Is This The Fall Of YG Entertainment

Is This The Fall Of YG Entertainment

is this the fall of YG Entertainment hello guys I'm internet statesman and welcome to my channel and welcome to my keep up news videos that I'm gonna be uploading every single Wednesday also alongside that I'm uploading a new what happen video every single Friday so stay tuned make sure you hit that Bell for notifications and be the first to get in there cuz I'll be there fish out with you guys and have a good time so is yg really in big trouble well let's go back these hungry scandals seems to be just the tip of the iceberg as all this news happen in a matter of a couple days now yg yang hyun-suk himself is facing his own prostitution allegations MBC straight which is a news program from MBC a broadcast station in Korea broke the story about yg providing prostitutes for Southeast Asian investors the event that has talked about is in 2014 when wide she apparently hosted a dinner for eight men and brought 25 women along as well the restaurant where all of this took place apparently has strong connections to yg and yang hyun-suk was witnessed to be there in watching the events unfold but yang hyun-suk himself responded to the allegations saying I only attended because an acquaintance invited me I don't know if the events have led to prostitution I never contact the foreign guests after that night it was then said in new reports said by a woman who attended that event that the prostitutes were paid with expensive Chanel bags worth four to five thousand dollars each and now this is when it gets serious Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency are requesting MBC cooperation in investigating YG Entertainment basically the police agencies asking NBC what they know so that they can file a proper investigation but it looks like yg may not even face anything at all as a lawyer explained that they statute of limitations on this will be up in a month so that means the police will have to investigate have undoubtable evidence and prosecute jung hyung Suk yg in less than a month so realistically there is not enough time at all for anything to happen and that isn't the end of this as now today psy came to Whitey's defense saying he is the one who introduced the Malaysian businessman and young haengsuk and that himself sigh and yg left early from the event and did it witness anything Aires reported now this is very interesting that psy would come to the defense of his former boss when he himself has something to lose now with him setting up this label P nation with Jana Jessi Eden so if seems like every single scandal that's happening within yg keeps hitting closer and closer to home which is yang hyun-suk himself although he's not be CEO his little brother is but even his little brother got caught up in all this mess that happened as well so is this really the fall of YG Entertainment or are we seeing the end of YG entertainment probably not but it's really fascinating to see all this happening and what it can do to a huge company like YG Entertainment where there has been rumors there has been scandals and there has been so much attached that the company is almost too much smoke that the fire is just billowing out of YG Entertainment so what is the future with yg continue on as normal why is he entertainment handled so many scandals in the past that they just continue on acting like nothing happened and they will get past this so if allegations and scandals keep coming and coming yg at some point has to acknowledge it or do something about it cuz it is hurting them financially big time if you take a look at their stocks it has plummeted they lost millions and millions of won and investors may possibly get even more angry and holding another meeting talking about who is gonna lead yg into the future you know what I'm getting tired of seeing all this yg news about these scandals and stuff because most of the time nobody ever gets prosecuted for stuff like this and it's it's just it's just another news story which is sad because if it is true you want them to be prosecuted to the fullest extent and pay for what they've done but it probably won't but that's it for me hope you guys enjoy this one and I'm uploading k-pop news every single Wednesday I'm gonna put in more news stories hopefully but just wanted to try this one to see how things are gonna go and I'm gonna evolve this news story and the format and the whole editing over time but if you enjoy it please get this video like comment down below what you think about yg are you getting tired of all this news let me know down in the comments and if you do please hit that subscribe button and that bell so you don't miss a thing big thanks and shout out to my patrons if you want to help support this channel please head over to patreon and consider supporting as little as 2 bucks a month that's it keeps this channel going and the keeps more videos coming and again my schedule is every Wednesday kpop news video and every Friday a what happened video so I'll see you all Friday 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  1. Hey y'all! I have a upload schedule now! Hope to see you all there!
    Wednesday: Kpop News
    Friday: What Happened
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  2. I highly doubt it for a simple fact: Massive K-POP companies are still very limited at this point in time. YG has already established themselves as a name brand and an opportunity to sign with such a big K-POP brand is the dream of nearly every K-POP artist. K-POP as a genre is still very much growing and generally, big companies don’t fail unless their isn’t the demand for it anymore.

  3. yg is never going to fall, are you kidding? fans will always support their artist and yg is constantly going to have money pouring in

  4. RIP YG KPOP, it sad how BB bulid KPOP but now just because of one useless member everything destroy in just a minute fuckyou seungri😣

  5. This was a disappointment but the video was really good and I love the artist in the company so no hate except towards YG

  6. He deserves it after abandoning 2ne1 ,YG karma karma is looking for you ,what you gonna do when they find you?lol(mtbd)

  7. I have read this :

    "Falling apart from the inside?"
    Large number of celebrities want to leave YG Entertainment

    at Allkpop News.

    How did a hardcore fan write me here on Youtube:

    "The labels and K-pop Scene can easily do without your $10!"
    "Go away you've never been a real fan!"

    Why do you want

    big number from celebrities YG Entertainment?

    That means now:

    It was $10 several times,

    that YG Entertainment had lost to the latest scandals?


    Not just Fatal:

    Some artists, actors and groups are now probably afraid because of the financial disaster and want to leave YG Entertainment.

    I wrote it in a casual way:

    "There have probably unites the trousers completely!"

    No wonder the stocks are in free fall.

    The first ones leave the sinking ship.

  8. If you keep supporting yg group,you are keep supporting that terrible company as well.So stop supporting them until they leave yg!

  9. What will happend to BLACKPINK, IKON and the other artists Personally, I'm not a fan nor do I like YG entertainment. I'm worried about the talented artist's and trainee's etc.

  10. I wish GD or CL will be the next ceo. It must be YG artists because if the next ceo is someone stranger.. im afraid that he'll change the yg fams genre. I dont want new YGe producing cute concept girlgroup ew

  11. Well… today it was clear Bang is leaving YG. Kinda I stand karma for not taking care of your trainees properly 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

  12. And now he resigned already. This is a BIG KARMA for him when he treated 2NE1 like a trash. Yang Hyun Suk started getting a lot of hate when he stupidly disbanded 2NE1

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