Image Slider using HTML5 & Jquery

Image Slider using HTML5 & Jquery

34 thoughts on “Image Slider using HTML5 & Jquery”

  1. This technique looks awesome. There is away to call the images from a directory (folder) instead of images files hard coded?

  2. the images still repeats themselves like this:
    Could you please help me? Please, replay.

  3. This is great thank you sooooo much! One thing i'd like to know is can I load the images from a folder rather than link the images individually? I will need to change the pictures all the time and it would be much quicker and easier to just drop a jpg or other file type into a folder and it be added to the slideshow rather than rewrite the script every time…any help would be much appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!

  4. @techno.tut i have over 25 images and is only showed on the pager which does not slide across the images are not being shown on the slideshow. Any help and advice would be much appreciated thanks 🙂

  5. hey i wanna to do you a question about my project, when i did the slides i had a problem, my div who name is "menu" disappear from the page, and only appear when the images turn but return to hide. help me !

  6. hi^^ quick question, everything works fine. exept the images are a bit stretched.. it scales but its distorting the image? any fix? thanks ^^

  7. Hi bro
    In data-cycle-fx oly scrollHorz oly work. Other than that is so working i.e growz,scrollRight..Give me the solution

  8. Thanks for the tutorial . But I had a problem. I follow all your step .When I debug my web page , it show only one picture and the slideshow not work it .I don't know how to solve it.
    Please reply

  9. Thanks for the video. Works great with the tutSlide… How can I reduce the slider to 60% to integrate to another page. When I reduce the width, the slider floats left. Thanks

  10. Hi Thanks for you amazing TUT it helped med too much, but unfortunately i have 2 problems
    1. in PAGER DIV didnt show up any images and i have 25 images but there is nothing only the transparent section showing off
    2. my prev and next arrows also dose not work

    i did everything step by step as you did in the video, also i copied your samples into my project but there is no change in it
    a bit difference in my project and this video is ( i did this slide show in a pop up DIV

    if you have any solution for this i would be appreciate for you help thank you again 🙂

  11. awesome bro!!, only one problem.
    i don´t want add direction arrows..only pager bar with images..
    my problem is that pager bar shows like i tell,but the images don´t shows into the bar…i follow your tut for three times but no find solution…can you help me to finish my slideshow making a little video only for pager hehe..thanks for share and teach !!!

  12. great man !!!, but how download cycle.js production version?. new window with all code is open,and selecting all, then copy,and there no option to paste in my folder…

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