25 thoughts on “I Wasn't Allowed To Use My Phone For 7 Days, Then This Happened – Funny Challenge”

  1. I agree with you about how people never really socialized in public but if you look at grade school to high schools now that's when you see a stark difference. I'm old so when we were in school we were constantly socializing with each other, now i say about 1/3 of the kids on campus are just glues to their phones.

  2. 7:29 No, technology in general really HAS disconnected us. I'm not about to pull out sources, but… let me refer to VSauce here… people used to spend more time getting together and spending actual real life time with others. That's almost all but gone now.

  3. I didn't get my first phone till i was 10, and even then I only used it for calling my parents and letting them know that I'm on my way home from school. Present time I use my phone all the time at home for almost everything I need because my parents have always been gamers, my sis isn't much of a talker, and my only friends are either in a different state or a different country. My laptop has suffered a lot of problems so it takes hours to just open up chrome, I play on my Xbox and have my work alarms on my phone. Outside I almost never use my phone, my parents occasionally take us out to restaurants and since my sister doesn't like to stay still one of my parents give her their phone, while the rest of us don't have anything to talk about my parents play on their phones while talking to each other and I play with my straw, and the only time I pull out my phone is when I realize we'll be here for a long time, I get to work half an hour early so I have my phone until coworkers come by and i try to convince them to do a canga line (I'm that type of guy yep) but before I clock in i put my phone in my locker, and only take it out for break to message my girl.

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