Image Placeholders in Microsoft Word 2016 (for Windows)

Image Placeholders in Microsoft Word 2016 (for Windows)

hello and welcome I'm Nathalie Lawrence and in this video I'm going to show you how to create an image placeholder in Microsoft Word now if like me you create templates in Adobe InDesign or Microsoft PowerPoint you know how easy it is to create a frame on a page or a place hold on a slide and show users where an image should go and what size it should be this reduces the work when they want to insert a replacement image and helps achieve a consistent look in documents and presentations based on those templates creating something similar in Word isn't as obvious now you can put in a dummy or a sample image but these might cause problems depending on how they've been formatted when users later on want to replace them with their own photos so we're going to look at creating an alternative image placeholder in Word that works in a similar way to those in InDesign and PowerPoint alright so let's get started and the first thing you need to do is to make sure that your developer ribbon is visible if it isn't just go to any ribbon and go to an empty part of it right click and then select customize the ribbon now you see two parts here and there's the main tabs here on the right look downwards and you'll see the developer section if the box next door to it is empty click it to ticket and then click on OK alright so now we're going to get started and this is a two-step process and the first part is you're going to create a table go to the insert ribbon click on the table button and create a 1 by 1 table next you're going to go to the table tools ribbon and click on layout click on properties and then click on the options button which adjust the bar of the cancel one so click on that and here you'll see default cell margins we're going to make all of these 0 and the reason for this is to make sure that any image that goes inside the table goes right up to the edges of it click on OK and now we're going to set the maximum width and height of the table in the same dialogue box go to preferred width click on a box to turn it on and set your maximum width I am going to set mine to 12 and 1/2 centimeters click on a row tab turn on specify height and type in your measurements for the height I'm going to set mine to seven-and-a-half click on OK and your first part is done so what we've done here is we've set the maximum width and height of any image that goes inside this table now is the second part so click on the developer ribbon and in the control section select picture content control all right now if you're familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint and you're aware of the picture placeholder this looks almost identical and works in the same way you click on the icon in the middle insert your photo and it appears in the table the picture content control needs to match the size of a table in this instance it's default size doesn't match so it needs to be resized so to do this right-click it then select size and position okay so you've got the lock aspect ratio here now because my table is in landscape shape it's not square I need to switch this off and now I can set the width and height independently of each other so I'm going to change my width to 12 and a half centimeters and I'll go up and set my height to 7 and a half centimeters I'll click on OK to finish and there you go so you can actually now start using it as it is the final thing now is just a taste issue because I'd like to get rid of the border that's on the table right now so I will select the table go to the table tools ribbon and then the design tab go over here to the borders button and click on the arrow underneath it and select snow boarder and there you have it let's have a look at how this image placeholder works and what you do is you click on the icon in the middle find your image and then insert it in and this is how the image appears so what I've done here is I've selected an image that's larger than the table but that doesn't matter because it's been resized proportionately and it's within the maximum width and height as well so that's the control that we have it's also in the right position and it's at the right height so I'll just click on picture tools and the format ribbon and you can see here it's at the same size or the same height sorry it's seven point five centimeters it's currently showing the whole image and if you want to leave us as it is you can do however one of the advantages of using this is that you can see the whole space and you can fill it up as well so what we're going to do is fill the space up now right-click your photo and click on format picture now I'm working in Microsoft Word 2016 so your dialog box from this might look different but you're looking for the crop section so for me I'm going to go to the picture icon and here's the crop section here so I've already got mine open this is a crop position and you're looking at changing the width and the height so they match those of the table the height is already correct in this instance so I'm going to change the width to 12.5 centimeters are the same as a table next I'm going to go to the crop button click on the arrow underneath select fill and there it is filled up already so there we go now we've got the table all filled I could just click on a blank part of the page to finish and now let's have a look the picture is seven and a half by twelve and a half and the table is the same seven and a half by twelve and a half so they're matching exactly now let's have a look at replacing the photograph and there are two ways of doing this there's the trouble free way and there's a troublesome way so I'm going to show you the trouble free way first right-click your image go to change picture and I'm going to choose from file we could choose either of these find your new image and click on insert and as you can see this has worked and exactly the same as before when a picture and controls empty it's coming at the right height again so same as before it's showing the whole image it's in the right position it isn't filling up a whole space but again if I wanted to change that so if you wanted to change that you can right-click it and do the same process as before with the cropping button this is what happens when we choose the other way so with image selected click on the Delete or backspace key and then click on an empty part of the page you can see what's happened and this is a problem the picture content control has gone back to its original size and the point of this is that both the table and that control are the same size which reduces the amount of formatting that you have to do when you replace a photo as it is I'll click in the middle here find my new image put it in and here's my problem it's not the same size at all it's a lot smaller so now what's going to have to happen is this will be resized manually if I want it to fill the space I'm going to have to recrawl it as well so it's more work than is actually necessary so if you want to replace a photo that's already within the space my recommendation is to right-click it go to change picture and use this method because that's going to cause fewer problems and it's going to create less work for you later on all right let's look at the final section of this which is doing some extra formatting to the position of the table now the default setting for a tables position is usually in line with text what that means in practical terms is that whatever happens to the text above or around it such as adding text or putting in some extra paragraph breaks the table is going to move with its or either move up or down you can actually lock it into position if you don't want it to move and you can actually change its position as well using measurements so I'll show you how to do that first of all you need to have your table selected and in the table tools ribbon go to the Layout tab and then click on properties let's go back to the table tab and click on around underneath text wrapping heading all right so you can see here the positioning button has been turned on so click on that and who've got a new dialog box at the top you can set the tables horizontal and vertical position now you can do this either by typing in measurements or you can set it relative to certain parts of a document like the margin page column or paragraph at the bottom here you underneath options you've got move with text now at the moment it's selected which means it will move turning it off and then clicking ok means it's locked into position so I can come up here press the Enter key and it's going to stay exactly where it is all right now let's go back to that dialog box because there was an extra section in the middle there let's click on positioning again and here you've got distance from surrounding text here you can see this basically controls the distance between the table and the text so I can change this so I'm going to change my right one to two centimeters click on OK and there you can see the change right there so hopefully you can see how setting up at this type of image placeholder can be quite easy to do and you've got several options to control how it looks what position is in and how it behaves in relation to the text around it using it might require learning how to crop an image but in terms of users being able to insert and change pictures it might make things easier for them and particularly if you want to achieve some consistency and help images stay in the right place and be within certain size guidelines this option might be but be good for you all right so thank you very much for watching this tutorial I hope you've enjoyed it do click on the like button if you have and also subscribe because there'll be more videos coming out in the future if you want to find out more about how I work with clients on their Word or PowerPoint projects and on their training guides and videos you can go to wwsz Lawrence comm in the meantime thanks again and I hope to see you back here soon you

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  1. Hi there. Thank you for this video. I am working on a table with 12 photo place holders. I used a table with several rows and columns in order to have placeholders for each photo. Worked great! But when I go to insert my photo, it is jumping up and out of alignment with the neighboring photo and won't let me reposition it. Do you know what I did wrong or how I can fix this?

  2. Thank you Natalie – absolutely fuss and frills free – perfectly clear and plain speak demonstration. This is exactly what I was searching for and hence I've subscribed.

  3. Oh my gosh Das I am having the same issue as you also. For something so simple it is really causing quite a headache!

  4. This does not work on MS word 2016 running on mac. The developer tap does not have the 'controls' section

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