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  1. Her characters at the end made me think of Rosianna's self care bunny. Now I wonder about the backstory of her bunny. Commenters want to guess/ make one up?

  2. JooYoung's work and her perspective on it were fascinating, I found it really comforting to listen to her talk about her characters. I absolutely adore her recent sculpture work you showed. Really great assignment!

  3. a lot of children's literature and shows depict imaginary friends as creatures or animals which is really interesting to me because when I was a child I never thought of imaginary friends in that capacity. They were always human to me.

  4. "…And C.S. Watson, an earthling from Conquered New Hampshire."
    Oh, no – wait – Concord. Okay then. Moving on.

  5. omigod, darger (who I just explained to someone two days ago) & calder's circus…I'm crying. all I'm missing is klee's finger puppets, and I can just close my eyes and project them onto the scene…
    also, I have a totally off-topic question for an official Art Person with Authoritative Experience in Art History. any takers?

  6. This reminds me of alebrijes, beautiful sculptures made in Oaxaca, Mรฉxico. People started making them out of dreams. They also use mixed animals, and a lot of colors and small spots and lines.

  7. Jooyoung choi introduced us to so many of her friends, but it's like i want HER to be my friend :)) hah! This episode was so tooth-rottingly sweet, milford is so cute!!

  8. I love this idea! And JooYoung Choi is amazing! The world we live in is largely nice, but can be harsh too. Its important that we talk to people who can comfort us, even if that person is an imaginary one.
    I feel that we often forget to be loving of ourselves… and through imaginary friends, we are able to bring out the love we have for ourselves.
    Thanks Sarah!

  9. Aside from learning about all these different art forms and learning about myself in the process, my English has improved a whole lot by just listening to you all! Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Šโค๏ธ

  10. It's like this was designed for me. I completely adore her characters and the healing, comforting aspect of them. I'm already thinking up ways to do this assignment with one of my plushies! Thank you for introducing us to this wonderful artist.

  11. This is one of the best art assignment episodes yet! I loved JooYoung Choi and seeing this video cheered me right up! All these imaginary friends are so real and she is so good at presenting them! Really brought a smile to my face ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Her art is fascinating. I will be following and studying her works for a long time. Thank you! Thank you for sharing. I would have never discovered her without you sharing her and making this video.

  13. What a cool art assignment! I am immediately inspired to create some sort of lovecraftian creature. Or maybe something a bit more personal. I'm not sure yet ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. What a wonderful and precious assignment. The importance of imagination as adults is wonderful in of itself, but the expression (and reminder) that we are enough is very profound. Reminds me of Brene Brown's work (and her 2010 TED lecture) in a very good way. Lovely, lovely assignment. Thank you for introducing us to JooYoung, and this assignment is going into my queue. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. the sound editing during the animation was distracting. the ends and beginnings of sentences were too close together considering Sarah isn't Hank

  16. Oh my god I'm going to miss the assignments so much. This one is great!! I love how these videos really make me see art and life in new ways.

  17. I love the positive messages and energetic creativity of JooYoung Choi, she is immensely inspiring! Thank you for producing this terrific episode!

  18. That's a pretty interesting approach to making stuff! I think I'd always assumed that you would make a world and create characters to fill a certain preplanned role. She seems to develop characters that exist for their own sake, and crafts worlds to fit around them. I never even thought to try that.

  19. I already have imaginary friends . I never grew out of it. Im a life-long pro. If i could figure out a way to monetize it I would.

  20. In terms of imaginary friends, for long car rides I always imagined a ninja running across the rooftops of buildings or powerpoles that we sped past by in the car. He was a nice friend to have even if we didn't speak with each other

  21. I kinda wish I could be that for people, someone who devours bad feelings so they may live happy healthy lives. Or to take in another's pain, so that I would feel it for them instead.

  22. This seems like it would be such a simultaneously fun and thereapeutic assignment to do! Thanks JooYoung and the Art Assignment

  23. This is so cool! I love how much love and creativity, and of course time and effort, she puts into creating this unique world of hers. So inspiring! It's also very calming to listen to her as she speaks about her ideas, she is just wonderful. Thank you for making this video.

  24. eye started crying when my youtube shared this video again with me. it's so beautiful and mind expanding and true. thank you.

  25. I've never let go of having imaginary friends and I'm almost 20! Whenever I don't have any other creative juices flowing, I've always got DC, Knight, Nikaya, or my stuffed animals who have names & personalities.

  26. I was nearing the end of the video when I remembered that I had bought a journal in 3rd grade that I had filled with imaginary friends. I can recall a few that I really loved. Lampo was derived from a lamp, and he had a pretty sick mustache and his body was chevron. Her stuffed creations were beautiful! Super envious of her imagination and freedom to revert back to a simpler and more liberating time. Great episode.

  27. I think of my characters somewhat like imaginary friends in that I often picture how they would react to certain situations, but they never really interact with me. That being said, I really like this assignment and will definitely try it!

  28. This is the best example of GREAT character design, you have to know your character's back story, down to the smallest detail. Only then will your character be able to come to live for others.

  29. Wow, thanks so much for giving non-art people like me a window on amazing artists like JooYoung and Rager (sp?). I would have never found out about them otherwise.

  30. What could be said about 'genre' based media and world-building, it's liveliness in contrast to the subtle intentionalities of more 'realistic' media..the former is more commonly associated to be openly ludic (Alexander Calder's circus for example) and thus can come off as validating to childhood..I can see how it can be appealing; I wonder whether JooYoung Choi would be open to being a writer for a children's show, say.

  31. I got to see her work in person and honestly its beyond words it is soo beautiful, thank you for creating jooyoung choi

  32. This was fascinating. I love it. It also reminds me of the world creating works of Gene Wolfe and R.A. Lafferty and the visual art works Neo Rauch and David Altmejd.

  33. This is amazing.
    This is the kind of thing that keeps me wanting to continue creating art and writing stories.

  34. i love her phrase, "have faith, for you have always been loved" ๐Ÿ’— speaks to past/present/future and one's inherent loveability!

  35. Snuffleupagus. I guess all the characters on Sesame Street were imaginary friends. I guess that goes back to the earliest days of television. Howdy Doody. Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Before that, children's literature. Babar the elephant. Ratty, Mole and Mr. Toad. Pooh and Piglet, Owl and Eeyore. Stuffed animals. My childhood friends were Tiger and Lamb. Like Calvin and Hobbes.

    Imaginary friends are your totem, mascot, talisman, avatar.

  36. I began having imaginary friends when I was 15, though in reality they were my inner imaginary friends since childhood (I'm 24 now). They're Emilie, Sue, Dream Guy, and Bongard. Dream Guy has shown up in my dreams since I was like 4 yrs old, and occasionally dream about Emilie and Sue as well (sadly Bongard never appears in my dreams). I use them to write short stories, to make art, and to keep my mind active since I live a lonely life. Emilie made my life more fun in high school, since no one but my mind's eye could see her x'D

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