31 thoughts on “ibug 2019 – Abandoned Structures turned into Art Festival | Documentary”

  1. We proudly present to you our first big documentary! After more than 75 hours of editing, it is now finally time to share this film with you. This is our most important work to date!

    In the video description, you can find the full soundtrack and a list of the artists featured in this documentary. Make sure to check out those guys! In our opinion, they’re very inspirational.
    What do you think about ibug? And please leave us some feedback, so we know what to do better when we shoot our next big documentary in 2020!

  2. That was amazing guys! I think my only complaint was that the captions sometimes blended into background and I could not read them. Wonderful job! Artist's were fantastic!

  3. Man. Bravo BWT this documentary is as much of a master piece as a lot of the artwork featured in this film. Amazing quality, impressive!

  4. Vielen Dank für diese megatolle Dokumentation 👏 (u. a. Künster hautnah erleben, die Drohnenaufnahmen vom Veranstaltungsgelände) von der ibug 2019 in Reichenbach, BWT. Ich finde die ibug super, weil sich die Künstler dort frei entfalten können, dabei so viel Tolles und Unterschiedliches entsteht und man dieses dabei aus nächster Nähe bewundern kann. Bis zum nächsten Video und herzlichen Glückwunsch für 76.200 Abonnenten. Viele Grüße und einen schönen 2. Advent nach Sachsen 🤗👍

  5. Thank you for spotlighting Rene Myers, he was a voice if intellengence with talent to back it up. Well documented and l thank you.

  6. Your documentary is wonderfully overwhelming and immersive! The artists and their work is so joyously exciting! Both are important and inspirational! Besides all those great emotions, I think about all the brave and exceptional artists who came before and were not afraid to go outside society's limits and break with the stagnant traditions being trussed at them. You have also been brave to break out of the norms or urbex. Wunderbar! Wunderbar! Wunderbar! Ihr seid wundervoll.

  7. Jetzt ist einmal Zeit euch Danke zu sagen !!! Jungs Danke das ihr euch die anzeigt genommen habt uns auf dieses Urbane Meisterwerk mitzunehmen. Danke an den Veranstalter der dies überhaupt Jahr für Jahr ermöglicht. Danke an die Künstler die Ihre Freizeit für diese Fantastische Kunst Opfern. Danke dass wir euch auf dieser Grandiosen Veranstaltung kennen lernen durften. Und natürlich Danke für diese Dokumentation … das lange warten darauf hat sich definitiv gelohnt. Leider Unterschätzen viele Zuschauer die Arbeit die hier dahinter steckt. Wir sind auf jedenfalls jetzt von der IBug infiziert und nächstes Jahr definitiv wieder dabei. 👍👍👍👍

  8. Loved this guys. Been waiting for this, well worth the wait. As much as I would have wanted to see this in person, you guys have really done the artist's and their installations justice in showing their work. Super quality stuff as always. Can't wait for more of your documentary work next year.

  9. I only see german subtitles uploaded, i checked ur description so I'm not sure if it is an error or if you are still making the english subtitles. If the latter, ignore this comment please 🙂 Can't wait to see the video

  10. Absolutely fantastic! I enjoyed it with my partner. I'm impressed of all the work involved. Thanks for sharing @bwturbex. 🙏👍⚘

  11. Once again job well done! It seems like a year to me, waiting for this to come out… and now it is here.. I would have given anything to have been able to be there. But I do not travel well any more in my old age.. thank you for bringing it to me.. Carry on men I look forward to more of your videos.. as always be safe and have fun! Thanks!

  12. What would Really look Cool there would be … Restore the turntable and have a Steam Engine on it . But a version that would be a Train Version of The Yellow Submarine . I would love to make the Journey from Canada and Volunteer . Tks . This is Amazing .

  13. I really missed you guys, but this was very much worth the wait…and now you have added another new dimension to ibug. Congratulations on a beautifully filmed and edited work of art. Thank you so much for sharing this.🖤🇨🇦

  14. Absolutely Brilliant!. So much creativity n talent with all those artists! Loved it guys. Your the best! God bless from Nevada, USA.

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