it looks like a heart a little bit. The problem I have whenever I try to do these things Like traditionally instead of digitally, it always just gives off such a kid project vibe. Like I can never make it look very professional. Mostly because I start getting frustrated and then I rush it and then I give up halfway through [Laughs] but whenever I do these sort of projects digitally I feel like it always has like a special little like Little professional edge to it, and I think it’s just because it’s cleaner and it’s like printed with ink, so it doesn’t really look like my hands have touched it at any point in time, I can’t believe how long it takes just to make one. [Tapping] ♪ That actually looks kinda cool. I like the way it blends with the green, kind of like blends it outwards. It’s like creating a whole new shade of green! I do love the metallic. Woo! Ooo! Ooo! While that’s drying,
I’m just gonna like play around in this black paper. Oh no! Oh no! [Growls in frustration] Eurgh! Today’s just not my day. Think I’m having a little bit of a bad day. I’m probably just trying to do many things at once. I just want to like draw something. I was gonna say in my comfort zone, But it’s not gonna quite be in my comfort zone because it’s gonna be inverted colors here [Sings} Do-do-do-dodo. I just need to draw something though. I can barely see that but I
still think it’ll help if I want to add any sort of color in here Make it more visible with like – I think this will show up on it aaand… This. I don’t know about this thing though. Kinda drawing an elf. Put me in the Christmas spirit. She’s kinda looks a little like Link. I’m gonna give her a hat. Double pom-poms. I feel like something needs to go down on this side, ‘Cause I have one coming up that way, and I want one this way. Twi-lek Hat..? PSshh I don’t know if you can see this, But now we’re gonna try and add some kinda of, I don’t know. Colors with this. Try the green. For her shirt. Whoa, that really shows up! That’s exciting! If only I had a red one of these. Then we could make it real Christmassy There we go. We got the vest colored in. A little pointy round the edges. I don’t love this thing. I’m just gonna be 100% honest. I like the way it looks but I don’t like using it. It’s like really hard to get enough ink out of it. And if you do you have to like splot it all over the place. I guess we’ll give her a green hat and then white I assumed I was gonna use for the puffs, but then like, how do we… Show the rest of the character. This pen has the same problem. Like just not enough comes out or too much comes out of the ink pen, bit, thing. Got a pom-pom here. Got a pom-pom here. Like the only way I can get these things to work is if I Put a bunch on one side and keep dipping into the pile of the ink, which is like at that point why not just use paint. Oh, you can mix these. Kinda want
to add a little bit of the green to the background on one So they’re like a little further in the distance and it also just looks green. No, [Laughs] Maybe if I implement it in more places…? Oh, uh, uh, Yeah, You can kinda tell what I’m going for We could even color in her teeth. They might be white if she brushes them and was gifted genetically. I kind of pictured the sleeves being red and white stripes I don’t have red But we’ll see how far we can get without it. Now I’m thinking if I change this pom-pom. Oh wait, wait, wait, wait. Not the pom-pom. But like these things to the mix of a green and the white Oh, that’s too green. Mix it right on the paper. Kinda wanna do the same for the stripes just make sure it’s a different color than the whites and we should be good I wonder if we can clean up those edges with this pen. Once it’s dry. Maybe do the same for this belly section. I pictured it’s like a stripy bodysuit. Hair, I could do the light green color as well. It doesn’t really interact with any of that. So mix it. I got
my little makeshift palette on this piece of paper here. It’s just become my paintbrush. [Snorts] Not sure how to do like the lines around the face since the papers black can’t really get darker than that. ♪ Oh, hey, those turned out pretty nice. I can’t complain there. This is watermelon or elf. [Laughs] I’m not sure what to do about the face. Whoa, look at that metallic, that’s fun. We haven’t tried the yellow. Does that look like anything? Yeah, gnarly. The yellow I don’t like the yellow. Changed my mind, I don’t like the yellow. The facial feature’s like a line art. But you can’t really see the eyelashes. And I used white to fill in like the teeth and the eyes. So it’s a little weird. I like that ♪ What about that. Draw with the white pen and I go over it with the red. The eyelashes, make sure that’s dry. [Paper wobbling] I could
try to do this and blend it out with a little bit of water Does not blend out with water. Hmm. Little highlights on your cheeks, I guess. I don’t
know if it’s obvious that her hat has two Pom-poms. But yeah, well, I mentioned it earlier, y’all know. You know what I could just use this for the eyelashes. What was I thinking? [Laughs] Obviously I can use this but it was a fun sketch. Now back to my little watermelon thing I’ve been working on for three hours now. Okay, if we fold these in. Fold this over. So we need to add like seeds and stuff there. So I was gonna have the card go in like this. So that means
I want the seeds to kind of like come out that way, right? So we can draw… Some seeds. That’s probably all I need because
if you fold this back over you’re not gonna see any more. Aw! That’s kinda cute! AH! This is what I wanted. Finally. Okay. So I need to tape it up. Or glue it. I don’t know if this is gonna be strong enough glue cuz it’s a pretty thick paper But we’ll try it out. Maybe I’ll put the card inside so we don’t actually glue it to that. Oops. We better put this inside. Oh, oh, oh no. [Relieved laugh] Yes! Something’s working! I wanted to do like a bunch of different designs but this little stressful Although now that I know kind of what I’m doing I probably could make another one. Our little card inside. I wish it was the same color. I can’t decide if I like the pink or the red better. The red has a little less contrast between it and the stripes whereas the pink is much more… Vibrant, so I think I like the pink but the red feels more like a watermelon to me. Looks like a little gift card envelope. Which is probably exactly what would fit in here. Okay. I definitely have a ways to go before I am ready to release a stationary line Ha ha ha! Definitely feels less like a kid project than this one does so we’re heading in the right direction. I can’t stop opening it and shutting it. Is it a watermelon? Yeah it is! I think maybe in the future, What I’d like to do is like have a well planned out, know exactly how I want to go about it, making stationary video or we make some envelopes and some stationary that suits it and I don’t know. Maybe a little bit of digital. Maybe a little bit of printing out. I don’t know. A little concepting. Okay, now I’m kind of excited about that. Even though I’m feeling a little burnt out. This video was more like trial and error, trying to figure out what papers worked and trying to use like the supplies from this box that I didn’t really love and then ending up resorting with my own art supplies for the most part anyway. So. [Laughs] In the
future, I’d like to be like a full-on make it stationary video I think when I have like my head cleared and I know how I want to go about it. but for now, I think that’s gonna be it for me I definitely learned a lot about different things that I can take and apply in the future Thanks to a lot of failures today. [Laughs] Oh, I also need to send a thank you to Art Snacks for sending me this box. Even though it was not favorite. [Giggles] It aspired
me to finally sit down and try and make some stationery I’ve only ever tried to do this sort of thing digitally So this was quite the adventure of trial and error, but thank you guys watching. I’ll see you guys all next week I hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles. Bye! ♪

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