Incredible Seven-Year-Old Uses Her Feet As Hands

Incredible Seven-Year-Old Uses Her Feet As Hands

SOPHI GREEN: I use my feet to paint, draw and write, and paint other people’s nails,
and eat. Sophi Green: Ready, Connor? COMM: Little Sophi Green was born without arms but she hasn’t let that hold her back. SOPHI GREEN: I like dancing because it makes me feel happy. When my brother Connor plays
the piano, I like to make up dances. The hardest thing for me to do is keep my balance. CHRISTIANNE GREEN: Sophi can really do basically anything any other seven-year-old can do. JEREMY GREEN: People will often ask, “How did you teach her to do this or that with
her feet?” And the answer is we didn’t teach her, that’s what she had and that’s
what she used. So she’s learnt to adapt in so many ways. Sophi rarely complains about
her disability, she does occasionally, and once in a while she’ll get down, but for
the most part she is very upbeat and optimistic. COMM: Sophi is one of ten siblings, seven of whom are adopted and also have disabilities. Sophi: So I’ll just try to kick the ball? Brother: Yeah, go kick it.
Sophi: Okay! Jeremy: Whoa! Sophia got it!
Brother: I’ll hold that. CHRISTIANNE GREEN: We had our first adoption and went over and actually saw it with our
own eyes, saw the cribs lined outside and children reaching out their arms and asking
for you to take them home. COMM: Parents Christianne and Jeremy Green adopted Sophi from China when she was two
years old. Jeremy: Are you pushing the buttons with your toes? CHRISTIANNE GREEN: She had these beautiful big eyes and they just seemed to be calling
out for someone to come and get her. We actually noticed her eyes before anything else, before
even thinking about the fact that she didn’t have arms.
Jeremy: Can you get up? That’s pretty flexible right there.
Christianne: Yeah! COMM: The Greens also adopted Sophi’s elder sister, Lexie. CHRISTIANNE GREEN: Lexie’s blind. They do everything together, one is the arms and one
is the eyes. SOPHI GREEN: We are like really best friends, because we got adopted on the same day, and
I think that’s really cool. COMM: A popular student at school, Sophi is thriving in the first grade. LANA POPPLETON: Obviously Sophi writing is really impressive, that she can write with
her feet and I was also really impressed at how confident she is. All the kids love her
in class and she is like best friends with everybody. COMM: But fitting in wasn’t always easy. When she first started school, Sophi struggled
with the questions and looks she received. CHRISTIANNE GREEN: A few of the kids were really staring at her and they asked her,
you know, “Why don’t you have arms?” She burst into tears, she said, “I don’t
want to go to school.” And so after that, I decided to go in and talk to the class on
the first day. We made a little video of her, showing all the things that I can do. Sophi Green: “Dog trying peanut butter. This is how you feed it.” CHRISTIANNE GREEN: We went and talked to the children and they were wonderful! They were
very receptive. CHRISTIANNE GREEN: One thing that she gets asked a lot is, “Why don’t you have arms?”
And sometimes she’ll say, “I buried them!” CHRISTIANNE GREEN: Doctors and professionals have agreed that prosthetic arms are basically
for aesthetics, it’s just to look like other people. She wouldn’t have any control over
them. COMM: As Sophi gets older, her family understands she’ll face new challenges but they believe
that with her incredible attitude, nothing can stop her. CHRISTIANNE GREEN: She has so much personality, perseverance, spirit. I don’t think not having
arms will hold her back from doing anything. JEREMY GREEN: She’s outgoing, she’s spunky
and tenacious. She is fun, she doesn’t back down from a challenge. SOPHI GREEN: Don’t let anyone stop you from
doing something you really love to do!

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  1. When she was Washing her feet I said “why do you not take up the pants so they won’t get wet”
    Then I said
    “Oh, she doesn’t have arms”


    she talented and flexible I can't even put my foot to my chin without using my hands and she's bold and brave and she never gives up, wow that's a wonderful girl💓

  3. She’s soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute and beautiful barroft thank u for sharing other people’s story it’s very nice of u guys

  4. This girl is using here arms to write eat and do whatever she wants to do with her feet when I can't even walk😅😅

  5. There are way too many people saying in the comment section that they can’t get familiar with basic stuff and essentials. I’m smelling way too many laziness in the comment section.

  6. 2019 anyone?
    But do you know that she is blessed by god.
    god chose her because she is brave and she never gives up

  7. Who elae saw the thumb nail and thought she was holding the banana with her hand but then i read the tital an looked back and then reliaed it was her foot

  8. These parents have ten kids with disabilities and manage to find time for everyone of them while other parents complain with having one child

  9. Did anyone notice it looks like Peyton from the ninja kids is sitting next to her while she writes and sits next to her on the carpet near the end

    Anyone 2019 AUGUST

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