I Went To A BRITISH Art Store for the FIRST TIME!!

I Went To A BRITISH Art Store for the FIRST TIME!!

-Hello there! -Hi! So as you probably know I am British but I live in the US, I have lived in the US for many years. This is my friend Jamie, and she’s from the US but she lives in the UK. And I’m currently in the UK at the moment and I’ve never been in an art shop before so Jamie is gonna take me to Hobbycraft for the first time and I’m gonna see what the art supplies are like in the UK compared to the US and she’s the perfect person to do it. Thank you. I love her so much. Make sure you check out her channel. I’ll leave a link to her in the description and we’ll be doing some videos together very very soon, so uh, yeah. *Jamie talking, indistinct* Yeah, yeah, bye! (Jamie): Here we go. Chloe’s trip to Hobbycraft. You excited? (Chloe): I’m very excited. (Jamie): Cool! You shouldn’t be. (Jamie): Reaction? You happy? Happy now? It’s cute. It’s very British. It’s cute. (Jamie): Yeah, this is it. *Both laugh* (Chloe): I have one of those and it’s, it’s a mint. It’s really cool. Ooh, I’ve not seen these! I’ve not used- I’ve not even seen these before. (Jamie): You can paint that! (Chloe, gasps): Oh, that’s so cute! You need to do that. They’ve got a giant art section. (Jamie): Wait, wait, wait. The whole thing’s an art store! *Both laughing* (Jamie): The ceiling is open. Okay, how cool is this? This art… art shop has an open ceiling. (Jamie): Yeah, it’s basically inside like, a greenhouse. -That would make sense. -Yeah. So I am in Hobbycraft with Jamie, my lovely friend Jamie here, and she’s showing me round, my first time in a British art shop. I’m very excited for it. You grew up here a little bit, right? I did. Yeah, I did. I think – Do you not remember being here? Yeah, like eight years, but I never went in Hobbycraft. (Jamie): Wow! Never been in like, a British art shop before. So it’s probably like the Michaels, Hobby Lobby, all that stuff. This is what I really like, you know, cause like, you’re both British and American, which I feel like, I’m kind of that way. -Yeah, you are. -Cause this is where I live, and you live in America. Yeah, Jamie’s from America but she lives here so we’re in the opposite. *Sad music* (Chloe): Okay, Jamie said the canvases here are cheaper than in the US. *Sad music* Okay, let’s see. (Jamie): This is going to cost six dollars, shipping is $25. (Chloe): 24 pounds for that? And it’s a thick one too! (Jamie): Yeah, it’s a really thick one. (Chloe, gasps): That’s so good! (Jamie): That’s why I paint art. (Chloe): Ahh, makes sense. Three pounds for these box canvases. (Jamie): And then how we’ll do it for our box, we’ll have like, the premium canvas… (Chloe): Oh yeah. (Jamie): And then we’ll have the bigger box. I’m convinced that they’re the same one, it’s just in a different wrapping paper! *Both laugh* Maybe it’ll look neat! (Chloe): Exposed. I’m gonna call up Hobby Lobby at some point in this video, I know it. (Jamie): I always knew it. (Chloe): Okay, this counts as eight pounds, which in like, current conversion that’s probably what, 11 dollars? (Jamie): Yeah, and that goes…. (Chloe): It’s such a thick one too! Like, the cheap ones in the US are like, half the thickness of that. (Jamie): Yeah, and they cost a lot. They do, they do. *Gasps* They – oh my gosh, they sell Posca pens! They sell them on the shelves! I’ve literally never seen this anywhere. Have you used them before? *Gasps* They’re so good! Everyone tell Jamie to go buy Posca pens. All right, I’ll get one now. She’s gonna get one! Pick out your favorite color. We can use it. Okay. Mint, mint. (Jamie): Maybe it’s white. Maybe white or something. Okay, we’ll get white. This is a smaller one. They’re so good. I’m out of focus but they’re so good! Jamie’s gonna get one and then – Could we draw the zombie snail? -(Chloe): The what? -Have you seen the thing on the Internet yet? -No! -Just look up “Zombie Snail.” (Homer Simpson): AAH! -There isn’t anything more to discuss but – it’s cool. -“Zombie Snail.” Okay. Okay. Okay. They work – I am because they work on every surface! -What? -Yeah, see? They work on every surface. They’re so good, Jamie. I’m so – I’m telling you, they are so good. They’re huge and they’re Japanese! -All right. Yeah, let’s paint. -They’re… they’re huge. (Gasps): Oh my gosh, these are half price! So they’re 10 pounds. They’ve got Winsor & Newton, because Winsor & Newton’s British, isn’t it? -(Jamie): Is it? – I think so. I think it’s British. 10 pounds. So like, I don’t know, what’s that, 13 dollars at the moment? So Jamie, you don’t use crazy expensive paint do you? I use the cheapest I can find. And Jamie makes masterpieces like these. I mean, I – you’re just amazing. See how amazing she is? Jamie is the exact, like, what’s the word I’m looking for here? You’re the example that shows you don’t need crazy expensive things to make amazing things. I mean, Jamie can make art out of dirt so… -that probably doesn’t count. -That would be a fun video, making art out of dirt! You’re really good at videos! There’s a garden center next door. -There is! -There we go. (Chloe): I thought this stuff was Michaels! I literally thought it was like a Michaels thing. Wow! Okay, so they sell Artist’s Loft here. So I wonder what these are like in comparison to the US. Focus, dammit! I hate these brushes. What do you think of these types of brushes? (Jamie): Uh, they’re pointless. Thank you! Thank you. Unless you are doing some sort of dry brush extra. That’s true. And you don’t really need to do that. I never do that. Unless maybe you’re doing like, an old barn painting and you want to add like, a little bit of like, texture to the barn. That’s true. I hate them. It’s like, like hay on a stick. (Jamie): When the brush pack looks like this, it’s really not worth it. I’ve literally said this in the past! These like, these fiber-type brushes, they’re HORRIBLE! They’re horrible. That is literally hay. (Jamie): Hey, I’m getting this one. I’m getting this one for five dollars. Look at all those nice big brushes! And like, it came in a little thing like – (Chloe): Five pounds? That’s so cheap! It’s got stains! (Chloe): It’s got stains! We love you! (Jamie): We love you! It’s okay. We’re gonna leave you though cause you’re gross. -You’re probably gonna stay for a while.
-A long while. Goodbye. My main gripe with UK stores, it’s just really expensive, the things that are not expensive in the US. (Chloe): Like what in particular? Paper. 7 pounds for a little paper! 7 pounds? Oh, that is crazy. Jamie is crafty. I am not. *Child screeching* You ARE crafty! I, I made bunting the other day because she taught me how. But you made it! But it was literally two holes and a bit of paper and some string. But you made it! But it was two holes in the piece of paper. You know what, you don’t give yourself enough credit. Is this a deeper issue? I mean… it’s purposely unflattering. Jamie’s gonna show me the paint that she buys. I’m always fascinated by this. Do they sell these in America, then? They sell the like, like the MTN acrylics, it’s the closest thing I can find. (Chloe): Is it better than like, Apple Barrel paint? Because that’s like craft paint. The difference between the two is like, how quickly it dries, and I like that. (Chloe): I like that too. Sometimes when I get these, they get like, glossy or like, thicker. (Chloe): I hate glossy because if the Sun shines on it, it looks bad. Well, if anyone wants to know the paint that Jamie Jo uses, even though she tells people all the time, this is the paint that she uses. Oh! We have another stain. There’s another one. I hope that’s paint. *Gasps* It’s Crayola. Let’s look at Crayola. Do they have any craft kits? No. I used to have one of these when I was little! And it used to come out of their head. It was really weird, but it – *laughs* That’s me when I wake up. (Jamie): Hey, do you wanna get married?
-Let’s get married. Sorry, Tom. (Chloe): Oh, that’s adorable! I have never used paints. -You’ve never used paint? -I never used paint. -I just use sticks and twigs from the outside and then mush it down into paint. -Oh, nice! *Music* They have Reeves again? I thought that was just an American thing but I was wrong. (Jamie): You missed your art brand today cause I think I looked past the brand and just looked at the packaging. (Chloe): Yeah, that’s true. Are you se -? 6 pounds for this? It’s, it’s almost as big as me! It’s not quite, but it’s nearly as big as me. Anyone who lives in England, they’re having a big half-price sale on paint and brushes. See, that’s good. $8.50 for the Inktense. These are expensive, I think. Look at the Mickey Mouse fabric! Right, what would you make with this? Like, Christmas – (Jamie): I would either do tote rags or aprons. Small coat for a small child? *Sad music* So you pretty much got all yer stereotypical art supply stuff, Daler & Rowney, they sell this in Walmart, not – There is a lot of brushes. Brush wise, I feel like the brushes are more expensive. The brushes are definitely more expensive and I should get it in a pack like that. That was a stain again. Screaming children. Yeah, I recognize a lot of this. I’ve not gone to the craft store properly for like, two months. Yeah, you need to stock up. Is that child gonna stop screaming? But – okay. This is a thing now. That’s cool! I’ve never seen this in the US before. Cause isn’t Derwent like, a European thing? Yeah, it looks like it. That’s pretty good. So these are the prices for Derwent. $8.50? I feel like that’s really reasonable once you do the conversion – sorry. (Jamie): These are makeup sponges, correct? They are makeup sponges. -Guess how much they cost. -How much? -Ten quid! -What? Yeah! For makeup sponges! WHAT? But they’re “art sponges.” They’re – okay. Art sponges. See, this is good to me and I’m kind of tempted to get one. You’ve got a set of 10 sketchbooks for 5 pounds. Jamie, you’re a star. Yeah. (Jamie): Sorry Chloe, I need to get one of these. Are they good? I haven’t got anything like that. (Jamie): I dunno, I’ll have a look. (Chloe): Oh, that’s snazzy! So cool. How much are they? $6.50. I don’t want anyone to see my bang on camera. Okay, how do I look? You’re perfect. (Jamie): That’s really good paint. (Chloe, gasps): Oh my gosh! I’ve not seen these sold individually either in the US, I’m supposed to get them from like, Amazon. -How much are they? -Best place to get them is Cass Art. Cass Art? Okay. In the US, this is like, the equivalent of dollars. (Jamie): Go to Cass Art and you can buy the whole set with all the paints for like, $25. (Chloe): What? Really? Wow. Ah, these are water-mixable oil colors! I’ve heard of these. You’re good at vlogging new things. You’re doing fine. Why are you vlogging up our noses? Wow, we can pick individual beads. I used to LOVE making bead bracelets when I was little. See, this is something they don’t do in the US as far as I’ve seen, like individual beads. (Jamie): Do you want to do a pick and mix for your art? (Chloe): That kid doesn’t. (Jamie): Okay, I see what we gotta do. Pick and mix and then make our friendship bracelets for each other. (Chloe, gasps): Can we do that, please? Okay, we’re gonna do that. -I love blue. -Is that your favorite color? My favorites blue and like, mint too – I love these kinds of colors. -Imagine if I just made a bracelet out of these things. -I don’t think I feel it! -Do you like purple at all? -I like purple. I’d like to just let everyone know I’m making a friendship bracelet because I now have a friend. Yeah, a friend! (Jamie): These ones have cracks. There’s a little cracks in our hearts. (Chloe): This has turned sad very quickly. (Jamie): We could pretend that this is some sort of significant thing in the universe that’s gonna save us all from termination, right? By that I mean – (Chloe): Let’s not get that one! (Jamie): Zombie snail, zombie snail, it’s a zombie snail, see? (Chloe): What is it with you and snails today? (Jamie): I really love them. I mean, I think we’re about full so let’s go grab our other stuff. (Chloe): Behold the one thing that I miss more than anything. I cannot fake – That’s inappropriate for the children. Jamie is amazing at, um, decorating cakes, like ridiculously amazing at it. I love cake but I just can’t decorate cake. I can do a simple like, bit of frosting and that’s it. Can you do some cake powders? Oh, I’m gonna fail at that. These storage containers are 7 pounds, is that it? That’s pretty good. Michaels is ridiculous. It’s like, 35 dollars for a little tiny thing. They’ve got a giant box of crafts for 5 pounds. I feel like this is gonna be my next Crayola, $40 Crayola art box, and it’s 5 pounds. I had a friend who, as a child she tried to invent a color. And it was essentially like, purple, blue and pink all colored on top of each other, and she like, submitted it to Crayola, and they sent her back this really big goodie bag of stuff for attempting to make a color. (Chloe): Wow! Yeah, you should just like, try to submit a color to Crayola and see what happens. I’ll put some brown and other different shades of brown. -It needs to be much better than the box. -The box? Okay, so I’m gonna invent my own color, send it to Crayola, and see if they send me a goodie bag that’s worth more than the Crayola art boxes. This unicorn’s seen better days. (Jamie): Why are you filming our noses again? Because I like this angle. You can get Crayola signature craft boxes and art craft boxes for $15!

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  1. 5 pounds??? For a set of like what… 10? synthetic brushes??? Boi that's so cheap in Russia they're like * maths * 2 pounds each… (it's wild considering the whole Russia's 10x poorer than EUUS)

  2. I always thought hobby craft was expensive and usually go to cass art but now I think I have to give it another chance because this sounds so cheap

  3. I went to my local hobby craft store on Friday and asked for UV resin NOT one worker had ever heard of it. Everything I went in for they DID NOT have. Over priced Store

  4. good prices…you should check out the 4 floor art store in japan…saw on another vid..sooooo jealous (of your shopping and the japan store lol)

  5. Hey I'm new, love your channel.X You have a twang in your accent. I know you live America but you sound like youre from the South or South West in UK xx

  6. but are you from Britain originally? because you don't have an American accent, it's really confusing somebody please help if you know the answer haha

  7. I know this is a really random thing to say but, that's the same hobbycraft I always go into, and I missed both of you.. internal screaming

  8. What I love about the hobbycraft near me is most of the craft stuff and random things are down stairs and theres an upstairs section with professional art supplies. Up there is also like a wall of wool and one of thread, long rack of fabrics and multiple sewimg machines. I always go straight upstairs

  9. Never seen that type of Pébéo paints, here they're in tubes but very annoying because you can't unscrew the top you have to use the nozzle-thing which (unless you wipe it every time) gets lots of wasted dried paint you have to pick off & throw away.

    Were those Sennelier Abstract paints only £3 (half price)?! I'm english but now live in France and have some (I think it's a french company), the paints are good: very think & lots of pigment, but opening/closing the little plastic screw-on tops with hardly any grip is a nightmare; they are in flexible pouches which can puncture. 

    Everyone goes on about Posca pens but you have to shake them lots and they aren't completely opaque, Pébéo does similar here: Deco-marker which also comes with a spare felt-pen tip, they're same-ish but cheaper. 

    Thanks for this visit to the english arty shop = my version of a sweet shop!

  10. Me and my friends: let's get married
    Chloe and he friend: let's get married

    That's true friendship, when u would get married and bang Ur friends 👍😂

  11. I'm guessing Michaels and Hobbycraft are owned by the same company since all the branding and tags for stuff are pretty much the same. Probably why they both sell Artist Lofts.

  12. Hey quick question was this the hobbycraft in Eastleigh, Southampton as I live a stones throw away and it looks so similar?

  13. What a nice store . I want to try Posca Pens. I love how this store has only supplies. I also thought Artist Loft was a Michaels brand.

  14. For uk artists hobby craft is like one of the only places you can buy copics beside amazon even then we are pretty limited at my local shop you can buy £4 watercolour that looks like something from a kid colouring kit one size of pigma micron and prisma colours

  15. I’m sick and literally binging all of you’re videos and it’s making me feel so much better. You’re literally so entertaining

  16. I have an awesome idea for a video! You should buy a ton of stuff for cheap and get then twice for a giveaway! (I have no idea what I’m saying)

  17. I'm a Brit livingin Canada. Last time i went home to the UK for a visit I went into an independent art store which was having a sale. I bought a lot of tubes of Academy paint which was much cheaper than Canada AND they had lots of different shades too. I only wish I could get a load of stuff in my suitcase because everything is much cheaper in the UK.

  18. To be fair, that's not an art shop. It's a craft shop and they're actually pretty crap and never have what you need. My local stationary shop has more than Hobbycraft and is a 1/3 of the size and can get me anything i want. I'd never recommend Hobbycraft for anything. Plus don't know where you got your exchange rate, but dollar and pound is almost equal atm

  19. yeah very expensive, but better than average main stream stock, not endorsing them at all, but the stock is a tad pricey, you get what you pay for with arts and crafts!!!

  20. Bimboes and smart phones? Not a good idea.
    Hobby Craft is seriously over priced. The Works is much better value, even Rymans and WH Smiths are better priced. The only things I go for are single coloured pencils since Rymans stopped selling individual ones.
    BTW despite Warhol, I don't think sealing other people's work is creative, clever perhaps, but not creative.

  21. What's up with the reference to the stombie snail. I just YouTubed it. The life of one is horrifying. Why does she like them???

  22. You may have left uk as a child but your accent is still on point. You vowel sounds are short and you still mangle the consonants…in a good way!!! Keep it up, I hate mid-Atlantic accents.

  23. I checked out the Posca pens on Amazon, the prices aren't that bad. I'm seriously going to have to get some (wishing payday would get here now!) They even sell a set of 7 glitter Posca paint pens, GLITTER!!!

  24. I go to HobbyCraft all the time and YES it's normal to buy Posca pens off the shelf is it not in America? There's also Copics on the shelves, is that not a thing in America?

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